Up To 2.1% Cash Back On American Express Giftcards This Thursday

Frequent Miler is reporting that this Thursday (April 16th, 2015) cash back portal Simply Best Coupons will be offering 2% cash back on American Express gift cards for that day only. You can do slightly better than this though, as Simply Best Coupons has a referral program.

Referral Program

When you use somebodies referral link you’ll receive $5 for signing up (no purchase required, but there are minimum payout amounts). The person that refers you will receive 5% of your earned cash back (you’ll still receive the full amount), up to a limit of $50 per referral.

For example, if you purchase a $1,000 American Express gift card you would receive $20 in cash back. Whoever referred you would receive $1 cash back. In total between the two of you, you would receive $21 in cash back which works out to be 2.1%.

If you had a partner, family member or friend you trusted you could get them to sign up first and then refer you before you purchase your American Express gift cards to get the full 2.1% rate (assuming they would be willing to share this with you). This obviously will only work up to the first $50,000 in purchases, as it’s capped at $50 per referral.


As mention there are payment minimums depending on what payment method you select:

  • Check: $20 minimum
  • Paypal: $15 minimum
  • Giftcard: $15 minimum
  • Western Union: $20 minimum

Here is what they have to say about cash becoming payable:

Payment will be sent to you after cleared cash back reaches the minimum payment threshold. Each store has its own return policy, and typically it will take 30-60 days for cash back to clear.

Payments will be sent at the end of every month for amount cleared by 15th of the month.

Fine Print

  • Using a coupon code will invalidate cash back
  • Denominations over $2,000 will not earn cash back

Final Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not always best to use my referral links. I like to think about personal referral links as a way of giving a small tip to show your appreciation. For example, I really appreciate all of the hard work Frequent Miler does in finding these deals – so rather than effectively referring myself I signed up using his link. That being said, I certainly wouldn’t be offended if readers want that extra 0.1% for themselves – after all this hobby is about getting the most you can with the least amount of work. I also would not be offended if you used Frequent Miler’s link (in fact I’d encourage you to do so, he found this and many other deals after all).

We’ll likely repost this deal on Thursday when it becomes available. Thanks again to Frequent Miler, he has a whole page of links here if you want to support his site.


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Except being slow in payment, they are alright..


I have never used this site before. Is this a reputable site? Have you use them before?