Posted by William Charles on December 7, 2017

Published on December 7th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] Barclaycard Wyndham 45,000 Point Offer Returns (18,000 On No Annual Fee Card) – Enough For Three Nights

Update 05/18/18: Bonus is no longer being offered. Click here for the best current credit card bonuses.

Update: December 7th, new working link found. Hat tip to Points Adventure.

Update 3: No working links atm, share one in comments if you find it.

Update 2: Found a new working link.

Update: Offer has now expired. You can view the best current credit card bonuses by clicking here.

Running With Miles is reporting that this is the last day for this bonus.  Not sure if it will be extended or not, but if you’re interested it might be worth picking up now. Don’t forget Wyndham currently has a generous promotion offering up to 15,000 points, enough for another free night.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • There are increased bonuses on the no annual fee and annual fee versions of the Barclaycard Wyndham credit cards, they are as follows:
    • $75 Annual fee card: 30,000 points after your first purchase and an additional 15,000 points after you spend $2,000 within the first 90 days of account opening
    • No annual fee card: 15,000 points after your first purchase and an additional 3,000 points after you spend $1,000 within the first 90 day of account opening


Card Details

Annual fee card:

  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 5x points per $1 spent on stays within the Wyndham portfolio
    • 2x points per $1 on gas, utility and grocery store purchases
    • 1x points per $1 spent on all other purchases
  • Anniversary bonus of 6,000 points
  • Annual fee of $75 (not waived the first year)
  • Automatic Platinum status
  • Standard Visa Signature benefits

No annual fee card:

  • Card earns at the following rate:
    • 3x points per $1 spent on stays within the Wyndham portfolio
    • 1x points per $1 everywhere else
  • No annual fee
  • No anniversary bonus
  • Automatic Gold status
    • Dedicated member services
    • Preferred room
    • Late check out
  • Standard Visa Signature benefits

Our Verdict

So 15,000 Wyndham points gets you a free night at any of their properties, so this works out to be three free nights at any property on the annual fee card. If you want to stay at high end properties then this is probably one of, if not the best hotel credit card to get. The other thing to keep in mind is the fact that you can do cash + points (3,000 points + cash) and those also provide excellent value in some cases.

[Read: Best Wyndham Properties To Use 15,000 Points For A Free Night]

This 45,000 bonus comes around on a somewhat frequent basis and is the best bonus they offer on this card. If you have any questions about Barclaycard credit cards, I’d recommend reading through this linked post before asking questions in the comments. I’ll be adding this to our list of the best credit card bonuses.

Hat tip to reader @shinobidolife

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at one point they had (I think) 15,000 anniversary bonus for the fee card, which paid for the annual fee and made that card very attractive. at 6,000 vs $75 annual fee, not so much. Some quick googling gives a range of a point value of around .7 cents, either card has some value but not great value if you are concerned about a limit of hard pulls.

Agreed! I wish the 15k anniversary bonus would come back. That’s really what I want, then maybe I’d start staying at some more Wyndhams!

I believe that offer was associated to their FT program renovation project. But as one of the owner, I don’t get free status from that card unless I convert it to the new $75 program, and I haven’t get into whether this will lower my annual bonus.

Don’t do it! Instead apply for the one with the $75 fee and see if you can get a bonus on it as a new card.

I still have that card and still get the 15K bonus.

Lucky! I wish I had started churning way earlier in life!

The fee card gives auto Platinum status. Wyndham awards an addtl 3k WR annually for being Platinum, for a total of 9k WR /yr.

Don’t forget the annual fee card comes with platinum status, which transfers to total rewards platinum, which gives you a free weekend in Atlantis.

So annual fee card technically comes with a free stay at Atlantis.

Or am i wrong?

Could you specify which TR benefit it is that gives a free weekend?

Nevermind, I found it


Do you need a tr platinum card too?

TR has partnered with wyndham and will match status. usually you just join TR if you aren’t a member, then “Simply log in to your Total Rewards account and enter your Wyndham Rewards number to match your status. ”

and vice versa too of course but people here presumably are going for this match.

Ah. Thanks!

looks like you do get 2 free nights at atlantis every year (well, not counting resort fees, taxes, blah blah blah), and some other various benefits like free parking at vegas.

might be enough to tilt the scales for me to get it.

Wait, EVERY year? are you sure? I thought it was a one time thing when you become platinum for the first time. This would change things for me a bit.

according to another well respected points blogger “Best of all, this complimentary trip is available each year (assuming the program continues to be offered), so you’re not just looking at a one-off freebie”

its associated with platinum status, so its not a one time credit card bonus.

Amazing!!! thanks for the tip? link by any chance?

link to what? what I posted? I didn’t want to post a link, but if you google that sentence you’ll find the web site

Great sign up bonus.. crappy brand from what I’m reading.

Applied and approved immediately . Logged into my account and card is visible.

also remember barclay doesn’t let you have a lot of cards per year, so you should apply for more desirable cards first if you want any of them. They also like to see you using their cards before approving you for more

I would like to take this one as my second card from Barclay, it seems like I would need to wait few months from my 1st barclays card before applying, some people say 6 months… is 2 months and 20 days “good enough”?

Anyone have experience with availability of free nights through Wyndham? This is definitely a card that interests me but the only thing that worries me is availability for high end properties.

Availability at the hotels is good, as far as I have experienced but I have not found one condo or cottage that I could use points for. Tried several condos around Park City in the fall, way before ski season. Nothing for Go Free or Go Fast. I had the girl check several I was interested in, then had her check for any others in the large complex, nothing….. Same with the cottages, I was looking in Ireland and I couldn’t get any that I was interested in, also during the fall. All of those condos and cottages were available to rent for the dates I looked at and were available to rent before and after but the owners can black out any dates they want to. So, in reality they could agree to a Go Fast or Go Free 2 nights a year and their property shows up on Wyndham Rewards. I have found good value using points though. I’ve stayed at Wyndham Boston Beacon Hills and have another stay coming up there. Rooms there are often $300 – $400.

If you book way in advance it helps, but some of the resorts and condos are booked up even for full paying customers during holiday times. I stayed at Wyndham Viva Azteca in Play del Carmen Mexico earlier this month and used points, but late February thru the end of April were unavailable.

I have TU 731 with 7 credit cards and 2 as Authorized users, only 3 inquires on TU in last 2 years, none in last 1 year. What are the chances of getting approved? Can anyone share experience?

If income is good and been with your job for a few years (barclay likes that), then the you sound good to go!

Thanks, DoC. Applied and approved, $3,600 limit. I had been hoping this offer would come back, targeted it for an app in early May and they had pulled the 45k offer at that time.

This was my 13th TU inquiry, 4th in past six months. I got a second Arrival+ in March of this year. Somewhere around 50/24 overall.

I am 3/3 in instant approvals with Barclay. They’ve been awesome. I can’t get anything with Citi for some reason, so maybe the churning gods are helping me with Barclay.

My TU score is usually around 800.

Make sure it’s the right card. Visa Signature are supposed to be at least $5k limit.

In the terms and conditions it says those who are signature or platinum members who choose the annual fee card…so this isn’t a BofA bait and switch situation. I haven’t confirmed with Barclay but I think what they’re referring to earlier in the T&C about signature benefits, that’s a Visa thing.

But if you have evidence otherwise, I’d like to know.

Yeah I just spoke with Barclay. The 45k offer is attached to my card and yes my card is a Visa platinum.

Got instant approval for AF card. Applied for the non-AF card and it said you already submitted an application in the past 30 days.

DoC can you verify where the no AF card is 2pts per $1 spent on anything else? I thought they had dropped that benefit (I’m seeing 1pt per $1 on the landing page)

getting down the list of CCs to Barclay now as a new churner so newbie question not found in Things to Know…

Can these Wyndham Points be transferred between spouses with separate cards (not AU)?

From what I read it would be unlikely to get approved for fee free and fee card in same day?

well, definitely can’t transfer points to spouses, its right in the wyndham faqs…

didn’t see it in the faqs. only mention of no transferring a status.

I’d like to know as well if anyone else has had success applying for both the Fee and Fee free cards in the same day? I have not had any Barclay cards.

I do not know for this specific card, but for other co-branded Barclays cards, they usually do not approve the second version of the card if you already have the other one. They usually report that you already have this product with them

All the good Wyndham hotels seem like they have dropped out of the program. Has anyone written a guide to the best Wyndham redemptions lately? Most of the blog posts seem to be out of date.

According to their terms, all hotels have to participate. At first it was real hard to find availability, it seemed to appear and disappear but I have not noticed any problems with that in a long time.

My DP:

Application went into pending and immediately called recon. Analyst rejected me based on opened lines of credit in the past 6 months (14 or 11 with combined HP aye). I’ve had the A+ and AA Red with them.

Any opinions on if I should HUCA? Or just chill for a minute

you’ve been rejected so chill wouldn’t get you approved. I’d HUCA until they approve me, but make sure to have your answers ready for why you opened so many cards recently.

I went pending also. What is the recon number please. Might as well give it a try. TIA.

I am a blue member with a fee card, have card for few years with 15k bonus every year… Can I call them and ask to match to Platinum status? Thanks.

of course you can call them. Let us know how it turns out! Just have to decide if they say “no” whether platinum + 6K points annual bonus is better or worse than 15K points. I’d be tempted to keep the 15K points myself since it pays for the annual fee, and maybe you can get platinum status later and/or through another matching program or something.

i decided to hold out until either the 15K annual bonus comes back, or I have more concrete plans to visit a higher level property and use the points. Otherwise, i’m paying $79 for 3 nights stay and every year after that I pay $79 for 2/3 night stay..hoping they aren’t devalued. Betting against devaluation is generally a poor choice in the points game.

I still have the card with 15k anniversary bonus and called about asking to match to Platinum – no dice. Question – there’s no way to get both this new card and keep my old one, correct?

Yeah, I am thinking of holding on to the old 15K card and apply for a new card for status and churning. Has anyone ever tried?

Why not cancel and get another 45K in 6 months? Aren’t this card churnable?

Don’t do it!! Keep the 15k a year deal!!!

Based on availability. trust me…Wyndham is no Southwest.

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