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Published on November 21st, 2016 | by William Charles


Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Review (Comenity Bank) – Up To 19.8% Back

Victoria’s Secret offer two credit cards, both are issued by Comenity Bank (known for the shopping cart trick, more on this later). They offer:

  • Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card
  • PINK Angel Credit Card

In reality the cards are exactly the same, the only difference is the card design. During the application process you’ll be able to choose what design you prefer. It’s also important to keep in mind that this isn’t a true credit card as it can only be used at Victoria’s Secret stores and online at (you can also use it at Bath & Body Works stores as well, but you will not earn points) – it’s not a Visa/Mastercard/American Express that can be used anywhere those payment networks are accepted.


There are actually level levels of cards that are different, this is explained below.

Rewards Program

  • Card earns at the following rates:
    •  3x points per $1 on all bra purchases, excluding clearance and discounted bras. Cannot be combined with other promotions
    • 1x points per $1 spent on all other purchases apart from at Bath & Body Works (no points earned)
    • Choose three triple point days (see card benefits below for more)

Points are redeemed at the following rates:

  • Angel & VIP Cardholders: 250 points = $10 rewards card (4¢ per point)
  • Forever cardholders: 150 points = $10 rewards card (6.66¢ per point)

Points will expire 12 months from the date they are earned if no purchases are made for 12 consecutive months.

Tier Status

As mentioned above, there are three levels of cardholders:

  • Angel: Basic level, everybody starts at this level
  • Angel VIP: Requires 500 points within a rolling 12 month period
  • Forever Angel: Requires 1,000 points within a rolling 12 month period

You’ll retain your Angel or Angel VIP status until you reach a higher qualifying status. When you reach Forever Angel status you’ll retain that status for the program year (February 1st – January 31st) and one subsequent program year. You can re-earn the status by earning 1,000 points within that year.

Card Benefits

Triple Point Days

You’re able to choose up to three days to earn triple points per program year. A program year is February 1st until January 31st the following year. The number of triple point days depends on the tier status you have:

  • Angel Tier = One selected day
  • Angel VIP: Two selected days
  • Forever Angel: Three select days

Triple point days have to be chosen within 90 days after the purchases are made. You have to call 1.844.3XANGEL (1.844.392.6435) to specify your triple point days. Cannot be combined with other point earning promotions to earn triple points.

Free Shipping On All Orders That Include Bras

Cardholders can get free shipping on all Victoria’s Secret orders that include at least one bra. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You need to use the coupon code JUST4ANGELS. Apparently this can be stacked with other coupon codes.
  • You must pay with your Victoria’s Secret credit card
  • It excludes clearance bras (e.g any bras ending in $0.99)
  • Alaska, Hawaii and the U.S.Territories: shipping & handling reduced to $4.99

Birthday Gift

Every year that your card remains active you’ll receive a $10 Birthday Reward. There are no limitations on this birthday reward.

Insider access and Invitations

Insider access and invitations to events throughout the year are only available to Angel VIP & Forever Angel cardholders. If you know more about this benefit then please let us know in the comments below.

ThankYou Gift

Thank you gift every year for our most exclusive angels is available to Forever Angel cardholders only. Feel free to let us know about what gift you’ve received in the past in the comments at the end of this review.

Our Verdict

This card basically gives you 4-6.6% back in Victoria’s secret credit per $1 spent (and triple that up to three times a year and on bras), plus a few other benefits. Given that you can only purchase Victoria’s Secret gift cards for ~7% discount this is actually pretty good.

That being said the card comes with no sign up bonus, so there are much better option. One reason people might be interested in this card is because you can use the shopping cart trick to get it without a hard pull, so it’s probably a good option for those who have bad credit and want to get a store card to try and improve it.

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I’m proud of you, you actually got their name right this time!


Happy to report there are no limitations on the $10 birthday reward. This reward can also be stacked with existing coupons, and VS is known to send free panty and discounted bra offers on a quarterly basis. There’s definitely value to be had!

Also, I find that you can typically use the JUST4ANGELS coupon with other coupon codes.


Victoria already said everything I was going to say. My wife has this card and its really good actually. I think the best way to shop at VS. I opened one using the shopping cart trick. The $10 is a gift card that you can use any way you want. They send you several gifts all year around such as free panties and totes. Early access to sales. No hard pull, free credit history and it shows as a full credit card instead of store card in my credit report. No AF. Card is a keeper.


For those quarterly free panty and dollar off cards. They are very rare lately. I think it is related to them axing catalogue mailing.

There are many promotions that require you use an angel card. These makes the angel card valuable.

Also, there are some quirks on how triple points on Bra are earned. You don’t have to be super creative to earn points while enjoy using discounted GCs from the market.


@WilliamCharles, another great post. I just wanted to share some information regarding the Victoria Secret credit card. Victoria Secret is not the only store that the Victoria Secret cards can be used at. Victoria Secret has a sister store called Bath and Body Works. The Victoria Secret card can be used at any Bath and Body Works STORE ONLY. You cannot go online to the Bath and Body Works website and use your Victoria Secret card. You must go inside the Bath and Body Works store and you can pay with your Victoria Secret card. Bath and Body Works does not offer a credit card nor is there a shopping cart trick for them. Also, if you shop at Bath and Body Works and pay with your Victoria Secret card you will not get any points from Victoria Secret.


I have never gotten a yearly gift and I have been Forever Angel for over a year. I am still wondering what that is. Recently I barely ever get any coupons either.


I don’t have any birthday gift ? Why is that

Alina Choeun
Alina Choeun

it won’t let me log in the website even when I putted my social for forgot pw


Will, Thx again for the helpful tips.

I was in the process of redeeming a promotional offer via email (20% off one item + free shipping w/ $25 min purchase) and received a credit card pre-approval notification prior to check-out. So naturally, I opened a second tab and searched doctor of credit for VS store credit card posts.

My application was approved immediately and all that was required was my DOB and last 4 of my SSN.

There were a number of promotional offers related to the CC including $20 towards my next purchase, free shipping on future orders, etc and the credit limit was more generous than the standard $500 or less mentioned in the Comenity bank shopping cart trick post. =)


This shopping trick worked but was a hard pull. Only asked for last 4 and gave preapproval

Wesley in Boulder
Wesley in Boulder

The maximum cash back on this isn’t 19.8%, it’s a staggering 60%. If you were to buy exclusively bras and lump them into one day that you apply triple points to, you would get 9 points per $1. And if you bought enough to meet the Forever status ($112 at 9 points/$1 would do it), then you could redeem your points at 6.66¢ each. So you would have a 59.98¢ reward given for every $1 spent. This kind of margin might be good enough to support resale on ebay or similar.


Would be curious if triple points days combines with triple points bra promo. The latter says “cannot be combined with any promotion.”

Jessica Essary
Jessica Essary

What score do I need to apply for vs card

Jessica Essary
Jessica Essary

What score do I need to get a vs card

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