[Expired] Delta/United/Southwest/AA/Alaska Shopping Portal: Spend $150/$600 & Get 2,500-500 Bonus Miles

(added Delta)

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  • Valid through 8/14/23

Our Verdict

Some nice bonuses, as always make sure to see what other portals are offering to make sure this is competitive even with the bonuses.

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Simon (@guest_1661142)
July 27, 2023 17:06

having issues with purchase tracking. made three orders, with $300-$500 each. Only the first order was tracked. Not the first time with similar issues with airline portals.

Master Allan
Master Allan (@guest_1663798)
August 1, 2023 10:39

I agree, they can be tricky and stubborn sometimes. What works for me 80 – 90% :
1. I use my “virgin browsers” for purchasing, either edge or chrome. No adblocker, no script things, cleared out cookies. Like new in factory packaging browsers.
2. Prepare your purchases on another browser for reference. I click through the shopping portal link, login in to Home Depot or whatever, add my purchases to cart, checkout. Not the time to browse or compare shop. Get In & Out.
3. Some sites like Dell Technologies appear to pend a day or two afterwards and finally post a week or two after you receive the item at your doorstep.
4. Like your bank and credit cards, keep a note or spreadsheet of the high value worthy purchases. The contact options have worked to get my miles nearly every time when posting or tracking did not occur.

I purchase a lot for reimbursed work hardware. When these bonus come around I draft my activity to max out each bonus offer and sometimes move onto P2.

Master Allan
Master Allan (@guest_1659009)
July 24, 2023 10:51

+add aadvantage to the back to school bonus until 8/13 up to 2,000 miles with $700 spend.
Delta is the only one without a bonus but surely they will jump into this.

sanfrandisco (@guest_1659008)
July 24, 2023 10:50

AA shopping portal has similar offer

joremero (@guest_1659002)
July 24, 2023 10:31

AA portal also has bonus

July 24, 2023 16:17

Added now, thanks