Posted by William Charles on August 8, 2017

Published on August 8th, 2017 | by William Charles


Wyndham: Earn 7,500 Points Per Stay When Using Masterpass (Limit Of Two, Enough For Free Night Anywhere)

The Offer

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  • Wyndham is offering 7,500 points per stay when you pay using Masterpass. This is in addition to the point you’d normally earn. Stays must be completed by October 31st, 2017. Limit of two stays.

The Fine Print

  • To qualify for the “Masterpass Marketing Promotion” (“Promotion”) and earn 7,500 Wyndham Rewards bonus points, a Wyndham Rewards member must: (i) have or create a new Masterpass Account, (ii) sign into their Wyndham Rewards account; (iii) between August 7, 2017 and October 31, 2017 book a Qualified Stay at a Participating Hotel; (iv) use Masterpass as payment for such stay; and (v) complete a Qualified Stay at such Participating Hotel by October 31, 2017, as so booked, between August 7, 2017 and October 31, 2017 (“Qualified Stay”). The period beginning on August 7, 2017 and ending on October 31, 2017 hereinafter referred to as the “Promotion Period”.
  • Each Member and Masterpass accountholder who books and completes a Qualified Stay in accordance with these terms and conditions will receive 7,500 Wyndham Rewards bonus points (each, a “Bonus”) for each such Qualified Stay during the Promotion Period, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Bonuses. One stay includes all consecutive nights at the same hotel, regardless of check-ins or check-outs. Stays with check-out dates after November 1, 2017 will not count towards the Promotion. Members who have elected to earn Travel Partner Currency in their member profile and who book and stay in accordance with the Promotion, will receive their base point earning in Travel Partner Currency with the Bonus denominated in 7,500 Wyndham Rewards points. The credit card associated with a member’s Masterpass account acts as a guarantee for the reservation(s) at the time of booking(s). Member must also present a credit card at time of check-in. Such credit card does not have to be the same credit card as the one associated with the member’s Masterpass account provided, however, member may not change their method of payment if their reservation(s) is pre-paid. Registrants should allow four to six weeks after completion of stay(s) for the bonus points to be credited to their Wyndham Rewards account. This Promotion is available to Wyndham Rewards Members who are residents of the U.S. or Canada (other than Quebec) and are in good standing. Not valid toward prior stays. This Promotion and its terms and conditions are subject to cancellation or change without notice. Rates offered by on-line travel agencies and certain other rates do not qualify. Void where prohibited by law. Full Wyndham Rewards program terms and conditions apply and can be found at

Our Verdict

Pretty good promotion as 15,000 points gets you a free night at any Wyndham property. This is definitely enough to get me to consider rebooking properties I already have booked and switching them to Wyndham. We list the best properties to use your free nights at here. Downside to the promotion is that October 31st isn’t a lot of time to complete your stays by. Keep in mind the credit card is also offering an increased bonus at the moment as well of 45,000 points.

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Is this stackable with the stay once earn 10k points?

If you needed multiple rooms and did two separate bookings for the same night would you get both 7,500 point bonuses?

Wow… this IS a great promotion, thanks for the alert!

I’m forgetting if the Go-Fast nights (3k points plus some cash) will count as qualifying stays…? (Have several of them planned for upcoming Montana trek)

Found an answer (I think, and where else?) but here….. post of Doc William from May 12, 2016 has what appears to be a clear answer:

“Wyndham is pretty generous with what they count as a qualifying night. “Qualifying Night” is any of the following:

A paid, stayed night during a Qualified Stay at a Participating Hotel (so long as the Qualified Stay has an average daily rate of at least $25 per night and satisfy other requirements as outlined here);
A paid, stayed Go Fast Award night at a Go Fast Award Participating Hotel;
A stayed Go Free Award night at a Participating Hotel.

As you can see, paid nights, award nights & cash and points bookings will all count as a qualifying night. Most programs will not count award nights.

Assuming this remains current policy, I’m all the more stoked for this promo…. Will do the Super 8 fare & such out in Montana (where often Wyndham has the best/only options at really cheap go fast rates) & then with this new promo, plan the return to the Mexican Rivierra. Viva!

The T&C’s state otherwise:

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in these Terms and Conditions, if the rate for any night at a Participating Property falls into one of the following “Non-Qualified Market Segments,” such night will not be deemed a Qualified Stay:
Qualified Discounts (non-account) other than employee and family rates* and travel industry rates†
Contract (e.g. Airline Crew)
Internet Opaque (e.g.
Internet Non-Opaque (e.g.
Wholesale Discount (e.g. Tour Operator)
Wholesale Allotment (e.g. Local & Global Sales wholesale accounts)
Non-Revenue (e.g. Complimentary Room, Go FreeSM Awards (as described in Section III(C) below), Go Free Condo Awards (as described in Sections III(D-1) and III(D-2) below), Go Free Home Awards (as described in Sections III(E-1), III(E-2) and III(E-3) below))
Go Fast Awards (as described in Section III(F) below), Go Fast Condo Awards (as described in Sections III(G-1) and III(G-2) below), Go Fast Home Awards (as described in Sections III(H-1) and III(H-2) below)

So would the discounted rate for AAA members not count as a Qualified Stay?

No it won’t count and you won’t even get any point. That’s terrible.

I think you are misinterpreting what they mean by “Qualified” Discounts. It doesn’t mean rates you can select from a drop-down on, such as AAA or AARP. I always earn regular points and bonus points for AARP rates that I booked on

I’m confused about the Qualified Discounts. I’m looking at a hotel and the only options are “Stay 2 Save 20%”, “Plan and Save 15% + 100 Bonus Points”, and “Best Available Rate + 2000 Bonus Points.” Would booking the discounted rates count as a Qualified Discount?

D*mnn….. remember now this deliberately obfuscating jargon….. However “clear” Doc may have been last year, subject is anything but clear. Why the h*ll to they have to make it so “opaque”?

Ok, Doc, try this again, were you right back on May 12, 2016, or did you correct that somewhere along the way? Care to comment now?

Simple question, will “go fast” awards count as qualifying stays?

For Mr. Jacob: About your sacred high-behind-the-not-so clear T&C’s, how would you translate Section III, Sub-section F, Paragraph 9:

“Notwithstanding anything to the contrary that may be contained in these Terms and Conditions, Go Fast Award nights at Go Fast Award Participating Hotels qualify as Qualifying Nights for the purpose of obtaining a Member Level (as further described in Section IV below) but do not count toward obtaining base Wyndham Rewards points or Travel Partner Currency.”

Still want to declare this is all so simple?

I’m assuming it does, but does Super 8 count? If it does this is great since the one by where I live has a rate of $47!

So Wyndham is doing a MasterPass promotion where you have to pay with a MasterCard, but their co-branded credit card is a Visa? Seems kinda dumb…

Or… MasterPass is run by Citi, but their co-branded card is from Barclays. Also strange.

Common misconception. You don’t have to pay with a Mastercard to use MasterPass. Nor do you have to use a Visa to use Visa checkout.

True. But you do have to use a Citi card, right?

Also not true. From their FAQ (!faq)

Can I add any card to my Masterpass account?
Yes, you can add any major credit or debit card to your account for purchases online and in apps. Only certain cards can be used to make payments at store locations with the Android™ app (see participating banks).

Well I’ll be darned. Thanks for informing me! I just rebooked a reservation that I already had for tonight… should be getting 15,000 bonus Masterpass, plus 3,000 bonus for staying 2 nights, plus normal hotel points, plus Wyndham CC spend, plus a good chunk of my min spend. Not bad!

Wyndham really needs to update their site. I just signed up for an account and I got a message that if I complete 2 stays before July 8, 2012 they’ll send me 2 free movie tickets.

Can we use this on Cash+Points rewards?

I just tried to sign in to MasterPass and got lots of error messages. I called their technical service dept and after about 30 minutes of them trying to figure this out they told me it’s a known issue on their end. It will take several weeks to resolve. Total joke.

Here’s the latest on this promotion. It didn’t work when trying to sign up with Firefox. I got it to work using Edge. I signed up both myself and my wife since we have a trip coming up soon to the Midwest. However, even though we have Mastercards associated with our Citi accounts, the only cards that it will let us use are our Citi Hilton Visa cards. And this is for both accounts. So the default is neither Wyndham nor Mastercard, but Visa Hilton. And it won’t let us add any other cards.

Don’t use the Masterpass with Citi option. Click on Masterpass wallet, and then add your desired card manually

Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that.

I was able to use masterpass and Wyndham visa card for a new booking . Added visa card to existing masterpaas account

I don’t even see masterpass option in cart, do you have to use their app or something?

When booking online, it is not possible to use Masterpass to actually pay for the room, only to guarantee the payment. The T&Cs state that it’s not necessary to present the credit card associated with Masterpass when checking in. Is this to say that you can hold the booking with the Masterpass card, and then pay with whatever card you like?

I have same exact question! Although I used Masterpass when booking, but the payment was not deducted from my card, so I called hotel and was told the card is for guarantee only and I have to pay at check in. Will paying at check-in trigger this promotion? Does anybody know the answer? Thanks!

Does anyone know if we can use the same masterpass account for 2 different wyndham rewards accounts (mine and my fiances) or will it flag and only payout 2 of the 4?

Trying to avoid having to create an extra masterpass to do this on my fiances account.

I am interested in this also. Going to Korea and staying 3 nights. So using the master pass to pay, 7,500 plus the extra 2000 points is good. But wondering if I split it and do 2 nights at one Wyndham property get the 7,500 plus 2000, then go to another Wyndham for my last night and get the 7,500 plus 1000 points. Think THIS will work??

Yes, it should. I did it before.

Anyone else seeing that on the website (wyndham hotels dot com) you have to have a Capital One login to use masterpass… and on the app it makes you use a Citi login to use masterpass?

I had to use the app to book because I do have a Citi login that worked, but my Capital One Quicksilver says I do not have any eligible cards to enroll… super odd I haven’t read anyone else having this obvious problem.

I signed up for new masterpass accounts after all that, and neither login will work when trying the website or app, like they really want an existing citi or capital one account…. dont get it. Thanks

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