Posted by William Charles on July 17, 2019

Published on July 17th, 2019 | by William Charles


Uber & Cargo Extend Partnership With New App (Rider Rewards & Discounts)

Uber already partners with start up Cargo to allow drivers to receive a box with items for sale (gum, candy etc). They have now launched an app (Cargo Store app) that lets people purchase a larger selection of items. The kicker is that items purchased will earn 10% back in Uber rewards that can be used for Uber rides or for other purchases in the Cargo store. The box that Cargo currently provides drivers will be updated with a QR code that is scanned to access the store and for every sale they will receive a $1 bonus.

Riders will be incentivized to access the store through rider rewards. Once a day they can access the store and will be presented with facedown ‘Cargo Cards’. Users select a card and it will have a randomized reward such as Uber credit, a $30 SeatGeek discount or a free premium product.

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