Posted by William Charles on November 20, 2017
Credit Card Offers

Published on November 20th, 2017 | by William Charles


Tech CU Visa Signature Credit Card $500 Bonus

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Tech CU is offering a bonus of 50,000 points (worth $500) on their Visa signature card. Minimum spend requirement is $5,000 within the first 4 months

Card Details

  • Offer valid until December 15th, 2017
  • Card earns 1.25x points per $1 spent
  •  To qualify as new, account holder must not have had a Tech CU credit card in the previous 12 months
  • . Bonus Points will post approximately 60 days after qualifying merchant purchase amount has been reached.
  • Merchant credits that post prior to Bonus Point posting date may affect Bonus Point eligibility. Rewards Points at 1.25 per $1 of net merchant purchase will accrue during and after the four-month bonus accrual period.
  • Must be an existing Tech CU member or be eligible for Tech CU membership


You must be an existing member or eligible for membership. Requirements for membership are as follows:

  • Anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Cruz or San Francisco Counties
  • Employees of TechCU@Work companies – search for your employer
  • Family members of current Tech CU members
  • Members of our many affiliated organizations including: the Financial Fitness Association, the Northern California Human Resource Association (NCHRA), or the San Jose State University Alumni Association (SJSUAA)
  • Employees and employers of public or private technology-based entities with a location in California

The easiest way to become a member is to join Financial Fitness Association first ($8 fee). Doing so will make you eligible for membership with Tech CU, but you still need to actually become a member (this also requires opening a savings account). A lot of readers will also already be members from their previous checking bonuses.

Our Verdict

Obviously a pretty good deal, $500 is basically as good as it gets when it comes to cash sign up bonuses. I’m seeing a lot more activity from smaller card issuers like this and it’s great to see. Unfortunately we don’t know much about things such as what credit bureau they pull and what their other approval criteria is. If you apply, please share your experiences in the comments below (please don’t just ask lots of questions in the comments if you’re unwilling or unable to apply, it just clogs up the comments section. People will share information when they have it).

One thing a lot of people are reporting is being denied for too much credit extended. If you’re approved, please share your total credit limits across all issuers in the comments.

Hat tip to readers Rahul A, Jason L & Kapni

152 Responses to Tech CU Visa Signature Credit Card $500 Bonus

  1. P says:

    What credit bureau do they usually pull?

    • qmc says:

      “Unfortunately we don’t know much about things such as what credit bureau they pull and what their other approval criteria is. If you apply, please share your experiences in the comments below (please don’t just ask lots of questions in the comments if you’re unwilling or unable to apply, it just clogs up the comments section. People will share information when they have it).”

    • anthonyjh21 says:

      Can’t tell if you’re trolling or skipped to the comments section without even reading it. Either way, not cool dude.

    • Ryan says:

      95% sure it’s Experian. I asked when I joined a few months ago, and they said it was a SP on EX or EQ to join, but CUs in Cali LOVE Experian.

  2. Dan says:

    if this gets hammered like NRLFCU … RIP TechCU

  3. tribeman55 says:

    They don’t ask on the application if you’re a member of the CU. How do they verify you’re eligible?

  4. chaseaholic says:

    Auto Approval

    EX pulled, CK doesn’t show any TU/EQ pulls.

    20 < inqs on EX

    does not show up on online account currently.
    "We will contact you for the required documents" was the last msg

  5. Geo says:

    Applied and it went pending with the reply below. Will post a followup once approved/declined. Currently at 57/24. No email from Credit Karma, so they may have pulled Experian.

    Thank you for applying for a loan with Tech CU!

    Your application ID is: 187173

    We will get back to you within 24 hours. If you submitted the application on a weekend or holiday, we will contact you the next business day.

    Did you know that as a member you can get your free credit score and credit monitoring? Learn more.

    If you have any questions, please contact us at (800) 553-0880.

    Thank you,

    The Tech CU Team

    • hwan says:

      if you don’t mind answering…… I been into credit churning myself for sometime,,, but how the hell are you at 57/24 lol…. I just cannot imagine……

      • Sa says:

        Not him, but sometime ago on DoC, a churner provided a datapoint that included that he was at some/24 because he had been approved for 8 MLB cards during the 200/500 offer. I can see how you can get to 57/24 with this method.

        • qmc says:

          8? I saw someone post on reddit that they’d applied for every single MLB card. One got lost, and something happened to another, so that was 27 or 28 cards all from the same day.

      • Robert says:

        not such a big deal.. im at 53/24
        I love this game
        I just wish I knew who that person was so we can share DP together

        • Rab says:

          Are u people serious? 53/24 and 57/24.. here i m 8/24 and i always think my next app will be declined. I need to up my game.

        • Zubair says:

          Im curious, how many cards are there that you can reasonably apply for? I usually hit the travel ones, and I can hardly find more than 15 that I think are worth my time. What cards are the 30-50 range?

          • SamSimon says:

            Hey, quick question, people who mentioned that people got 8, 4, 3 ,5 cards within one day, were these exact same card (product) and same application you were using? just applied again and again, and was approved? very curious. Thanks!

    • Geo says:

      Declined for reason “Maximum credit has already been extended.” Note that when I mentioned I had no credit with Tech CU, they said “It is not just with Tech CU, it is across all lenders.”

      FWIW, total credit line is around $160k across all issuers.

      • Storm says:

        Declined for the exact same reason. The CSR just kept repeating the same sentence, you already have the “maximum unsecured credit limit available”, so we cannot offer you anymore credit at this point. She mentioned their system has a regulation to decline in this scenario and no one can help it.

        FYI, total credit line is $152K across 16 credit cards. No auto-loan or mortgage yet.

  6. Fiby says:

    So I feel like they may do the thing that BoA does but I’m not 100% certain. The terms only state a bonus is given for the Visa Signature card. However, at the final stage of the application process, they show a table with the possible interest rates and charges, with different rates for Visa Classic, Visa Signature, and Visa Classic Share Secured

  7. Just a little note that it’s showing up as an installment loan inquiry on some people’s Experian report, not 100% sure why.

  8. yhgfkj says:

    when posting DP please also post the approved starting credit line,

  9. Duke I says:

    Does anyone know if they allow credit card funding for checking account? If I can fund a checking account with my capital one spark card for the $1200 bonus and get this $500 bonus, my year would be complete.

  10. Sam says:

    Im in the odd position of having opened a tech cu account before they put in the location restrictions. So i live on the east coast, but still a member. Anybody else in similar position?

  11. David says:

    Data point. Paid $8 membership. Applied for card.
    Somewhere around 20/24. Autoapproved for $8200 and given app. ID

    “Next steps
    We will be contacting you to collect any required documents”

    • bbug1 says:

      Same here, but for $5000.

    • AL says:

      Same, and also $5,000…which is pretty damn low compared to what I am used to. I guess I am waiting for a phone call to collect required documents.

      Ex 780
      Didn’t do checking, so this is my first account there.

      • AL says:

        I got the call from them about an hour after I applied for them to “collect required documents”. So, now I need to 1. Become a member 2. MUST apply for a savings account with a minimum $25 deposit. During that process I’m supposed to upload a copy of my driver’s license. They will then call back again to verify the information.

        So…a little more involved then just joining financial fitness, but not insurmountable for a $500 bonus

        • Joining financial fitness makes you eligible for a membership, it doesn’t mean you become a member. I’ll make this clearer in the post.

          • AL says:

            I guess the point I was really trying to make was that I wasn’t expecting to open a savings account. I guess membership and having a savings account are one in the same here though.

            BTW, posts like this is really where your site shines for me. Not in a million years would I have stumbled on this out on the east coast. I’ll take $500 sign up bonus all day long. Thanks a ton DoC.

          • Ah ok, yeah savings account is usually a requirement of having a membership at most credit unions. I’ll add that to the post as well. Glad you find the site useful =)

        • AL says:

          Haha. I’m out! Just like many of the other comments below, the approval wasn’t really an approval. Too much credit available was reason for denial. Interesting to give someone an actual figure on a credit line if it’s not approved.

  12. Jacob Hurley says:

    Did Financial Fitness $8 sign up.
    Applied for card, got a message saying someone would call me in 24 hours.
    Experian pulled, saying it’s an installment loan. I’m on phone with customer service now.

    • Jacob Hurley says:

      I just got off the phone with support, they said it’s still showing as a credit card application and it should process through as that. They said they’ll call me tomorrow afternoon with a decision regarding the credit card.

  13. NBG says:

    So weird. just now applied. Got the message saying ‘Your Application id is: “. Its blank . no id given. Then usual 24 hr verbiage. At the end, it says error: String or binary truncated…
    Not sure if app went thru. Nothing reported in Experian/Equifax.

    • NBG says:

      Update: Called and they don’t see anything come thru with my info. Will give it a day or 2 and try again. Don’t want to end up in double pull.

  14. slippinjimmy says:

    Approved! $5,000. In PA – Signed up for Tech CU long time ago for bonus, never closed account :D.

    Next steps: someone will reach out to me for verification.

  15. DRT says:

    24 hours :/

  16. Abey says:

    Kept staring at the $500 bonus with no AF
    Couldnt resist. Applied went to Pending. Fingers crossed.

  17. AC says:

    Approved for $5000 as well, seems to be common. Closed my savings account with them a while ago that I had churned for a bonus.

  18. Charles says:

    CA resident 30/24, 5k approval ~770 experian. They’ll contact me later with more details.

  19. Jim says:

    CA resident 17/24, 765 Experian. Went pending; will call within 24 hours. Closed bonus checking account last year.

  20. Superchurn says:

    18/24, 764 FICO, even a current TechCU account holder.

    Went to pending 🙁 PENDING 🙁 🙁

    At least it gave me a Application ID number, but I was kind of sort of hoping for an instant approval reading through the other DP’s here.

    Hope it wasn’t a worthless HP

  21. Jamie says:

    Just checking, this isn’t for CA residents only, right? As a non-resident, I can join Financial Fitness Association and hopefully get approved?

  22. Win says:

    Experian installment loan inquiry. Exp Fico 8 score 788 and current member, but not logged for application. “We will get back to you within 24 hours.”

  23. Kid says:

    Fl resident, had a checking account with Tech CU but closed over a year ago. Signed up with Financial Fitness, applied for cc and approved with 5K.

  24. Adam D says:

    Im guessing the people approved instantly are mostly CA residents?

  25. Shane says:

    DP: got the 24 hours message followed by an Experian pull. State is MN

  26. Kyle says:

    IL resident. Applied and approved with $5k limit, no prior relationship.

  27. zi says:

    NY resident, Approved with 5k limit, also indicated they may contact me for more info. I got a credit alert that Experian was pulled. Prior to applying, score was 761

  28. Sunny says:

    Application went to pending. Called in this morning. Both me and my wife were denied. Were told we have have a lot of unsecured credit. CC ~ 790 for me and ~750 for my wife.

  29. tribesman55 says:

    Has anyone who got pending 24 hour message been approved? Seems like it means denied from all the DPs I’ve seen.

  30. NBG says:

    Don’t even bother with this place if you have X/24. If you get instant approval its good.. If not , its a wasted HP. I got the 24 hr message. Called in and they said i have more credit and so they denied. i am only 10/24 of which 5 are AU (thanks Amex).

  31. Win says:

    Application approval declined due to amount of unsecured credit ($399k across all card accounts).

  32. Matt says:

    Warning for anyone who was instantly “approved”: I was instantly approved yesterday with a $5,000 CL. Got a call from them today saying that I actually wasn’t approved – it was supposedly a “conditional approval” and when it was manually reviewed, they said they couldn’t approve it because I had too much total credit extended. The rep said there was a specific amount of total credit allowed in order to be approved. Why their automated system wouldn’t determine that I had too much credit extended is beyond me, given that it is a fixed amount. Even more confusing is that they would approve my application pending “verification,” only to subsequently deny the application based not on failure to verify the information that I submitted, but based on my credit report that was already obtained when I was initially “approved.” Very shady business practice – as enticing as this offer is, I would avoid doing business with them.

    • Kid says:

      Well that’s not good. I was approved too, guess I’m just waiting on the phone call.

    • Mujtaba says:

      Would you mind sharing their “limit”? Is it specific to you or a percentage compare to your income? Thank you in advance!

      • Matt says:

        The rep wasn’t very specific, but it sounded like it’s a fixed dollar amount. I probably should have asked for specifics, but I was so taken aback by the approval-turned-denial that I didn’t think to ask.

    • Ry says:

      I had the same thing happen to me, Matt. I was approved for 10K yesterday and got a call today saying they couldn’t approve me due to having sufficient credit offered at other banks. I’ve had an account with them for almost two years too.

      • olympia says:

        Crap. I’m guessing that might also happen to me. Same thing. Approved and a current member for a couple years. Hope it doesn’t happen but doesn’t look too good for most of us..

    • NBG says:

      May be a CFPB complaint would get their act together. Approving and cancelling in bulk is prime shady.

      • Pam says:

        If they approve me and the new “closed” account show up on my report, I’ll definitely CFPB them.

        • Matt says:

          Even if the account doesn’t show up on your report, you might be able to successfully dispute the inquiry, since it seems to be showing up as an installment loan inquiry for everyone. I would do that myself, but I have so many inquiries it wouldn’t really make a difference 🙂

      • Matt says:

        I’m considering a CFPB complaint, but, while clearly shady, are they actually violating any laws/regulations? I know that credit card issuers can close any account at their discretion, but my gut tells me that telling applicants they have been approved when they actually haven’t been is not a legitimate practice. Can anyone with knowledge of the relevant laws/regulations weigh in?

      • Superchurn says:

        agreed 100%

  33. Sean says:

    Don’t bother with this. Went through the hoops of becoming a member and applied for card. Got 24hr message and then i tried logging in my account was blocked. Called and escalated. Found out they denied the credit card for too much credit extended and then were cancelling my membership. Lousy bank.

  34. Joshua says:

    current TechCU account holder
    applied last night, got 24hrs notice

    called back today, told denied due to total credit line already exceeding their maximum ‘safe credit line’ criteria

    • DRT says:

      Any indication what that limit was? A fixed amount, or percentage relative to your income?

      • Joshua says:

        The rep refused to release the details. She just referred to their internal policy that won’t approve applicant who has been provided a lot of unsecured credit line by other banks.

  35. B J says:

    Was auto-approved for a $5,000 line on Sunday. They called within an hour and left a message to get more information. I signed up for financial fitness and a savings account and called back to find out I was turned down for too high of unsecured credit. Kind of bait and switch if you ask me – won’t be dealing with them again.

    • LC says:

      just file CFPB complaint, fuck this bank

    • Superchurn says:

      i agree. bait and switch bullshit.

      advertising and approving, then reneging on an offer is absolutely bait and switch, and is illegal generally.

      financial institutions need to learn that this kind of thing is not OK

  36. tribesman55 says:

    Sounds like this bank is super shady, not even going to be bother with becoming a member.

  37. Mark says:

    Went to pending; called; denied; same reason as above.

    Financial Fitness Assoc. seems to have made out! At least with my $8.

  38. Steve says:

    I wanted to switch to them for my main checking account for a while now. Oh boy am I glad to have found this post.

  39. MR_URTY says:

    Like many other recent commenters, I was “auto-approved” for $7200 last night, then got a call today informing me that I’d been denied for maximum credit line available. I was told by the rep I spoke to on the phone that this was a non-negotiable decision.

    Meanwhile, my login has been blocked and I’m out $125. Definitely steer clear.

    • Pam says:

      Sorry to hear that. How did you out $125 from applying? Do you mean the checking bonus? Thank you.

      • MR_URTY says:

        Sorry, should have been clearer. I funded $100 to checking and $25 to savings to start my membership. Since my login is blocked and my membership hasn’t technically been approved, I have no way of accessing that money right now. I’m confident that I will eventually get that back, so my post was probably a bit melodramatic.

        They also requested that I send them a utility bill in my name, which as a renter I don’t have. I uploaded a copy of my driver’s license last night, just as the application asked ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        • Pam says:

          Thank you for the reply. I have a checking with $150 bonus from them, so I was a bit worried. I’m sure you’ll get the money back. Good luck!

    • Logan Comstock says:

      was it Zach? He sounds like a huge dbag

  40. Sam says:

    Thanks for all the data points, folks. I have over $160k in unsecured credit. Not worth trying this one it sounds. Bummer.

    By the way, based on comments, it doesn’t sound like number of recent cards (X/24) matters, but the amount of overall credit.

  41. Sean says:

    Dudes, this is ridiculous. Got auto-approved and was told to open a savings account. Then they call and say a person reviewed and can’t approve based on max amount of unsecured credit. What a load of BS! Worst CU of all time

  42. paz says:

    I opened the savings account with 125 in CC funding. Today it’s blocked. I haven’t even applied for the CC yet. Their account ppl apparent don’t start working until 10AM Pacific Time.

  43. LC says:

    They are not churner friendly, dont waste your time or your credit…. denied for me and my dad. Both of us have 800+ FICO and great income. Denied for maximum amount of unsecured credit. might file a CFPB complaint since they said it was a loan inquiry which isnt accurate.

  44. Lisa says:

    I never heard back since I got the 24 notice 2 days ago. Seems most ppl had to call them instead and everyone denied.

  45. Captainsave says:

    Part of the dilemma of this game. Either hop on it fast before the deal is gone. Or wait it out for more DP. This case was definitely to have waited

  46. Jeff the Man says:

    auto-approved for 10k

    opened a checking and savings accounts with the $150 promo code

    $125 charged to my credit card to open checking account

    e-mailed to call in today and was told over the phone that my application (which was already approved) is being denied for too much credit with other banks. they asked me in a very accusatory tone “why do you have so many accounts” and I flat told them i make a good salary and can have a lot of credit.

    afterward they asked me if i still wanted to open the checking account. i told them yes but I could tell they wanted me to just walk away from the whole thing.

    they clearly don’t want business from customers with relationships with other banks.

  47. Superchurn says:

    Just a thought, but is never informing an applicant for credit if they are approved or denied a violation of the FCRA?

    I mean, …they just left me hanging on their decision…that seems fishy and possibly not legal

  48. Ryan says:

    Thank you all for sharing your DPs. I’m sorry you had such an unpleasant experience, but please know the rest of us really do appreciate helping us avoid the same fate.

    I joined Tech CU a few months ago when they were having the checking/savings bonus. They’re wholly unremarkable, and I’d really recommend just avoiding them altogether. I’ll be happy when I can dump them in April after they release my bonus money.

  49. Shanno says:

    I have a few thousand under 100k in unsecured credit…any DP on 100k or less?

    • Ferris says:

      It’s likely a percentage calculation. I would guess somewhere around 50% of your income. As someone who works in the industry, this sort of calculation is always used with installment loans, but not necessarily Credit Cards. For example, if you Annual income is 60K and you have 30K lines of credit, you’d be at 50%. My best guess would be if you are over that area, it’s an instant denial.

  50. Erik says:

    Reading some posts here and wonder:
    1. What is MLB cards?
    2. What do you guys mean by “57/24” (for example)

    • Ferris says:

      Bank of America issues MLB sponsored Credit Cards. People used to apply for 4 or more at once and get auto approvals.This is no longer possible.

      57 refers to the amount of credit cards opened in the last 24 months. Example: I have opened 13 CCs in the past 24 months, I am 13/24. Or if I have opened 4 in the last 12 months, I am 4/12

  51. Dan says:

    This bank is the worst of the worst.

  52. Superchurn says:

    Called in finally. Transferred to the infamous Zack.

    Zack told me that my amount of unsecured credit was too high, and they denied me.

    I asked him why it was showing up as an installment loan, and he stonewalled and gave a canned response.

    I informed him that submitting fraudulent credit inquiries is likely illegal under he FCRA, he insisted that “it falls under the umbrella of an unsecured installment loan”, and refused to remove the pull.

    He refused to transfer me to his supervisor, refused to transfer me to anyone else, and refused to do anything to address the situation.

    I informed him i’d be filing a CFPB complaint, a dispute with EX, and examining my legal options under the FCRA

    Called back and spoke to a manager named Doreen, who agreed to close my account, listen to the recording of my call with Zack, and not fight my dispute of their inquiry on my Ex.

    I almost never Call The Bank, but this was such an awful experience I made an exception…seriously, fuck this CU

    • Lisa says:

      Do i send a letter to techcu to demand they remove the inquiry? Then contact Experian? Not sure how the dispute inquiry process works.

      • Superchurn says:

        I’m not sure. Never disputed a pull yet. i’ll update when I figure out how its done

      • Erik says:

        You cannot dispute a pull with any credit bureau. Only directly with the bank. Write a letter to Tech CU.

        If they refuse, you can always threaten with [small claims] court (It is against the FCRA, § 604. Permissible purposes of consumer reports [15 U.S.C. § 1681b] for an entity to view a consumer’s credit report without a “permissible purpose.” )

        • Superchurny says:

          Confirmed with EX today. Cannot dispute the pull. They were going to complain to TechCU about telling me to call EX, but that’s all they would do.

          Seems like I’m left with an uncooperative bank and an unable credit bureau.

          I agree, it seems the only option is to threaten to sue them in small claims court to get it off. Thanks for the information!

          • papercauldron says:

            I had a accidental pull from US Bank last year with TU. The process was to get a letter from the bank authorizing the pull to be removed and that it was in error. It was signed by the branch manager and supervisor. Then had to write my own letter and fax both into TU. Pull was removed a few weeks later.

            Maybe EX has a similar process, but TU was fairly helpful in telling me the procedure.

  53. adam d says:

    Using the CFPB on this isnt exactly going to have this CU shaking in their boots, given its going to be gutted in about 3 months time. Whoever voted for the orange guy and is a churner is their own worst enemy.

    • Ferris says:

      While you are correct, I think many on the left fall into the “it’s okay to be racist if it’s against the bad guys” mentality. If I re-write your last sentence into, “Whoever voted for the black guy…” it’s pretty obvious this is racist. We shouldn’t be described by things such as our skin (among others) that are not our choice. #minirantfortheday

      Have a nice day!

      • Z says:

        I get your point, but the color of his skin IS his choice – it’s a spray tan to make him look healthy instead of the unhealthy-pallor out-of-shape old man that he is.

  54. Bill says:

    Data point:

    Was instantly approved for 5k on the first day and have been anxiously awaiting my phone call with a denial (I think Credit Karma shows about 150k in credit). This morning I got an email from TechCU saying the card is on the way! Hopefully means I’ve somehow squeeked by.

  55. Andrew says:

    One more DP: Insta-approved on 11/20, non-CA, 772 score, never received any follow up from the CU. I called today, they said there was a system ‘glitch’ – subsequently declined. Sounds like the same cause / reason as others.

  56. Len says:

    Turned down by phone. They said I had too much credit already (it’s about 50% of my annual salary). I joined Tech CU to get the bonus about a year ago, and left the account open with only around $300 in it.

  57. JASON says:

    1. They pull Experian only.
    2. They allow you to provide a PIN to access frozen credit report.
    3. They would ask for membership number when calling. It seems to me that being a member of this CU is required to apply for their CC. If you don’t remember your membership number, they would ask for your login ID to verify your info.

    I don’t know whether it’s approved, pending or declined at this moment.

  58. Charles says:

    Screw these guys. I applied when this came out. I was Auto approved. Then they denied me. I asked for a reconsideration 3 weeks ago. I have called in numerous times and they still haven’t given me a reconsideration answer. I already filed a cfpb complaint. I would never uses bank for any of my personal reasons. The customer service is horrid and quite frankly rude at times.

    • jf says:

      that stinks!!!!!!! i really was hoping to see a better turn out here…but proceed w caution! heck, 50% of your annual income in CLs seems to be to much for this bank… I am at 2-3x…..

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