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Published on April 24th, 2017 | by William Charles


Wells Fargo Visa Signature 20,000 Point Bonus – Worth $300 Towards Airfare & 5x On Gas, Grocery, Drugstores

The Offer

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  • Wells Fargo is currently offering a bonus of 20,000 points after $1,000 in spend within the first three months

wells fargo 20,000 $300 bonus

Card Details

  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 5x on gas, grocery & drugstores for the first six months
    • 1x on all other purchases
  • No annual fee
  • Points are worth an extra 50% when redeemed for airfare (e.g $300 points is worth $450 towards airfare)
  • Cell Phone Protection

Our Verdict

I mentioned that Wells Fargo has increased the sign up bonus on some of their cards to $200, but thought this card in particular was worth singling out for two reasons:

  • It offers 5x on gas, grocery and drugstores within the first six months. It’s no longer possible to put high spend through these categories, but you can still put some spend towards them.
  • Points are worth an additional 50% when redeeming for airfare. Flights must be booked through Go Far Rewards. The cost of the ticket is divided by 0.015 and then rounded up to the nearest whole point.

The good thing is that the Wells Fargo Propel World card also earns these Go Far Rewards points (and you can still get a 40,000 point sign up bonus on that card). That means rather than getting $400 in cash with that bonus you could get up to $600 in airfare (combined with another $300 in airfare with this card).

In addition to this there is a hidden benefit of this card where you actually get 1.75x per point towards airfare when you spend $50,000 or more in a year. Like most bank travel portals, some airlines aren’t bookable (e.g Southwest), they also used to charge a $24 fee per airline ticket but this stopped being charged on July 1st, 2016.

As always before applying for this or any other Wells Fargo card make sure you read through these things everybody should know. We will also be adding this to our list of the best credit card sign up bonuses currently available.



54 Responses to Wells Fargo Visa Signature 20,000 Point Bonus – Worth $300 Towards Airfare & 5x On Gas, Grocery, Drugstores

  1. Ram says:

    WF does hard pull for CC or soft pull?

  2. Dave C says:

    Got the letter after 1st month, for $6k of bonus spend + $2k of non-bonused organic spend, on a $9k CL.

    • Rob says:

      Do you mean a shutdown letter? You didn’t even cycle the credit limit and they punished you already? I’ve never had a Wells Fargo credit card, is this a thing with them?

  3. Ariel says:

    Can you maybe do a post (on here or blog) to gather DPs for the 16 month rule?

    I’d like to apply for this but I got the Propel bonus about a year ago. Not sure if I can get this or not.

  4. Moldova says:

    It seems as this card can also be used as “free parking” for Wells Fargo Propel World points similar to Amex Everyday.

    Can anybody confirm that points can be combined and Propel points would not expire after cancelling Propel?

  5. dave says:

    So does this mean the 40,000 points on the World Propel card are worth $600 in airfare on their own or do you need to also have this Visa Signature card to get the 1.5x points?

  6. asfasfasf says:

    i got my propl world about 2 months ago, waiting on my points to post. i heard that i hav to wait 15months in ordr to be eligible for the bonus on this card. is that true?

  7. Mark says:

    Do you have to wait 16 months from “signature card” to get 5X bonus again on “signature card” or any wells fargo card? The language in terms is not clear. If I apply for different type of WF card than I had in last 16 months, am I eligible for the 5X bonus?

  8. Mark says:

    Make sure you haven’t been approved for a WF card in the last 16/20 months (whatever the language is in the fine print) or you will not receive the bonus.

    • Eric says:

      Are you a different Mark than the post right before yours? If you are the same Mark, where did you find the answer to your questions?

    • My understanding is this is actually enforced.

      • Darv says:

        I apologize if I am not following this correctly, but is it true if I received a bonus for ANY Wells Fargo credit card in the past 12 months, I cannot receive a bonus for another card–even a DIFFERENT card? I got the Propel World about two months ago. I’d like to apply for the Signature, but won’t if I’m not supposed to get the bonus (if reasonable chance this is enforced).


  9. Luke says:

    What does it pull?
    TU, EX, or EQ?

  10. de says:

    I’m not seeing any language on the term limits of application for bonus eligibility. Is anyone seeing this? My old card was shut down by WF due to “non-use” with about 200,000 points in it. Yeah, painful. So you could say I’m looking to get another shot at WF and would smile from ear to ear if it’s possible.

    • Yeah I actually don’t see it on this card either.

      • Mark says:

        Under Terms and conditions, one time it says 16 months and then it says 15 months.

        You agree that we may consider you for a Visa Platinum card if you do not qualify for the Visa Signature card. If you opened a Wells Fargo credit card within the last 16 months, you will not qualify for the introductory rate(s), fees and bonus offers. See important exclusions on page 2.

  11. The Value Traveler says:

    Any DP’s on folks getting approved for this card even though they got shutdown before ?

  12. P says:

    It looks like Wells Fargo still charge $24 processing fee per airline ticket for redemption of points.

    “Flights must be redeemed through Go FarTM Rewards. For airline ticket redemptions, the number of points required to be redeemed is equivalent to the ticket costs divided by 0.015, rounded up to the nearest whole point. . . A separate $24 per airline ticket processing fee will apply.”

    Not good for cheap flight redemptions.

  13. Jan B says:

    Getting close to that day when more HPs drop off my report and I have pretty much given up on Chase for applications. Barclay is my first choice but this one is comparable with travel values.

    Does W-F still require an account relationship to apply for a CC with them?

    Does anyone have a referral for a Wells-Fargo checking account with a bonus?

  14. P says:

    Applied today, 4/26 and got instant approval for $3500 CL. Lowest CL approved for any card in 10 years, but I guess WF doesn’t want you hitting the card hard on bonus categories. Before today, 5 inquiries in the last 6 months: 3 Experian, 1 Equifax, 1 Transunion; and 6 new accounts in the last 6 months.

  15. Dude says:

    DP: WF seems sensitive to too many new accounts (pulled Equifax for me, northern California applier), despite excellent credit score and good income.
    Rejected from this card (not immediately, after additional review) despite credit score of 770 with Equifax (listed in rejection letter). Reason listed: Too many recently opened accounts. I have opened 4 other credit cards in the last 6 months, last one before that was 2.5 yrs ago. I did not have a WF banking account due to having one within the last year and not being eligible for bonus.

    • V says:

      You should open a WF bank account and then try to get any of their credit cards. I have had the same problem as yours with other family members in the past when they did not have a WF bank account, the problem went away once they had a WF bank account.

      • Dude says:

        Yep- thanks for sharing your experience. I did read through DoC’s post on what you should know before applying for WF CC, and it mentions having a banking relationship with Wells Fargo. I figured it wasn’t worth opening an account just for the CC given I couldn’t get a signup bonus for the banking account (I closed one within the last year- I realize from some other comments now WF might not enforce that anyways- o well). I thought given a good enough credit score and income, I could just “muscle” my way through. This was certainly not the case for me, so wanted to put this DP out there for others. This is the first CC I’ve been declined for in almost 5 years.

  16. TinkoDinko says:

    DP, I went crazy Tonite and applied for a couple of Credit cards, Wells Fargo Visa Signature® Credit Card was my second application , I closed my eyes then BOOM : Your Wells Fargo Credit Card Application has been approved with a $13000 credit line, and I’m like come on lol

    Credit score low 700

  17. Sean says:

    I applied for the Visa Signature, and was approved instantly with a $7k limit. But received the Platinum Rewards card in the mail this week. Anyone else have this happen??

    • Peyo says:

      For what it’s worth, I got the same Platinum card after pending and I was worried I wouldn’t get the bonus. I called in and the CSR confirmed that it was marked on my account that I had the 20,000 points after $1k in 3 months bonus.

  18. mishyq says:

    Plan to begin ramping up (slowly and cautiously) on this card this week. Should I expect the 5x points for gas/grocery/pharmacy purchases to get posted immediately upon statement close? Or do they get posted as 1x first, with the remaining 4x much later? Asking this bc have read a couple of comments saying the sign-up bonus points dont get posted immediately after min spend is reached, so not sure if this 5x situation is affected as well.

  19. Chris says:

    Would I get denied by applying at one of their cards if currently I do not have a bank relationship with them?

  20. Student of Credit says:

    My first statement was closed two days ago. I bought 2x$500 GC, but it only shows 1010 point on my rewards.

    When will 20k points be posted to my Visa Signature acct?

  21. Richard says:

    My first statement cycled and I did not earn 5x points on my grocery purchases. I didn’t spend a lot on groceries, probably only $200 or $300.

    Called them up and was told they opened a case for them to look into it. Their CSRs tell me they do not see the 5x point offer on my card, but do see the 20000 points after 1000 spend.

    • LottN says:

      I talked to a rep on this last week after noticing the same. She seemed new and a bit confused, but said that the 5x bonus points would come through in 6 months (I’m assuming in a lump sum).

      • Richard says:

        I did get a call back from them regarding the case and was told that the offer is on the account, and the bonus points would be getting credited ‘some time’ in the future but no specific as to exactly when. If what they told you was true, having to wait 6 months, that seems crazy. Every other credit card I’ve used always grant you the bonus points each month when the statement cycles.

      • Gmoney says:

        Just called about this same issue and the CSR confidently answered that the 5x points show up after 6 months. The promo bonus shows up after 1-2 statement cycles.

  22. Rab says:

    If I apply for this card and world propel i get both the bonuses right? There is no 16 month restriction right?

  23. Rena says:

    I applied and got the approval message. Then I received an email confirmation saying that I applied for the visa signature and was approved. A few days later a new card showed up on my wells fargo account but was listed as “platinum card.”

    I know the terms on the signature card says that “You agree that we may consider you for a Visa Platinum card if you do not qualify for the Visa Signature card.” But then why did they say I was approved?! Something like “signature rejected but platinum approved” would have been so much better; or are they purposely trying to be misleading?

    Also, does anyone know if this disqualifies me from the 20000 bonus, the 5x for first six months, and/or the redeem for travel at 1.5x?

    • Gadget says:

      I’m in the same boat. I haven’t got my card yet, but saw it under my WF login that it was a “PLATINUM” vs Signature. I will certainly be doing some calling once I get the card to clarify.

      I have heard the main difference is that Signature is allowed to go over the credit limit without penalty, and “PLATINUM” is not. Based on someone’s comments above, the bonus and rewards are just the same, they said they had that confirmation via WF Chat.

      VA – EQ pull… not Transunion, like CC DB would have me to believe.

  24. Ben says:

    Anybody get their bonus points yet? Met mininum spend at beginning of 6/2017 (two statement cycles ago) and nothing yet.

  25. Curmudgeon says:

    I got mine in April of this year. Pretty sad credit limit of $6k, but it was something like my 30th card in the past 12 months so I guess I can’t complain too much. 🙂

    My plan was to charge no more than the limit for the first few months, then beat it like a rented mule for the last 2-3 and cash out the points before they caught on.

    I bought a few groceries, but mostly Vanillas from CVS, up to the credit limit each month. I got the “knock it off” letter after just a couple of months. My bonus (5x) points posted as the same time as the regular points, but weren’t available for 2-3 weeks until after the charge. I’ve stopped using the card entirely and was able to cash out only $875. I have not received my initial spending bonus though but the 3 month mark is coming up fast so maybe they’ll post on the next statement.

    After I get the bonus points and cash them out, I don’t have much use for the card. I’ll toss it in the drawer and forget about it.

  26. Brian Grincius says:

    I am kind of confused. If I apply to and get the Propel card and this card can I combine points or do I have to choose 1 card or the other. I am really interested in the Wells Fargo cards for the cell insurance

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