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Leave your details below to refer readers to Varo Money. Currently, new members get $100 and referrer also gets $100. To refer somebody you need their e-mail address and then they need to use the same e-mail to sign up for an account.

  • Do not thread referrals, just leave your referral as a new line.
  • Leave your referral information once.
  • Do not share your referral unless it’s for $100
  • We will lock comments in a few days.

You’re also limited to earning $500 in referrals, so if you use somebodies link let them know so they can track it. Also don’t post your referral link, you need to actually e-mail it to the person as they must sign up using the same e-mail address.

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Oops my referral is not $100

This link mentions $50 referral, not $100?

looking for a referral. [read the rules. Top level comments only]

Not sure if only referrers are allowed to post, but I’d take a code emailed to me at kieserjw at

Looking for a referral. [read the rules. Top level comments only]

Looking for a referral please

Anyone have a referral to share with me?? Thanks

Looking for a referral as well, thanks in advance!

I’m also looking for a referral.


Looking for a referral as well


need referral. Thanks

Also looking for a referral, thanks!

Looking for a referral. Thanks!

Do you have any referal, please share “”

Looking for a referral thank you.

I have $100 referrals for 5. Please email me at

I just sent you an email.

I just sent you an email

Thanks to all and especially Bill for giving me an opportunity to share my link. I have sent all my 5 referrals.

Thanks, used your link. 🙂

can you send me a referral 🙂 [read the rules. Top level comments only]

Hi could I get a referral? My email is

Just sent you email 🙂 TIA!

Can you kindly send me a referral? Thanks! – Jay
[read the rules. Top level comments only]

Looking for referral.

Email sent

Any more referrals Michael?

looking for referral.

looks like not many have a referral…I want one…thanks!

Looking for $100 referral please

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