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Airline Rewards

Published on April 3rd, 2018 | by William Charles


American Airlines Reduced Mileage Awards: 1,000-7,000 Miles Discount

The Offer

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  • American Airlines has released their reduced mileage awards for April 2018 – July 31st, 2018. The discount you’ll receive varies from 1,000 miles to 7,500 miles depending on the route, the card you have and the class of service (e.g First, Business or Main Cabin).


The Fine Print

  • Awards may be booked effective April 1, 2018- May 31, 2018
  • Awards are valid for travel April 1, 2018 – July 31, 2018
  • Awards must be claimed by May 31, 2018
  • Award travel must originate in the 48 contiguous United States or Canada

Our Verdict

Not a huge discount but should be useful for at least some readers. Goodluck to everybody in finding sAAver space!

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These are awesome because they work for either the origin OR destination. And you get the 10 percent mile rebate back too on those cards that have it.

Is that true? It says destination on the site.

I’ve found them far less exciting than they initially appear: 1. Limited destinations- Despite being a long list, the overwhelming majority of these places are bumblefuck locations. The larger the airport, the less likely it appears on the list, no matter how well served it is by AA. There’s currently not and almost never Dallas, Charlotte, New York, LAX, Chicago, Philly, Miami, Atlanta, Boston, DC, etc. And if it is a more major airport, it’s less likely to be available for multiple months. 2. AA’s generally poor sAAver availability. If I can’t find a decent sAAver flight to begin with, I can’t use these discounts. And it’s been a damn long time since I’ve been able to find a domestic sAAver flight matching my itinerary both ways. (Sure maybe you can do something one-way, but this reduces your discount and often the added premium of a cash one-way flight doesn’t justify using an award for the other portion) 3. Short announcement of Reduced Mileage Awards- The fact that these reduced mileage awards are announced only a few months out prevents you from booking limited award space very early. You’ll notice some of the better destinations are available only in February- meaning you’d have minimal advance notice of these awards to book-days to perhaps days to weeks. 4. Overlap with BA redemption- BA will be 15,000 Avios for roundtrip flights of sub 1150 miles each way. Even after the AA reduced mileage redemptions, you’re still paying 17,500 AA miles for flights over 500 miles. Depends if you have Avios (or UR) sitting around, but it’d suggest a greater bang using Avios. Ok, you’re paying only 13,000 AA miles if it’s sub 500, but then we’re still concerned with the fact that: 5. Even with mileage reduction discounts, redemption value can be poor. Plenty of these shorthaul flights are cheap in terms of cash. If my 500 mile flight is less than $130 or so, I’m still getting a poor sub-1 cent value for my AA miles AFTER the discount. I have to be saving almost $200 RT on a short flight after discount to hit a merely adequate 1.5 cpm- that’s very often not the case. 6. You still have to call. So yes IF you are traveling to/from non-major destinations listed AND it is during an available month AND there is award sAAver availability aligning with your schedule both ways… Read more »

Tell us how you really feel. And middle of nowhere; are you reading the same list we are? Atlanta is there, and so are plenty of other major cities.

it used to have cities from oregon on it, but suddenly all disappear…

No LAS or PHX 🙁

Oh man, really tempting. I was going to use UA miles to fly out of PGA in early May (heard it’s a tiny turboprop) but now might just try to hitch to FLG. Thanks for the reminder DoC!

Great Lakes is ceasing operations, so you won’t be able to fly in/out of PGA for now. United is offering refunds to those already on their codeshare flights with Great Lakes (which is the PGA flight).

Is it working only on AA metal, or will work for partners like Alaska too? I see award availability on Alaska flights (on AA site) for the same price of 12.5K one way… (same as AA metal).

Can call them, but may be somebody knows.
Thank you in advance!

AA metal only. no partners

American offering $55 non-stop flights MCO>LAX next week! Main cabin, not just basic. May need to get my butt to Lalaland.

Anyone aware whether the codes are valid for more than one use? If so it would make sense to book two one-way flights vs one round-trip, correct?

I’ll likely be jumping on this. Will be calling during lunch to find out about the code usage if nobody else knows

you can book multiple trips. not one time use.

If you book one way you’ll get half the discount

These are really great when they work for your plans: last week I booked a one way for 8,750 when the best alternative flight would have cost over $200.

Can you book these online or only by calling? How do we find availability before calling if that’s the case, just regular sAAver on

You need to call. Find regular sAAver availability and then call.

In the past I’ve successfully held a saver reservation and then just called in, given them that confirmation number, and gave them the reduced mileage codes to get them to ticket at the reduced rate.

Ok, thanks.

Thanks Jeremiah for all the great tips including this one.
Very useful.

“$75 for award tickets booked or mileage upgrades requested less than 21 days prior to departure”

This includes a lot of February bookings as eligible for the fee.


“AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro, Platinum or Gold members using miles from your account are exempt from the fee”

But, alas, this does not include me.

EWR only has Feb as award eligible. However it seems from reading the comments here that an award eligible destination would qualify the booking for a points rebate corresponding to the card used to book, the distance flown, and the region(s) (US/Can) traversed.

Is there still a 10% rebate for redemptions with AAdvantage cards? I saw a post about this from last year, but I don’t see anything about it on my card.
Does it work with business cards?

It has been my experience that the 10% miles rebate for certain AAdvantage cc holders does indeed stack with this. However the 10% is based on the reduced mileage award price.

I was just about to book my tickets.
Great timing.
Thanks DoC

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