[Update] United TravelBank Is Back

Update 1/14/22: From reader Kyle: For those experiencing issues with payment not going through, add the card to your united account as a payment method and then use the saved payment card to pay for the travel bank purchase. That work around is working at the moment.

Update 1/8/22: Travel credits now posting as well.

The United Airlines TravelBank feature was down for a few days, but has now returned.

United TravelBank link

Lots of people like using their AmEx incidental airline credit to load their United TravelBank account with funds which can be used for the next 5 years. Anecdotally, these purchases have worked to trigger the airline credit; hopefully that lasts.

Just be sure to select United as your Amex airline option first. Also be sure not to leave the TravelBank account dormant for more than 18 months. (Update: some speculate that the 18-month dormancy does not apply to the newer TravelBank loads. Regardless, if you load your TravelBank once every 18 months, or you use up some of your TravelBank balance within the 18 months, that resets your 18-month clock.)

Hat tip to FM and to reader Mike

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Darwin (@guest_1775832)
January 11, 2024 13:49

This is working fine. Added $100 to United travel-bank on 01-01-2024 using my Amex Plat. Reimbursed today.

SkinnyElvis (@guest_1678344)
August 23, 2023 12:55

DP: it’s still working. Credit took a few days to post.

Dante (@guest_1634475)
June 14, 2023 18:03

Down today

Bertrand (@guest_1634866)
June 15, 2023 11:58

It also was not working for me yesterday (stuck at “Verifying your offer” page) but working today. Successfully loaded 2x $100.

hwy170 (@guest_1615912)
May 10, 2023 15:33

Purchased on May 2nd
5/2 – One $100 TravelBank Purchase
no credit as of 5-10 🙁

Avi (@guest_1615991)
May 10, 2023 17:41

hwy170 Give it 2 more weeks and I promise you’ll get your credit.

hwy170 (@guest_1616331)
May 11, 2023 08:59

If that doesn’t happen, will you really MBytes it? 😂

hwy170 (@guest_1617872)
May 14, 2023 11:57

Still works as of May 12
5/2 – One $100 TravelBank purchases
5/12- One $100 credits to Amex account

Tony (@guest_1609371)
May 1, 2023 11:58

Still works as of April 24
4/24 – Two $100 TravelBank purchases
4/30- Two $100 credits to Amex account

Sofia (@guest_1607234)
April 27, 2023 14:05

Still working on 4/19/23. Yay!

Bertrand (@guest_1594720)
April 10, 2023 16:19

Still works as of April 3.

4/3 – Two $100 TravelBank purchases
4/9 – Two $100 credits to Amex account

Alex (@guest_1586276)
March 27, 2023 23:38

Sadly it no longer works as of 03/27…

Avi (@guest_1586397)
March 28, 2023 07:04

Alex Why do you say that?

Bertrand (@guest_1586900)
March 28, 2023 17:38
stammers95 (@guest_1573753)
March 10, 2023 09:03

DP: confirming it still works with amex…$100 charged on 3/2 and credit hit on 3/8

Michelle (@guest_1530772)
January 10, 2023 22:29

Purchased 2 x $100 travel banks on 1/4 with amex bizz plat and got reimbursed 1/9. Deal is alive and well.