Posted by William Charles on May 25, 2016

Published on May 25th, 2016 | by William Charles


Uber Testing Out A Loyalty Program (Ride 15 Times, Get $25 Credit), Only On UberBLACK

Uber is testing out a loyalty program for select riders in the L.A. market. Here is how the loyalty program is currently structured:

  • For every UberBLACK trip you will earn 200 points
  • When you’ve earned 3,000 points, you’ll receive a $25 ride credit

This basically means for every 15 UberBLACK trips you’ll get a $25 ride credit. At the moment the program is opt in, you can enter the code ‘LOYALUBERBLACK’ and if successful you’ll be enrolled into the program. It’s also only for a limited time basis, it’ll run until June 1st, 2016. Although presumably if succesful it will be extended & expanded to other markets

UberBLACK is of course the more expensive option Uber offers, I would have been thrilled if the same program was offered on UberX rides but I doubt we’ll see that happen anytime soon, with Uber instead preferring to drop the price of their UberX rides instead. Would you be more likely to use UberBLACK with this new loyalty program? Let us know in the comments below.

Hat tip to TechCrunch

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To paraphrase my favorite thought leader in travel, it would be nice if Uber could create a loyalty program that unlocks the more aspirational/dreamlike side of travel. Take 20 UberBlacks, get a free UberLux to Malibu or Ojai or Laguna Beach. Something you can kind of hope/dream for.


Hopefully this is something they’re serious about. I only ever use UberBlack so this would be pretty beneficial to me.

It let me add the promo code even though LA is not set as my home market. I guess we’ll see what happens.


I hope that this does lead to Uber cancelling their rather nice partnership with SPG for loyalty points.


sorry, please delete.

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