[Targeted] Wells Fargo: Get $5 When You Use Debit Card At ATM With Digital Wallet

The Offer

  • Use your Wells Fargo consumer debit card with a digital wallet at a Wells Fargo ATM for the first time and get a $5 statement credit.

Simply go to a Wells Fargo ATM, tap a digital wallet (such as Apple Pay), enter your debit card PIN, and complete an ATM transaction or select an ATM service.

The Fine Print

  • Valid until March 5, 2021.
  • Business debit cards are not eligible for this offer.
  • This offer is single use per customer, exclusive, and non-transferable. The maximum a customer can earn is $5. Only the intended recipient of the email is eligible for this offer.
  • Please allow 6 – 8 weeks for the statement credit to post to your primary linked deposit account.

Our Verdict

I can’t find a direct link for this offer, it’s possible that it pops up during the ATM process. Offer is being reported by 9to5mac.com.

Update: seems it’s a targeted email offer.

Hat tip to reader Chris

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Duke I.
Duke I.

Too late. I’ve already closed the personal and business accounts.


Sounds like it’s targeted.


The article made it sound like the offer was sent out via e-mail (“Only the intended recipient of the email is eligible for this offer.”). Might be targeted, but would of course be nice if it isn’t.

Kyle ❤️

Will try it out tomorrow. Thanks