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United Signup Bonus 55k + $50, Check if you are Targeted

The Offer

Reports on Reddit indicate that many are seeing the 55k + $50 United personal credit card offer.

  • Get approved for the United Mileage Plus Explorer Visa card and receive a signup bonus of 50,000 miles after spending $1,000 (?) within 3 months. Also get a $50 statement credit after your first purchase. Also, get 5,000 points when adding an authorized user to the account.
  • $95 annual fee waived for the first year.

The trick to getting this offer is log into your United account and start making a flight booking. After searching for any flight, you’ll hopfully see something like this pop up:

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 3.11.00 PM

This offer has been around in the past, and some are having success with the fake booking method now.

You can also try this link to see if you are targeted for the offer. If you aren’t, it will redirect you to the 30k offer. It may be better to try the fake booking method, though.

Ways of Getting 50k United Offer

If you can’t get the offer using the fake booking method described above, you can try one of a few things to get the 50k offer (though it probably won’t have the $50 statement credit):

  • PointsCentric shared that he received this 50,000-mile offer after making a purchase through the United shopping portal, and multiple others got it too. People have generally received a targeted mailer a few weeks after their portal purchase. Not everybody has had success, but the majority of people have. The United shopping portal has iTunes, so you should be able to purchase a cheap song from there to trigger the offer.
  • A similar idea is put forth on Reddit that by using the MPX app to purchase gift cards, this may trigger a targeted email with the 50k offer, as soon as the next day.

Final Thoughts

I was hoping to get this offer and apply for Southwest + United with one hard pull. Unfortunately, I wasn’t eligible, and I got the 30k + $50 offer when doing the fake booking. When using the link above, I got the 30k + 5k offer. I’m going to try one of the other methods to see if the 50k offer pulls up.

41 Responses to United Signup Bonus 55k + $50, Check if you are Targeted

  1. Winston says:

    Immediately got the offer with link in this post. However just closed my UA card in Nov and need to wait for another 23 months 🙁

  2. Maury says:

    How can you get the SWA and United in one hard pull?

    • Chuck says:

      Chase hard pulls are usually combined if they are both personal or both biz.

      • Dee says:

        I was considering getting one or both of these business cards this week. Would love to get both. What is the best method to apply to get the combination for one hard pull?

        • Phong says:

          I think you just have to apply for the 2 pers or 2 bus cards in the same day or fill in the information and submit at the same time. I really hope I get my application accepted. I’ve been wanting to get this card for a while and this bonus is pretty nice!

          • Phong says:

            Well I guess you cant really do it at the “same time’. I mean fill everything in and then submit 1 sec after the other.

  3. Dominic says:

    I just applied 2 weeks ago for the standard 50k. I guess it’s time for a PM requesting a match.

  4. Andrew says:

    For me, shows 50k after $2k spending, $50 after first purchase, 5k after adding auth user

  5. EB says:

    for those thinking about asking to have the offer matched: I saw this 2 days after i applied for the 50k offer, chase acknowledge but would not match the offer

  6. Raj says:

    This is the link i got in my email.

    Hope it helps.

  7. Adam says:

    I closed my Chase UA Exp CC a few months ago (last yr)… I got this offer of 55k miles + $50 SC, albeit w/$2k spend in 3mo using the above link.

    however whats the strict definition of the 24mo lanague in the T&Cs? is it exactly 24mo from the day the bonus was earned on your statement (so statement closing date) or 24mo from the day the bonus posted to your UA acct or 24mo from the day you applied for the CC or 24mo from the day you were approved/acct open for the CC?

    that’s the really confusing part. hate that Chase will approve you for a CC even if you may not be eligible for the bonus. DoC team any particular insights and how to best play this?

    • Nick says:

      Pretty sure it’s 24 months from date of receiving last bonus. Log in to your United account and it shows the exact date it was awarded.

      Can read up at the various mega threads at Flyertalk, some manage to get in months earlier than the 24 months and earn the bonus, but that’s a risk.

      The big question now is, with Serve gone, how are folks meeting their min spends, $2k each card x how ever many family members? 😀

  8. Ravi says:

    Does the chase 5 cards in 24 months rule apply to this card?

  9. Ken says:

    I checked on the united link and entered my mileageplus number and it says I’m eligible. but I have already received the signup bonus in July 2015. would you recommend I apply?

  10. Jacob says:

    I was wondering if i currently hold the mastercard version of the MPE (a holdover for many years) can i sign up for this and a receive the bonus? i.e. is the visa version of the product and mastercard considered the same consumer product or two different products?

  11. Kevin Mc says:

    I got this 50k offer in the mail after using the MPX app to purchase an amazon gift card.

  12. Phong says:

    Well. I got denied the application because my income was too low haha. Although I got one of the mailers for using their shopping portal. I probably shouldn’t even bothering applying again right?

  13. J T says:

    Not targeted for increased bonus, but I opened a Mileage Plus account, downloaded the MPX app, and made a some dummy bookings on all within the last few days. Yesterday I received an email invite to apply for Explorer, 50k + 5k AU / $2k spend, no statement credit. Wondering if I should jump or wait/push for an offer with lower spend threshold and/or statement credit, with the impending 5/24 co-branded app restriction coming soon.

    • I’d probably wait a bit longer for the +$50 offer unless you need the miles ASAP (just don’t wait to long otherwise the 5/24 rules will get you).

      • J T says:

        Thanks for the reply. I don’t need the miles immediately, but I think I’ll make the United Explorer and IHG cards my last (hopefully combined) pull with Chase before 5/24 fully sets in. My recent activity obviously triggered the offer, but I’m not sure what to try next in hopes of getting a better one.

    • J T says:

      Received the same 50k + 5k AU / $2k spend / no statement credit offer by snail mail last week, seems to have been triggered by Mileage Plus enrollment and/or dummy bookings. Included this link:, but notes that you must log in with an existing MP account. I’m curious if this link would work for anyone, as when I log in directly from I still only see the 30k offer.

  14. Logan says:

    Anyone have a 50k offer for me? id prefer one with statement credit as well.
    email me


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  17. Aubrey says:

    Anyone apply for the targeted offer after logging into your MileagePlus account?
    I clicked the “apply” button and got a pop up thanking me for submitting. I tried it twice with the same result.
    I didn’t fill out any information, I didn’t get an email that the application was received, and the pop up didn’t say that it was pending or that they would let me know.

    Is this normal when applying for a targeted offer while logged in? I’m guessing maybe since they have my info?

    I applied for CSR seconds before and got instant approval. I was hoping to get this card too with a single hard pull (previously at 3/24 so that shouldn’t be the problem) but I can’t tell if I actually applied?! I don’t want to call because I don’t want to draw attention to the two apps on the same day.

    I know this post is a little old. But if anyone sees this, I would really appreciate your input!

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