Posted by Chuck on May 3, 2018

Published on May 3rd, 2018 | by Chuck


$18 Moneymaker with Swagbucks and Gillette Subscription [Targeted]

[Reposting 5/3/18 since people are seeing this offer again, this time it’s lower at 2,500 points, down from 3,500 last time. No shipping fee this time – ends up around an $18 moneymaker. You probably won’t see it if you did it previously.]

The Offer

Direct Link (this link might show the offer; login first for better odds of seeing it; you can also try poking around your Swagbucks account to see if it pops up; also try using a VPN)

  • Subscribe to Gillette via Swagbucks and earn 3,500 2,500 Swabucks for your first shipment
  • Earn an additional 1,000 Swagbucks if you stay subscribed for three months

The first purchase is less than $10 shipped leaving a moneymaker of more than $25, even without giving any value to the product itself. Offer seems to be targeted for specific users.

Here’s how to go about doing this deal:

  1. Find the Gillette offer on Swagbucks and clickthrough
  2. Select ‘Get Started’
  3. Select the $7 option (or pay more if you’d like), keep in mind you’ll also pay $2 shipping for a total of $9
  4. Select the ‘Set it & Forget it’ subscription option and choose frequency (I chose once every 6 months)
  5. Create a login and enter your personal details (might be worth using the same email as is on your SB account just in case that’s necessary)
  6. Edit the order from 2 razors to 1 to bring down the cost
  7. You should now see a cost of $9 + tax (for some reason, mine is showing up as $10.63 in my credit card login, maybe it’ll drop down $1 on it’s own)
  8. Click Purchase
  9. You should see the Swagbucks pending instantly and also get an instant confirmation from Swagbucks

The Fine Print

  • ‘One Day Only’ (this deal might end in a few hours or maybe it’s valid through tomorrow, Tuesday)

Our Verdict

I believe I’ve done a previous Gillette deal and was still able to do this one since this is a subscription deal which is different. If you’ve done a subscription deal previously it might not work; Swagbucks is pretty good about removing or erroring out offers which aren’t valid for you, so if the offer is showing and clickthrough is working it’ll probably work.

  • Remember to cancel if you no longer want the Gillette subscription. Put it on your calendar, whatever. You can easily cancel the subscription online after the first order ships.
  • Bear in mind that some people end up having problems either with the portal tracking or with Swagbucks deactivating their account for reasons which aren’t clear, so keep the risks in mind.

If you’re new to Swagbucks then please read our review. You can also get a bonus of up to $13 by using a referral link.

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It’s nowhere to be found. It looks like it was dead right after you posted.

Yeah, I’m also not able to find this offer. Too bad, but not surprising given how good of a deal it was.

Shows up fine for me…

Haha works perfectly Doc!


dont see it either. not sure if its super targeted or over (they’ve reached their limit?) … thought maybe its cause I’ve done something similar before. but doesnt show up even if I click the link when logged out or in incognito.

also Chuck theres some discrepancy in your post. you mention the offer is for 3500 SBs. whereas the screenshot shows 4500. but then your pending screenshot shows 3500. dunno if there are multiple (super targeted?) versions of this offer going around or what lol.

It states you receive an extra 1k swagbucks after staying subscribed for 3 months.

Seems like the offer is down or dead right now. When I click the link (which shows up in my account) I get a domain cannot be reached error on all browsers.

Completed the offer, hope it works. I don’t see anything pending in my activity. Fortunately I’ve found Swagbucks to be pretty good about manually crediting things eventually (although I do often have to submit multiple tickets).

yeah, same problem here

I see it, but when I click on only blank page opens (homepage)

works perfect for me. Thanks Doc!

I’ve got it but the order didn’t register on Swagbucks.

My first order was the non-subscription one. Tried again with the subscription one, also didn’t fire.

I saw this offer but it connected me to Google…..

Same here, used my phone & it worked. Firefox browser on Android.

Awesome that worked for me! Shows pending now

Just to clarify this, so if I selected a 6-month subscription, then stay subscribed for 3 months, and cancel before the end of the 6 months, I’ll get the 4,500 SB points?

I have the offer in three places but it leads me to google

Yeah, me too.

Placed the 5 MACH3® Razor Blade Cartridges order with free shipping and got email confirmation from SB’s instantly. But says SB’s will be pending for 1 month (saw the time period later in the image under #9). Oh well, will hopefully remember!

Just did it, went through fine, also for $10.63 instead of the stated $9.63 on the confirmation page. See the pending credit in swagbucks.

Worked for me and a friend I referred. Also posted to my card for $1 more than quoted, so we’ll have to see if that falls off. Both of us received confirmation and pending points immediately.

I’m eligible, my total was $9.40 but it’s not pending. Shoots.

I don’t even use razors!

They tricked you too. Did you ever get it?

DP I received sb for the Gillette one time purchase promotion and still qualified for this set it and forget it one.

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