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U.S. Bank Business Edge Cash Rewards $200 Signup Bonus for Each Employee Card [$2,200 Bonus Possible]

The Offer

Direct Link to offer

  • Signup for the U.S. Bank Business Edge Cash Rewards World Elite Mastercard and get $200 back when spending $1,000 within the first 90 days.

There are interesting terms on this signup bonus: “Each card meeting the spend requirements will earn cash back. Spend on multiple cards may not be combined to meet the requirement.” MMS confirmed this specifically with U.S. Bank that each employee card can earn the $200 bonus so long as that card spends $1,000 within 90 days. A reader also confirmed having success getting the bonus on each employee card.

You can not mix the cards, however; each employee card, separately, has to do $1,000 in spend to get the $200 statement credit.

Card Details

  • No annual fee
  • Card earns 3% cash back on cellular, gas and office supply store
  • Card earns 1% cash back on all other purchases
  • An annual bonus equal to 25% of your prior year’s Cash Rewards will be awarded following your Cash Rewards enrollment anniversary date, up to $250
  • Free employee cards
  • No cash back maximum, no expiration on the cash back

Our Verdict

We’ve never seen before a card which offers the signup bonus on the employee cards as well. I guess they are trying to drive signups from business with multiple employees.

The card application allows up to 10 employee cards for a total of 11 cards. They say you can call in and add more employee cards after approval. Important note: you do need the SSN and DOB of employee to be able to add them. Related, U.S. Bank does not report business cards to the personal bureau even on the primary card, and certainly not on the employee cards.

A business with many employees can get a $2,200 bonus by signing up for this card (!), though it would require $11,000 in spend. It’s possible you can get the $200 bonus even on employee cards added after the fact, but that much isn’t clear.

The card also has a 25% bonus after the anniversary. Not clear if the $200 signup bonus will get bonused. If yes, that would turn the bonus into $250 per card ($2,750 if you did the full 11 cards).

Definitely intriguing for the right person. Not sure how strict U.S. Bank is with employee cards, e.g. if your spouse sometimes helps with making business purchases, you can probably add them as an employee card.

Looking at the terms on a couple of other U.S. Bank business cards, like Select Rewards and Flexperks, it appears only this Cash Rewards business card has the special terms allowing the signup bonus on each card separately.

Check out these 22 Things Everybody Should Know About US Bank Credit Cards before applying.

Hat tip to reader John

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What information do they need regarding another “employee” in your “business”?

I’m filling an app out right now. Asking for name, SSN, DOB and anticipated monthly spend.

That’s a huge pain.

i want to know too no real business

Krista Check my posts
Krista Check my posts

This card is for people with a real business.

Just curious what this comment is based on? Why is it not ok for a “business”? Not doubting, just wondering.

Because you are committing a fraudulent act intentionally. People go to jail over this.

You’re confusing ‘Immoral’ with ‘Fraudulent’ FYI, there’s no crime for putting down a fledgling business with real people (SSNs) that is not an actual EIN.

People are asking that don’t have a business, which is why they are putting quotation marks around the word business or saying they don’t have a business. It is certainly fraudulent. Example:

Again, there’s a difference between that guy, who outright lied about bankruptcy, criminal history, used 2 social security numbers, and made up $300K in false income statements….. Vs a person who ‘is selling stuff on ebay’ and not an actual LLC/INC.
A SOLE PROP IS LEGAL, as long as you don’t make fraudulent claims.

So applying for this would be just as legal as applying for any other business card, using your personal info, when you don’t yet have an ‘actual’ business.

Selling stuff on eBay can be a business if it is intended to be. However, selling your old iPhone 4 from the cabinet every 2 years is not a business. Most people here don’t have an actual business, that is painfully obvious. It seems like you’re talking to a wall as I’ve never mentioned anything about an “actual LLC/INC/Sole Prop/having an EIN” yet I’ve never once mentioned anything about it. Sole Props generally use just a SSN, but it is a business.

It would certainly not be legal applying for this card if you don’t have an actual business where you intentionally and regularly have revenue streams. Quit skirting the issue and stick to getting referrals on your blog for sup-bar point offers from new peopl.

Lol I’ve had prob 20 “sole proprietorship” biz cards room multiple institutions…seems like your the other entity that cares about a legit business, even more than the issuing bank lol

@Krista, As opposed to the other business cards, how?

Looks like you’ll need employee date of birth and SSN to get employee cards.

I guess I can’t get one for my dogs. 🙁

Also, just spoke to a US Bank rep in the commercial credit card department. He said they will not pull a credit report on employees, but they will report their usage on their personal credit reports, so seems like you’d want to make sure the employee is ok with that before adding them, especially if they are playing the churning game and are worried about 5/24.

They wont pull the credit report (hard pull), but they will report personal usage? So other banks will still be able to see it? Despite being a business card?

U.S. Bank doesn’t report business cards to personal reports: I assume it would be the same for employee cards.

Are you sure? USB does not report Biz accounts to personal credit reports. I’d be very surprised if they reported employee accounts.

That’s what the rep told me. Only way to find out is apply and see if they actually show up. I’ve never had a business US Bank card so I don’t have first hand knowledge on this.

So $1000 in 90 days but do employee cards also have to spend the $1000 within 90 days of the account holders opening date? Or do the additional employees have to spend $1000 within 90 days of being added.

Ex: open main account and spend $1000/90 days. Then add employee maybe day 40 and they must spend $1000 within day 40-130?

According to the MMS link posted, AU cards have 90 days from the account opening date to meet the spend requirement. So, if you wait a month for the employee card they only have 60 days to meet it.

can pet goldfish count as employees?

Absolutely. Go for it.

Curmudgeon, i read your post below and you seem to be making 2 conflicting statements. Which one is true…lol

My reply to Sam used the same level of effort and reading comprehension that he applied to his question. I suppose I could have said “how about reading the comments before posting” but that would have been mean and not as entertaining to me.

cool, that means i will skip this cc. I dont want to piss off USB, coz. i need the altitude next year

My kind of person. Thanks for the humor

Only if you remember their DoB and SSN.

That’s technically fraud….

If only US Bank were even remotely MS-friendly…. Ugh.

vcg at grocery store, etc. How would they know?

Level 3 data.

US Bank was canceling AR cards when people bought 3rd party GCs to get the 4.5% back.

Which stores do they have Level 3 Data from? While they may get it from big national stores, does that mean they get Level 3 from every local grocery store in the country? I’d be surprised if they do, and I wonder if there is a way to check.

Krista check my posts
Krista check my posts

Fyi,. It’s a different US bank card I use , but I’ve been known to buy several thousand dollars of VGC in a single day from grocery stores and u.s. Bank security reps Never bat an eye. If the rep thinks the spend is unusual I just tell them it’s for gift cards.

Note:. I have a fairly High credit limit so almost always spend less than it in a given month.

Is there age requirement for “employees”?

You have to specify DOB, so they’d probably red flag any toddlers.

Yeah, but if you add a few years of age to the DOB, will that lead to denial, as long as the SSN is correct maybe it would still be approved?

Add a few xyz to a bank app and you are Paul Manafort.

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

wwllmm lolllll

They aren’t wrong.

Hey Dan, I can’t see the proper comment tangent thread on my phone anymore, but would also appreciate viewing your spreadsheet.

Dan - Legal Bank Robber
Dan - Legal Bank Robber

Sent Steven

I did a similar targeted offer awhile back on the Business Edge Select. Note that the “anticipated monthly spend” I entered for my employees became their credit limit. So make sure you enter a high enough number.
Nothing was reported on my or the employees’ credit reports.
Between my wife and I the bonus was worth it for us, and I could give a bonus to some of my friends without any impact to them (I gave them the bonus that they earned on their AU card).

Thanks! Good info!

So can you confirm that AU cards get their own signup bonus?

Confirmed, although note that the rewards all go into one pot which is managed by the primary account holder (at least that’s how the Edge Select worked).

Do i need to have some other accounts with them to qualify for the cc?


Santa should get this deal, add Rudolf and Mrs Claus to max the deal.

I got this card a few years ago without any employee cards initially. When I read the terms about each card getting the bonus I added employee and met spend on that card too before initial 90 days was up but I never got additional bonus. My best guess is that offer is added when first signing up to each card and not after. Of course when I called to complain about employee card not getting additional bonus cs rep and thier supervisor were not willing or able to fix and assumed I misunderstood the terms. Old data point from 3 years ago but wording of the terms was exactly the same back then it was $500 on $4500 spend targeted offer we got in the mail.

Keep in mind this credit card does NOT satisfy the requirement to keep monthly checking account free.

Do staples and Simon mall VGC count towards MSR for Us Bank?

Can you and the spouse open an business account for each spouse and then become the employees on each others account? meaning husband become employee on wife’s account and vise versa . can the kids become employees on each parents account? The problem with this is all of them is going to have the same home address and if their system would flag multiple socials.

DP: I called and Spoke with Tracy in the business center to find out specifics. The wording as the wording isn’t specific to which cash back would be earned. According to her, after placing me on hold for a bit, the bonus would only be earned by the primary on the card. All other cards will still earn normal cash back.

look above

The T&C on the US bank website clearly state the bonus can be earned on each card.

GAURAV :where can I see that info.. read t&c and dont see that.

Thank goodness you spoke to Tracy. I feel much better.

Would this card show up in the U.S. Bank preappoval link? I don’t want to bother applying if there’s no chance of being accepted.

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