Posted by William Charles on October 1, 2015
Credit Card Review

Published on October 1st, 2015 | by William Charles


The Synchrony Store Card Has Launched + Our Review

Earlier this year it was announced that Synchrony would be issuing a store credit card. That card has now launched and is available for new sign ups. The card doesn’t have a rewards program and can only be used for purchases on &, it does offer special financing for your purchases dependening on their dollar amount and Newegg will give cardholders access to special promotions. You can view the special financing terms below:


Personally I don’t see the attraction in cards like this, even if you’re a regular at Newegg you’d surely be better off getting a card that earns a category bonus at electronic stores (or however it codes) or putting purchases on a card with an introductory APR of 0% that also earn at least 1%. The only exception would be if the exclusive deals they offer are actually useful, it’s obviously too early to tell if that’s the case (although please leave your experiences in the comments if you do sign up for this card).

Store cards aren’t usually targeted at people with exceptional credit though, so maybe I’m being too harsh on this card but I don’t see the appeal at all.

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  1. Ed says:

    I see a limited amount of utility in these cards, but would not think it is worth it for small purchases. Essentially you’re getting an unlimited amount of 0% APR purchases. This may be worth the single hit to your credit (and loss of 1% earnings) if you plan to purchase a large $ amount of items repeatedly and would be better off earning interest off of the money.

    This makes sense for their furniture store and medical cards… not sure how relevant for computer parts.

  2. Alex says:

    Well considering I was waiting for this card to hit to get build my next pc for Oculus rift/ 4k gaming, which total about 3k, now this is without purchasing the Oculus rift that drops 1q16 along with Virtuix Omni which if they are sold on newegg that’s another 1k. For me this card is attractive.

  3. Bill says:

    I often had a tough decision to make whether to use their old private label card, or to use a card that earned rebates, especially considering that the earned a 3% reward year-round, and that Discover’s frequent promotions for 5% were in play.
    I don’t think I’ll take the HP on the credit report for this card until they offer promotional financing for lower amounts. They didn’t offer existing cardholders any incentive to get the new card, so there’s no reason to rush that I can see.

  4. Themanwhocan says:

    I usually use a US Bank Cash+ card to get 5% cash back at electronics stores such as

    I agree that the newegg store card doesn’t seem to have a very broad appeal.

  5. Chung says:

    Considering the exact same card from Amazon has either 5% statement cashback OR 12 mos no interest, this seems like a lower option. Before, there were perks to using my Newegg Preferred card, now there is decidedly not.

  6. Charles Holly says:

    I had notice had, a card from Chase BP. Switched without my knowledge to this Synchrony Bank Bp.
    From day 1 headaches. Now less then 4 months after the change over, my card using the SECURRED chip has been hacked. They closed the account down after almost $15,000 charged to it at a Best Buy.
    Did they call or notify me? NO. Had dinner and when I tried to pay, totally embarrassed by the waiter announcing loudly, “your card has been denied”. Good thing I had cash on hand.
    DON”T USE a card from his BANK…….They are HORRIBLE. .

  7. Richard says:

    Not worth applying for especially with this bank. I have a 700+ FICO and 100% payment history. Had a newegg card bill me later with $8000 credit limit for many years and always paid it off. I have a Lowes card from Synchrony with a $7000 limit. Newegg closed my old card due to Synchrony takeover. I figured I would re apply for this card. I checked my credit score and submitted my application, the result I got is more information needed and the status is pending. No contact info to check on status. That was 2 weeks ago. Apply for Paypal, they have similar offers and you can use it with many retailers.

  8. Business owner using business cards. Stopped using personal credit over 10 years ago. Separate credit score and reporting. Plus can write stuff off on taxes. You don’t know what you’re missing by running a business even if you don’t do any business. Personal credit cards and cards like this with no rewards are for suckers. It’s easy to setup a sole proprietorship or C corp.

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