Posted by William Charles on July 24, 2018

Published on July 24th, 2018 | by William Charles

24 10% Off ($20 Maximum Discount) – Requires In Store Coupon

Coupons are back and valid until July 31st, 2018.

The Offer

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  • Walmart is offering 10% off codes that can be used on The codes are good for a single use and a maximum discount of $20 ($200 in spend). The codes can only be found in store and each code is unique.


The Fine Print

  • Excludes gift card purchases
  • Valid until January 31st, 2018 July 31st, 2018
  • Limit of one coupon per transaction
  • Only works on items sold by Walmart

Getting The Coupon

  • Coupons should be available in store near the customer service desk

Our Verdict

Please do not ask for codes in the comments as it will only clutter the post, if anybody has any spare codes they want to share then feel free to do so (you can even request people to leave a comment with their e-mail as a reply so people don’t just use all the codes). Also important to remember to use a portal, I suspect using the code will invalidate the portal but it’s always worth a try. Best portal rates found here.

Hat tip to Miles to Memories

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Hi, I’m new and had a clarifying question–I looked at the pages on portals and am a little confused here. If you use Chase Pay, would this be able to stack with the portal since it seems like you would have to use the portal to pick the Freedom Card and then there isn’t a Chase Pay option?

Also feel free to PM me if you have a code you could share [removed e-mail, read the post]

If anyone can post the exclusions it’d be appreciated.

Here’s what the back of mine says:

Happy to Help

Limit one per customer and cannot be combined with other offers. Maximum discount of $20 per order. NOT available for photo, pharmacy, tires, gift cards, grocery pickup, personalized items, and items sold by Marketplace sellers. Offer does not apply to shipping costs. This offer is subject to cancellation. Void where prohibited or if reproduced. NOT valid for Walmart associate use. Eligible items only. Expires July 31, 2018. ©2018 Walmart Apollo, LLC. All rights reserved.

User instructions:
Create an account, log in, and shop online at,
Enter the promo code in the space provided during checkout.

Just returned from my local Walmart, Didn’t find it. TX

Went to a Walmart in southeastern PA this evening. No coupons. The employee at the service desk had never heard of them.

Same here. Asked service desk and a couple people working at the local super Walmart. They never heard of the coupon/ promo code either for the online offer. Seems like a wild goose chase.

I got the 10% off coupon a couple of weeks ago when I did an in store pickup in a Walmart store in NY. The employee handed me the coupon directly after I got my items. Hope this helps!

Gonna call ahead before dashing today for the unicorn coupons.

It took three Walmart employees about 10 minutes of scrambling around to find them. Finally found them at the electronics desk. They are green postcards with a code on the back. Limit one per transaction maximum $20 per order. They are supposed to be kept at the pick up counter.

Interesting that you say it was green–mine looked as it does above on the front, and the back was the same shade of blue as the “get 10% off a single order” with a white strip running down the right side where the code appears, along with the store number and a sequence number. (I got it directly from a Walmart employee, but I didn’t do pick-up or place an order or anything like that.)

Went to my local Walmart pickup counter and asked about the coupons. The guy had to call his supervisor who said he had hidden them somewhere and that they are supposed to give them to “random” people, whatever that means. I asked him if the supervisor told him where they were and he said “Nope”. Waste of time at my location

As I was waiting in a long line at the pickup counter at my local Walmart, an associate passed out one of these cards to everyone in line saying “Sorry for the wait”, which was the first time I had every gotten anything for waiting in line at Walmart (except a headache).

Went to Supercenter in Orem, UT today 12/6. No coupons, CS Rep hadn’t heard of them. Manager said they had heard of them, that they would come into effect tomorrow, but they had no idea how it worked or how the coupon would be obtained.

At the Walmart in Covina, CA today, I was told by the manager that the promotion was over, and that even though they still had a bunch of these coupons left, they were not supposed to hand them out anymore. I was given a $0.50 coupon as a consolation prize.

Have them on Ebay used a few already

Local WMT cust serv said the coupons are only being given to those placed online orders for in-store pick-ups. Went to the Electronics Layaway pick-up desk, and most never heard of the coupon and one said they had run out of those coupons. Whatever.

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