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Published on March 19th, 2015 | by Chuck


[YMMV] Big Discounts on Lots of Gift Cards with 10% Off Via eBay Bucks (Staples, Southwest, Sears and many more)

This offer was originally posted on 3/4/14. We’re reposting it now on 3/19/15 since many people (myself included) are getting a similar offer for today 3/19 and tomorrow 3/20. See this FatWallet and this SlickDeals threads. We updated a few details in the offer so that all the details would be correct for the current offer.

The Offer

  • [Targeted] Receive 10% eBay Bucks on all purchases of $100 or more made on March 19 and March 20. This amounts to a 10% eBay credit on all purchases.

We earn eBay Bucks on all eBay purchases, including gift cards. (The exceptions being eBay gift cards and a couple of other things which don’t earn eBay Bucks.) The reason why the gift card aspect is important is because you may not have a large purchase which you were planning right now, but you can lock the discount in by purchasing gift cards at your favorite retailer.

Bonus eBay Bucks offers get sent via email and come rather frequently. This offer is better than the typical 3x or 4x offer.

Here’s a list of some of the more popular gift cards which can be purchased on eBay:

  • Staples
  • Southwest
  • Sears
  • Kmart
  • Gap
  • Applebee’s
  • Lowe’s
  • Toy R Us
  • Subway
  • Office Max
  • Domino’s
  • Many, many more.

You can see a full list of gift cards sold on eBay by GiftCardMall, by Paypal Digital Gifts (e-gift cards), by Cardency.

For example, you can buy $100 Southwest gift card, and you’ll get back $10 in eBay Bucks. Plus, you can go through the portal and get 1.5% cashback. And, as always, remember that you should be able to earn 5x with INK from Chase when purchasing gift cards from GiftCardMall and from Paypal Digital Gifts.

Total tally would be 16.5x back in points/rewards. Some physical gift cards come with a shipping fee ($1-$2.99) which will take a bite out of the discount.

You can also try buying second hand gift cards which may come already discounted.

The Fine Print

  • This offer is targeted. Check your email (and maybe spam) to see if you got it. You can also check your eBay messages and see if it’s there.
  • Valid from March 19 at 8 AM (PT) until March 20 at 11:59 PM (PT)
  • Item must be $100 or more. (If you buy, for example, 2 $100 gift cards, you will earn the 10% in eBay Bucks since each item is $100.)
  • Must click to activate offer
  • Valid on multiple purchases within the above time-frame
  • Rewards are capped at $100 per transaction and $500 per Earn Period.

Our Verdict

This particular offer seems to be available to many people. On Slickdeals and FatWallet numerous people say to have gotten it. If you got it, it could really be a good time to make some eBay purchases or to buy merchant gift cards for future use.

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Do these offers ALWAYS also go to your ebay mailbox if you qualify? I ask because I never get e-mails sent to my personal e-mail. I’m wondering if I’m missing out by not receiving promotional offers, which I have no idea where to activate/disactivate to begin with 🙂

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