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Credit Card Offers

Published on November 20th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Tech CU Visa Signature Credit Card $500 Bonus

This bonus has expired, click here to view the best current credit card bonuses.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Tech CU is offering a bonus of 50,000 points (worth $500) on their Visa signature card. Minimum spend requirement is $5,000 within the first 4 months

Card Details

  • Offer valid until December 15th, 2017
  • Card earns 1.25x points per $1 spent
  •  To qualify as new, account holder must not have had a Tech CU credit card in the previous 12 months
  • . Bonus Points will post approximately 60 days after qualifying merchant purchase amount has been reached.
  • Merchant credits that post prior to Bonus Point posting date may affect Bonus Point eligibility. Rewards Points at 1.25 per $1 of net merchant purchase will accrue during and after the four-month bonus accrual period.
  • Must be an existing Tech CU member or be eligible for Tech CU membership


You must be an existing member or eligible for membership. Requirements for membership are as follows:

  • Anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Cruz or San Francisco Counties
  • Employees of TechCU@Work companies – search for your employer
  • Family members of current Tech CU members
  • Members of our many affiliated organizations including: the Financial Fitness Association, the Northern California Human Resource Association (NCHRA), or the San Jose State University Alumni Association (SJSUAA)
  • Employees and employers of public or private technology-based entities with a location in California

The easiest way to become a member is to join Financial Fitness Association first ($8 fee). Doing so will make you eligible for membership with Tech CU, but you still need to actually become a member (this also requires opening a savings account). A lot of readers will also already be members from their previous checking bonuses.

Our Verdict

Obviously a pretty good deal, $500 is basically as good as it gets when it comes to cash sign up bonuses. I’m seeing a lot more activity from smaller card issuers like this and it’s great to see. Unfortunately we don’t know much about things such as what credit bureau they pull and what their other approval criteria is. If you apply, please share your experiences in the comments below (please don’t just ask lots of questions in the comments if you’re unwilling or unable to apply, it just clogs up the comments section. People will share information when they have it).

One thing a lot of people are reporting is being denied for too much credit extended. If you’re approved, please share your total credit limits across all issuers in the comments.

Hat tip to readers Rahul A, Jason L & Kapni

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What credit bureau do they usually pull?

“Unfortunately we don’t know much about things such as what credit bureau they pull and what their other approval criteria is. If you apply, please share your experiences in the comments below (please don’t just ask lots of questions in the comments if you’re unwilling or unable to apply, it just clogs up the comments section. People will share information when they have it).”

Can’t tell if you’re trolling or skipped to the comments section without even reading it. Either way, not cool dude.

I didn’t read the verdict section. I apologize I offended you. But no, I have never trolled this site.

95% sure it’s Experian. I asked when I joined a few months ago, and they said it was a SP on EX or EQ to join, but CUs in Cali LOVE Experian.

if this gets hammered like NRLFCU … RIP TechCU

They don’t ask on the application if you’re a member of the CU. How do they verify you’re eligible?

maybe they go by SSN

For me, they asked for utility statement.

Auto Approval

EX pulled, CK doesn’t show any TU/EQ pulls.

20 < inqs on EX

does not show up on online account currently.
"We will contact you for the required documents" was the last msg

Applied and it went pending with the reply below. Will post a followup once approved/declined. Currently at 57/24. No email from Credit Karma, so they may have pulled Experian.

Thank you for applying for a loan with Tech CU!

Your application ID is: 187173

We will get back to you within 24 hours. If you submitted the application on a weekend or holiday, we will contact you the next business day.

Did you know that as a member you can get your free credit score and credit monitoring? Learn more.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (800) 553-0880.

Thank you,

The Tech CU Team

if you don’t mind answering…… I been into credit churning myself for sometime,,, but how the hell are you at 57/24 lol…. I just cannot imagine……

Not him, but sometime ago on DoC, a churner provided a datapoint that included that he was at some/24 because he had been approved for 8 MLB cards during the 200/500 offer. I can see how you can get to 57/24 with this method.

8? I saw someone post on reddit that they’d applied for every single MLB card. One got lost, and something happened to another, so that was 27 or 28 cards all from the same day.

8 with just one pull like BofA used to let you at that time. Before reading that i was feeling very proud of getting 2 MLBs on the same day.

I got 4 MLB cards within one day when they offered $200 bonus.

not such a big deal.. im at 53/24
I love this game
I just wish I knew who that person was so we can share DP together

Are u people serious? 53/24 and 57/24.. here i m 8/24 and i always think my next app will be declined. I need to up my game.

Im now around 17/24
In the begining (the first two years of churnig) i was easily 50/24 because you get approved everywhere.

23/24 not counting 1 business and SO.
On my defence, I only started in 2015.

Im curious, how many cards are there that you can reasonably apply for? I usually hit the travel ones, and I can hardly find more than 15 that I think are worth my time. What cards are the 30-50 range?

Hey, quick question, people who mentioned that people got 8, 4, 3 ,5 cards within one day, were these exact same card (product) and same application you were using? just applied again and again, and was approved? very curious. Thanks!

Declined for reason “Maximum credit has already been extended.” Note that when I mentioned I had no credit with Tech CU, they said “It is not just with Tech CU, it is across all lenders.”

FWIW, total credit line is around $160k across all issuers.

Declined for the exact same reason. The CSR just kept repeating the same sentence, you already have the “maximum unsecured credit limit available”, so we cannot offer you anymore credit at this point. She mentioned their system has a regulation to decline in this scenario and no one can help it.

FYI, total credit line is $152K across 16 credit cards. No auto-loan or mortgage yet.

So I feel like they may do the thing that BoA does but I’m not 100% certain. The terms only state a bonus is given for the Visa Signature card. However, at the final stage of the application process, they show a table with the possible interest rates and charges, with different rates for Visa Classic, Visa Signature, and Visa Classic Share Secured

when posting DP please also post the approved starting credit line,

Does anyone know if they allow credit card funding for checking account? If I can fund a checking account with my capital one spark card for the $1200 bonus and get this $500 bonus, my year would be complete.

if only there was a website that had a centralized way of finding out this information by pooling readers contributions to questions such as these organized by financial institutions, it would truly be a wonderful website.

Im in the odd position of having opened a tech cu account before they put in the location restrictions. So i live on the east coast, but still a member. Anybody else in similar position?

yes, and I was approved

I am, and I’m considering this heavily. I was just about to cancel my TechCU account, but this would be some nice icing on the cake before i kick them to th curb

Data point. Paid $8 membership. Applied for card.
Somewhere around 20/24. Autoapproved for $8200 and given app. ID

“Next steps
We will be contacting you to collect any required documents”

Same here, but for $5000.

Same, and also $5,000…which is pretty damn low compared to what I am used to. I guess I am waiting for a phone call to collect required documents.

Ex 780
Didn’t do checking, so this is my first account there.

I got the call from them about an hour after I applied for them to “collect required documents”. So, now I need to 1. Become a member 2. MUST apply for a savings account with a minimum $25 deposit. During that process I’m supposed to upload a copy of my driver’s license. They will then call back again to verify the information.

So…a little more involved then just joining financial fitness, but not insurmountable for a $500 bonus

Haha. I’m out! Just like many of the other comments below, the approval wasn’t really an approval. Too much credit available was reason for denial. Interesting to give someone an actual figure on a credit line if it’s not approved.

Did Financial Fitness $8 sign up.
Applied for card, got a message saying someone would call me in 24 hours.
Experian pulled, saying it’s an installment loan. I’m on phone with customer service now.

I just got off the phone with support, they said it’s still showing as a credit card application and it should process through as that. They said they’ll call me tomorrow afternoon with a decision regarding the credit card.

So weird. just now applied. Got the message saying ‘Your Application id is: “. Its blank . no id given. Then usual 24 hr verbiage. At the end, it says error: String or binary truncated…
Not sure if app went thru. Nothing reported in Experian/Equifax.

Update: Called and they don’t see anything come thru with my info. Will give it a day or 2 and try again. Don’t want to end up in double pull.

Approved! $5,000. In PA – Signed up for Tech CU long time ago for bonus, never closed account :D.

Next steps: someone will reach out to me for verification.

24 hours :/

CA resident (in service area), 740 Fico 8 w/Experian, which they pulled

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