2% Back on Amex Gift Cards with Ebates App

Via FrequentMiler

The Offer

  • Purchase Amex gift cards by going through Ebates and receive 2% cashback on the purchase.

The Fine Print

  • Don’t purchase denominations of more than $2,000 as that negates cashback.
  • Don’t use a promo code as that negates cashback.
  • Valid today 7/20/15 only

Our Verdict

Topcashback comes out regularly with a 2.25% offer. The main advantage of this deal is due to the fact that you can purchase personal Amex gift cards and you’re not tied to the business gift cards. Personal gift cards have much higher success rate with getting approved, while business gift cards more often get denied, especially if you don’t use an EIN.

Other possible advantages:

  • Many prefer Ebates over Topcashback.
  • If you have the Ebates credit card, you can get 3% back on purchases made through Ebates. That would make a total 5% cashback on the purchase of these Amex gift cards, versus 4.25% cashback when buying through Topcashback and paying with a 2% credit card.

When I tried getting this deal, the app told me that I can’t make Amex gift card purchases through the app, but this seems to vary by the device/person. If you don’t get any such message then you’re good to go with this deal.

(Here’s my Ebates referral link.)

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Noe Zapata
Noe Zapata

American express gidtcards is No Longer Available on Ebates

Miles Whip

Mine said no cashback for AGC mobile purchases. I think Ebates app has been having an issue with these Amex CB offers lately, saw some complaints on twitter last time too.


I only see 1% in the iPhone app. Does anyone else see this?


Same here.. Saw 2% a few hours ago, but didn’t have time to order then. Now I only see 1%.