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[Expired]When Does The 7% Annual Dividend From The Chase Sapphire Preferred Show?

Chase no longer offers this as a benefit.


I’m wanting to close my Chase Sapphire Preferred card soon, I’ve spent a little bit more than $20,000 on it this year. I saw that each year you get a 7% dividend bonus, when will I receive that bonus?

7 percentage annual points dividend


According to the terms of the card, you’ll receive the point bonus on your February statement. You’ll receive the bonus based on points earned that calendar year (December Statement – December statement), sign up bonuses do not count towards this dividend bonus.

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F.A.Q’s About The 7% Annual Dividend Bonus

We get a lot of questions about the dividend bonus and we’ve answered the most frequently answered the most frequently asked questions below.

Q. Will I earn the annual bonus on my sign up bonus?

A. No, the offer terms specifically states that “You will not earn the 7% Annual Points Dividend on new account bonus points“.

Q. Does the annual fee post before or after my dividend bonus?

A. These don’t have any connection. The annual fee is charged on your account anniversary and the dividend bonus is awarded on a calendar year.

Q. My annual fee is going to post before I get my dividend bonus, what should I do?

A. If you cancel or downgrade the card within 60 days of the annual fee, you don’t have to pay it. If your bonus still won’t post within that time you’ll need to work out if the points you’ll receive are worth the annual fee (it won’t be worth it unless you’ve spent $135,714.29 if you value your points at 1¢ each).


Q. If I transfer points from my Chase Freedom card to my Chase Sapphire Preferred, will I earn the 7% annual bonus?

A. No, the annual dividend bonus only applies to points earned on the Chase Sapphire Preferred.  Transferred points do not count towards the dividend bonus.

Q. If I transfer points from my account to my wife’s, will she get a 7% annual dividend?

A. Again, transferred points do not count towards the dividend bonus.

Q. Will purchases that earn more than 1 point per $1 spent (e.g Dining & Travel) earn 7% per point, or only on the first point? E.g, let’s say I spend $100 on dining – I’d receive 200 points. Will I receive a dividend bonus of 7 points or 14?

A. You receive the 7% on all points earned (apart from the sign up bonus). This means that on your dining and travel purchases you’ll get 7% per point. In the example you presented you’d get 14 dividend points.

Q. Will I earn the 7% bonus on points earned through the Chase UR mall? E.g, sometimes they have specials where you can earn 5x or 10x points.

A. We’ve heard conflicting reports on this, but there is at least one source stating that they did receive the dividend bonus on these purchases.

Q. Some of the transactions I made through the chase mall haven’t registered. Am I still eligible for the bonus dividend points?

A. Call Chase customer service or send a secure message when you’re logged in. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting the bonus points added.

Q. I’ve already redeemed my points/transferred them. Will I still receive the point bonus?

A. Yes, points that have been redeemed or transferred will still receive the dividend bonus.

Q. I received a dividend bonus last year, will I earn dividend points this year on the dividend bonus points from last year?

A. No, the offer terms states that “You will not earn the 7% Annual Points Dividend on previous Annual Points Dividends awarded”.

Q. How do you find out how many points you’ve earned in that calendar year?

A. You can call Chase or send a secure message to ask. You can also look at your monthly statements, these have the total points earned for each statement – just add the twelve statements together to get your total.


You can view the terms of the 7% bonus at any time by going to the Chase Sapphire Preferred page on the chase website and clicking “*Offer Details”. We’ve taken a screenshot of this which you can view by clicking here. It’s current as of 23rd, January, 2014. As always, please make sure you read the product disclosures before signing up. 

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