[Expired] Meijer Mperks: $10 Off $150 Visa Giftcards (5/5-5/11)

Deal has ended, view more Meijer deals by clicking here.

Update 5/5/24: Deal is back and valid 5/5/24 – 5/11/24 (ht GCG)

The Offer

Direct link to offer (search for Visa)

  • Meijer grocery store chain is offering $10 off when you purchase $150 or more in Visa gift cards.


The Fine Print

  • Valid thru 9/12/20
  • Must clip coupon
  • Limit one coupon per offer

Our Verdict

Meijer sells $200 Visa gift cards, and some locations sell $500 Visa gift cards, so this is a profitable deal especially when you use a card that earns at a high rate on grocery store purchases.

Post history:

  • Update 3/17/24: Deal is back and valid 3/17/24 – 3/23/24 (ht GCG)
  • Update 11/5/23: Deal is back and valid 11/5 – 11/11 (ht GCG)
  • Update 9/24/23: Deal is back and valid 9/24/23 – 9/30/23 (ht GCG)
  • Update 7/2/23: Deal is back and valid until 7/8/23. Back to $150 requirement.
  • Update 6/11/23: Deal is back from 6/11 – 6/17. This time the spend requirement is lower at $100 with the  same $10 discount. (ht Frey)
  • Update 5/7/23: Deal is back until 5/13/23
  • Update 3/19/23: Deal is back until 3/25/23. Hat tip to GC Galore
  • Update 9/4/22: Valid from 9/4 – 9/10
  • Update 7/3/22: Deal is back and valid from 7/3 – 7/9
  • Update 3/20/22: Deal is back and valid 3/20 – 3/26; stacks well with the Q1 Freedom 5x grocery category.
  • Update 11/6/21: Deal is back and valid 11/7-11/13
  • Update 9/4/21: Deal is back and valid through 9/11/21. Hat tip to Elizabeth & Celia
  • Update 7/3/21: Deal is back and valid through 7/10/21.
  • Update 3/21/21: Deal is back and valid through 3/27/21
  • Update 11/8/20: Deal is back through 11/14/20 (ht reader Celia)
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Amy (@guest_1871769)
July 9, 2024 14:51

FYI: There are now cards showing up–at least in my Meijer–with a $7.95 fee. I saw it on some $200 denominations as well as variable $20-$200 cards. (So far, only Visa.)

MH (@guest_1840964)
May 6, 2024 18:56

Did anyone recently purchase these at self-checkout? I am wondering activation issues at the self-checkout has been resolved or not.

Celia 🔗
Celia 🔗 (@guest_1841020)
May 6, 2024 20:32

I only use SCO. No issue checking out or activating.

pprogram (@guest_1840570)
May 6, 2024 09:18

I’m new to Meijers. Is this an app coupon that is linked to my mperks account, one-time use? Or is it a register deduction with multiple uses? Thanks

Celia 🔗
Celia 🔗 (@guest_1841022)
May 6, 2024 20:33

It’s a coupon that needs to be clipped, one time use.

MH (@guest_1840455)
May 5, 2024 20:27

This is deal is back, expires 05/11

May 5, 2024 20:40

Posted thanks

ChurningExperiences (@guest_1840272)
May 5, 2024 08:00

Deal is back until 5/11!!!

Celia 🔗
Celia 🔗 (@guest_1840315)
May 5, 2024 11:10

Thanks. Saw this post and was passing right by Meijer.

Thom (@guest_1840467)
May 5, 2024 21:37

tell me you live in the midwest without saying you live in the midwest

…was there an applebee’s nearby?

Celia (@guest_1840497)
May 5, 2024 23:21

LMAO. Yes I do. But no, there me is no Applebees. There is an Olive Garden though. 😜

Meijer is actually my go to grocery store so passing by it is pretty common.

Mark (@guest_1834032)
April 21, 2024 15:28

Bought two Visa cards at one Meijer during $10 off deal last time. There were only a few visa cards in the rack, which seemed weird to me. I used up one card on the same day, and used some on the second card. Left a $300ish balance on the second card. After a few days, I was trying to use it and it was declined. I checked the balance,found that the card has been drained by someone on the second day I bought it. The thief repeatedly charged Google Fire using the card. I now suspect the only few left visa cards on the rack may all have been compromised. The thief removed the batch of visa cards and only left a few compromised cards on the rack, so he can easily monitor each card. I have contacted Pathward and they were able to recover most of the funds and sent me a new card. There are still $20ish they need to go thru the dispute process. So be aware when you buy these cards, only buy it if you can use it immediately.

Frey (@guest_1834046)
April 21, 2024 16:01

Did you find another Meijer? Your post below a month ago said that they removed all the mgc and vgc.

Mark (@guest_1834365)
April 22, 2024 12:16

Yes, there are two Meijer stores close to me. One has discontinued all Visa/Mastercard. I was excited to find the cards at another Meijer, but it was a trap.

Frey (@guest_1834698)
April 22, 2024 22:33

That’s a bummer. Was there anything “off” about the packaging? The way the new ones are, they have a sticker over the security code. They cost more, but the peace of mind is nice.

Mark (@guest_1834793)
April 23, 2024 08:54

It probably has the sticker, because the fee was $6.95. But the sticker is to prevent someone scanning from outside, I read that people can physically open the packaging, record the card information, and re-glue the packaging. It’s very difficult to tell. What looked weird to me is that there were only 4 or 5 cards on the rack, and they were all hanging separately on the rack.

Frey (@guest_1834822)
April 23, 2024 09:48

The ones I buy have a foil tab on the outside and a very sticky foil over the security code. Difficult to get off. They did that presumably to prevent the info being available on just opening of the package.

Any way you cut it, it sucks to have happened to you.

Thom (@guest_1840469)
May 5, 2024 21:38

what state/metro were you in if you don’t mind my asking Mark ?

Mark (@guest_1816932)
March 20, 2024 08:46

My local Meijer has removed all of the Master gift card and Visa gift card. Customer service said they had issues with activating the card and have to manually cancel the transactions, which gave them trouble, so they discontinued all of mgc and vgc.

MH (@guest_1817714)
March 21, 2024 08:38

I think this issue is at the self-checkouts only…most of the times it will ask for manual override at the self-checkout…not sure what they are doing, but it comes with this little not the bottom “card will be activated by 24 hrs”..if you have this it’s not activated and still charge you. You need get it refunded at customer service…that won’t be easy either since we generally load high amounts in these. You need to go back and forth in for couple of weeks to get your money back. I had this issue in the past…from that I’m only doing these at regular counters not at self-checkouts.

Mark (@guest_1817750)
March 21, 2024 10:08

I just saw your post below about activation issue. Did you get it resolved eventually?

MH (@guest_1840959)
May 6, 2024 18:54

yes, it wasn’t activated at the store. I had to make multiple trips to the store…but eventually the manager refunded it after confirming with backend team

Otto (@guest_1816191)
March 18, 2024 21:24

At my local store I found some older Visas with the lower 5.95 fee instead of 6.95 fee. Nice.

Hans (@guest_1730918)
November 5, 2023 20:36

Got a note on my receipt saying that my card will be activated by 24 hrs. But still not activated. Called the BHN, they asked me to return the card to the same store. Anyone had this issues before?

Jason (@guest_1730927)
November 5, 2023 21:09

The sale just started today, so assuming you bought it today after the store opened at 6am, there’s no way it could have been more than 24 hours since you bought it.

That being said – I’ve bought about a million of these and have never seen an “activated in 24 hours” message. 100% of the time they are activated and ready to use within a couple minutes.

Hans (@guest_1730954)
November 5, 2023 22:43

I did not use the coupon. I bought it yesterday

MH (@guest_1735099)
November 11, 2023 16:19

@Hans, Was your card got activated after 24 hours? or Did you return it to the store? I ran into the same activation issue for the visa card I purchased today at Meijer?

Hans (@guest_1735298)
November 12, 2023 00:14

nope, I had to go back and the customer service verified that it was not activated before they got me a new card

MH (@guest_1737637)
November 15, 2023 18:07

@Hans, Did the verification was immediate? My store manager was giving me hard time…he says he can’t do anything as activation slip was printed and I think he knows way to check the card is activated or not.
He is asking me to follow up BHN and BHN is saying card was not activated at store, so no money loaded. They are saying store should replace it with another card.

Not sure how to handle this. Other than credit card charge back?
Is there a way I can escalate this to Meijer online customer support?

Appreciate any help!


Dylan (@guest_1730856)
November 5, 2023 17:57

Bank of America rewards day is coming up so this is a good stack. Even better if you have multiple meijer accounts.