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Published on April 17th, 2017 | by William Charles


30% Transfer Bonus: American Express Membership Rewards To Virgin Atlantic

The Offer

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  • Receive a 30% bonus when you transfer your American Express membership rewards points to Virgin Atlantic. For example, transfer 1,000 American Express membership rewards and receive 1,300 Virgin Atlantic miles.

virgin atlantic

The Fine Print

  • Valid until May 31st, 2016

Our Verdict

They offered a similar bonus at a similar time last year as well. Below are all of the transfer bonuses they have ever offered for Virgin Atlantic:

  • May 1st – May 31st, 2016: 30% bonus
  • April 1st – April 30th, 2015: 25% bonus
  • October 16th – November 30th, 2014: 35% bonus
  • May 1st – May 31st, 2014: 30% bonus
  • October 15th – November 30th, 2013: 30% bonus
  • August 27th – September 2nd, 2012: 30% bonus
  • March 19th – March 26th, 2012: 30% bonus
  • April 1st – May 15th, 2012: 25% bonus
  • November 27th – December 29th, 2012: 35% bonus
  • June 3rd – Unknown end date, 2011 (most likely June 30th): 25%
  • January 10th – February 28th, 2011: 15% bonus
  • October 1st – October 31st, 2010: 20%
  • July 19th – July 30th, 2010: 15%
  • February 22nd – March 16th, 2010: 15%

You can view all the transfer bonuses they have ever offered with all partners by clicking here.

Hat tip to VFTW & reader @toonhound

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hmmm.. not bad…


this is OT… but Amex sent me another offer for BRG card… but this time it’s worse than it was earlier this year, still doesn’t have the lifetime language tho.
now they are offering 50k points for $5k spend and another 25k points for another $5k spend… so 75k points for $10k total… last time it was 75k MR for $5k spend.

so bleh Amex bleh…


Wait, can’t you then transfer to Alaska for the 1.3 ratio? So essentially 1000 MR for 1,690 Alaska? Am I reading that right?


Virgin Atlantic (VS), not Virgin American (VX), so no.


Dammit. Case of the Mondays. Thanks.

Mark O
Mark O

Good way to almost get 2 IHG points per MR if you wanted to go that route (after transferring 75k to IHG and getting 25k for the spire bonus).

Almost 2 to 1 to hilton as well going this route.


Can you elaborate more on this? I have some MR points that I don’t know what to do with and wouldn’t mind transferring to hotel partners. Hilton would be nice as I can then combine with wife’s points.

How do I get “almost 2 to 1 to hilton”? Is Virgin Atlantic a Hilton partner?


VS transfers to Hilton 1-1.5. So you get 1MR1.3VS-1.95 Hilton

Mark O
Mark O

Chris nailed it – you can transfer VS to IHG and Hilton


Took advantage of this transfer and booked a flight in Prem. Econ. from ATL to LHR. Using arrival points to pay the fuel and tax charges. Point transfer was almost immediate, and not 1-2 days.

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