Posted by Chuck on July 15, 2019

Published on July 15th, 2019 | by Chuck


Amazon Prime Pantry: $10 Off $40 With Promo Code PANTRY

Update 7/15/19: Can also be stacked with 30% off Amazon brands and another 30% Prime Pantry tiems.

Update 7/12/19: This can also be stacked with a buy 5, save $5 or buy 10, save $10 or buy 15, save $15 promotion (our affiliate link)

The Offer

Direct Link to offer (affiliate link)

  • Amazon is offering $10 off Prime Pantry orders $40 or higher with promo code PANTRY.

The Fine Print

  • I can’t find the fine print for this deal

Our Verdict

I’ve never used Prime Pantry, but may give them a try with this offer. I believe the 20% Amex Membership Rewards discount on Amazon does not work in conjunction with Prime Pantry orders, let me know if you see otherwise.

Separately, Amazon is running a time-limited offer whereby Prime Pantry members receive FREE shipping on all orders (order minimum $10 usually applies) for a limited time, ending 7/31/19. Prime members without a Prime Pantry membership receive FREE shipping on orders over $25 (usually $35) for a limited time.

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thanks doc!


Just placed an order for $40.02… mostly Grand-kid snack stuff. After 30% off coupons, buy 5 save $5.00, 5% cash back CC, and this $10 offer…I ended up with a final bill of $22.46…Delivered in two days! The shipping alone has got to be over 10 bucks. How are these people making a profit?
Simple answer…They’re not! The retail operation surely has to be cross subsidized by Amazon Web Services (AWS)…which is very profitable, and growing like a weed. Walmart and Target, hamstrung with brick and mortar, can’t compete.
Methinks… there is an Antitrust suit in Amazon’s future…and it is going to be a big noisy one at that.

Sarah Black
Sarah Black

Looks like the code can only be used once per account, fyi!


Tried multiple times using the code but it wouldn’t take. Chatted with Amazon CS rep who proceeded to give me a $10 credit plus an additional $5 for my troubles. I waited until today to place the order and for fun tried entering the code again. This time it actually took. So ended up with $25 off my entire order. Got 3 big tubs of laundry detergent, dishwasher tabs and some shampoo for about $17. I love good deals on necessities.

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