Posted by William Charles on May 26, 2015

Published on May 26th, 2015 | by William Charles


$20 Amazon Giftcard For Sending $50 With Western Union ($5 Fee) + $20 Referral Bonus

The Offer

Direct link to offer (note, this is Points With A Crew’s referral link)

  • Receive a $20 Amazon gift card when you send $50 or more using Western Union. To receive this promotion you need to use somebodies referral link and enter in your e-mail address, you will then be e-mailed a coupon that needs to be used during sign up.
  • You can also receive a $20 Amazon gift card for each person you refer that ends $50 or more (basically meaning you both earn a $20 Amazon gift card) – although you can only refer a limit of 5 people.

western union

The Fine Print

  • You’re limited to referring a maximum of five friends
  • Your gift card will be sent out within 2-4 weeks after your first transfer
  • Expiry date is currently July 30th, 2015 but this seems to be constantly extended.

Our Verdict

This is a deal that has been around for awhile, I’ve seen Maximizing Money post about it and more recently Points With A Crew reminded me about this deal. Let’s see if doing this deal makes any sense or not. The cheapest way to send $50 is to send money to somebody in the same currency (Western Union makes money on currency conversions) and send it bank account to bank account, for this Western Union will charge a $4.99 fee.

There are a number of shopping portals that also offer cash back on Western Union transfers, but from what I can tell if you receive a sign up bonus (like the $20 amazon gift card) you will not earn portal cash back. At the end of the day that doesn’t really matter, you’re basically paying $5 to receive a $20 amazon gift card plus the person who referred you will also receive a $20 gift card.

It shouldn’t be difficult hitting the 5 referral limit either, I told a few friends about this deal and offered to give them the $50 back after they transferred it to me and they were more than happy to sign up. Feel free to share your referral links in the comments.

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It sounds like Will has used his five referrals and I’m sure PwaC has to. Any other reader want to offer up their code for a few free bucks?

Just completed this deal. I’d appreciate it if anyone uses my referral link –

If anyone wants to use my referral link, here it is:

Would it work to just send myself money, from one account to another?

If anyone still hasn’t used up their 5 referrals, if you send it to awchua at gmail dot com, I’ll gladly use it. Thanks!

Andrew, I sent you a link.


sent u a mail.please check ..

i am using western union when i need to transfer money to India and it is fee free as of now ( for past six months or so ) . so if you have any overseas account please try to use that without fee.

If anyone else wants to use my referral, it would be greatly appreciated:

I think, one referral code only works once.
If anyone needs it from me, my email is: subodhg at gmail dot com.

Just used one of the above links to register. If anyone would use mine I’d appreciate it!

Also used a link above to register and send. Here’s my referral:

Just used Michael’s link. Would appreciate passing along the love 🙂


I signed up using Jason link. If anyone would use mine I’d appreciate it!
If anyone would use mine I’d appreciate it!

just signed up using Vadim link. I would appreciate it if anyone use mine 🙂

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