Posted by Chuck on July 14, 2019

Published on July 14th, 2019 | by Chuck


[Expired] Amazon Prime: Trade-In & Get 25% Off Echo Show (Buy New Echo Show for $102 or less)

Deal has expired, view more Amazon deals by clicking here.

Amazon is offering a special for Prime members to get 25% off a new Echo device when you trade in an old one. You’ll also get an Amazon gift card for the trade-in; value will depend on device being traded in.

Direct Link to offer

As an example, you can trade in a cheap Echo Dot device, and get 25% off an expensive Echo Show device.

  • Separately, the Echo Show (2nd generation) is currently on sale for $160 (reg. $230).
  • The 25% coupon will take off 25% from the original price, a $57.50 discount, bringing down the price to $102.49 which is less than half price.
  • If you don’t have a trade-in device, you can still save big by using the targeted 25% Amex promo on Amazon devices which brings the price down to $113.99.
  • I believe if you do the trade-in AND you have the 25% Amex promo, those will stack bringing the price down to $56.49 for a $230 device which is pretty crazy. Note: I haven’t been able to test this stack, let us know if you try.

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Would be great if the trade in and 25% promo stacks, but recent comments on a SD thread seems like it won’t stack. Hope someone gets the stack to work!


The 25% Amex/Discover promos seem to include only Fire TV and Kindle products not Echo products


I am eligible for both the chase and amex offers of 1 point. i had a problem getting the 25% + 5 dollars to instantly apply but it worked thru the mobile app. then i stacked the 5% from ebates (mr version) on top of it as i left it in the cart. though after getting the trade in values to work i could not get the amex or the chase offer to add. it just doesnt allow it. (my best guess is the trade in) because i can use the 1 pt offer before i added the trade in deal but not after. i had the whole foods offer from last week(10 dollars) and my total came out to 95.70 for the echo show 2nd gen, i traded in an echo dot 2nd gen( 5 dollars worth)

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