Amazon Prime Pantry: $10 Off $40 With Promo Code PANTRY

Update 7/15/19: Can also be stacked with 30% off Amazon brands and another 30% Prime Pantry tiems.

Update 7/12/19: This can also be stacked with a buy 5, save $5 or buy 10, save $10 or buy 15, save $15 promotion (our affiliate link)

The Offer

Direct Link to offer (affiliate link)

  • Amazon is offering $10 off Prime Pantry orders $40 or higher with promo code PANTRY.

The Fine Print

  • I can’t find the fine print for this deal

Our Verdict

I’ve never used Prime Pantry, but may give them a try with this offer. I believe the 20% Amex Membership Rewards discount on Amazon does not work in conjunction with Prime Pantry orders, let me know if you see otherwise.

Separately, Amazon is running a time-limited offer whereby Prime Pantry members receive FREE shipping on all orders (order minimum $10 usually applies) for a limited time, ending 7/31/19. Prime members without a Prime Pantry membership receive FREE shipping on orders over $25 (usually $35) for a limited time.

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Tried multiple times using the code but it wouldn’t take. Chatted with Amazon CS rep who proceeded to give me a $10 credit plus an additional $5 for my troubles. I waited until today to place the order and for fun tried entering the code again. This time it actually took. So ended up with $25 off my entire order. Got 3 big tubs of laundry detergent, dishwasher tabs and some shampoo for about $17. I love good deals on necessities.

Sarah Black
Sarah Black

Looks like the code can only be used once per account, fyi!


Just placed an order for $40.02… mostly Grand-kid snack stuff. After 30% off coupons, buy 5 save $5.00, 5% cash back CC, and this $10 offer…I ended up with a final bill of $22.46…Delivered in two days! The shipping alone has got to be over 10 bucks. How are these people making a profit?
Simple answer…They’re not! The retail operation surely has to be cross subsidized by Amazon Web Services (AWS)…which is very profitable, and growing like a weed. Walmart and Target, hamstrung with brick and mortar, can’t compete.
Methinks… there is an Antitrust suit in Amazon’s future…and it is going to be a big noisy one at that.


thanks doc!