Posted by William Charles on January 13, 2018
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Published on January 13th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] American Airlines Sending Out Free Elite Status To Some Loyalty Members

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American Airlines has sent out an e-mail to some members offering them free status (e-mail subject lines “Free Platinum Pro status for you” or “Free Gold status for you”. All of the offers require signing up by February 1st, 2018 and run until May 25th, 2018. Here are the different offers:

Gold Status

Direct link to offer, promo code HV18G

  • Free gold status
  • Maintain gold status until January 31st, 2019 if you earn 7,000 elite qualifying miles and spend $1,000 elite qualifying dollars from now until May 25th, 2018
  • 10 500-mile upgrade certificates

Platinum Pro Status

Direct link to offer, promo code HV18T

  • Free Platinum pro status
  • Maintain platinum pro status until January 31st, 2019 if you earn 20,000 elite qualifying miles and spend $3,000 elite qualifying dollars from now until May 25th, 2018
  • 20 500-mile upgrade certificates

Our Verdict

Some are suggesting this is being targeted towards people that have credited American Airlines flights to Alaska.

Hat tip to readers Yrk, Chris P  @jcw0695 & Angelina Travels

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Sounds like an awesome promotion, too bad I’m not eligible for either.

Just as a DP – I received the free platinum pro status. Never flown AA before and have never had status on any other airline. Did some shopping through AA portal a few times in December, though.

btw, platinum pro is unlimited 500-mile upgrades. Platinum is the one that gives 20 certificates.

i got the offer and never traveled to alaska on american.

i did flight first class to hawaii RT on a cash rate.
redeemed miles for lax to hnd and nrt to lax
used redemption miles for partner flights lax to bkk on cathay and jal

got gold offer.

should note that gold did post to my account but i dont see the (10) 500 mile upgrade certs and i was targeted for gold + certs

Got the gold offer. I have never credited AA flights to AS. but i have credited AS flight to AA

Moshe Lieberman

I literally have 5K miles with aa and never flew them but I got the offer

I received the Platinum Pro until 5/25/18. I have flown exactly 1 one-way flight with AA lifetime, which was in 2016. I do however have both the Citi AA Platinum and BC AA Red, both opened in the past year. Have never flown Alaska or credited anything to Alaska. I am a Delta Diamond but I can’t possibly see how they would know that. Also my email said nothing about 500 mile upgrades and I didn’t receive any.

PPs don’t get 500-mile upgrades, as they are automatically on the upgrade list for all domestic flights.

According to the post they were supposed to receive 20 certificates. I was simply saying that my offer did not include such language, nor did I receive any in my account. Also, PPs can use certs to upgrade companions.

a little offtopic but since getting gold status now, i can see for a future flight for lax to hnd i can see more seats open in economy that i can choose for preferred.

on the 777-200 can anyone let me know if an MCE (main cabin extra) seat is worth the extra 84 bucks? supposedly its 50% off now with gold status.

I always think that if the flight’s over 3 hours on the plane, it’s worth the extra money. Extra leg room makes the flight more comfortable. I prefer aisle seats and sometimes they are hard to find in regular seats.

Wish I could get a “gold” upgrade. Didn’t make the miles this year since I had to fly United to Singapore… I notice this only for 5 months… but I’d take it for free.

funny to have promo code if this is targeted. thot it was one of those IHG mistakes, but nope. when u try to sign up, it tells you if ur targeted.

I havent flown aa in the last decade (maybe never in my life).
In last few months, again started using my aa account to sign up for miles for survey and did few shopping trips (total in all <15$).
Surprisingly got platinum status offer.
Any way to MATCH it to any other program? Especially *A as might have TK metal trip during the promo period.
UA doesnt match status gotten via promo offer

Here’s a different offer I got…
You’ve been selected to receive free American Airlines AAdvantage® Platinum status through May 25, 2018. You’ll experience all the benefits of Platinum status. Plus, we’ll give you twenty 500-mile upgrades just for registering — no strings attached.
Sign up before you travel and no later than February 1, 2018. Use promotion code HV18P.
Claim your status now
To extend your elite benefits through January 31, 2019, earn 12,500 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQMs) and $2,000 Elite Qualifying Dollars (EQDs) on American or other eligible airlines for travel between the date you register and May 25, 2018.**

Same as mine

Any DP’s on whether you can sign up for an AA credit card (Citi or Barclays) now and get this upgrade offer?

The same with Jay, I received the free platinum pro status. Never flown AA before and have never had status on any other airline.

in the last 12 months, Flew 2x cross country in paid first, burned close to 500k miles flying family back from Oz through Tahiti on code share metal and AA metal, have flights on miles booked to Barbados for March, have flights for family booked to Alaska for summer, have citi and Barclay AA cards, no offer at all for me

DP: past AA Gold, recently no status due to changing business travel hubs, was not targeted.

I received the gold status offer. I am MVP with AS. I did not fly AA last year, but I did redeem miles for a BA First flight from SEA-VIE. There was a mechanical failure on the scheduled BA plane so the flight cancelled and they rebooked me on the next flight(same flight but 24 hours later). When BA rebooked me it made it look like I had paid a seat so I ended up getting a ton of miles credited to my AA account since it is linked to my BA flight. I’m thinking that is why I was given the fee gold status.

will they send out physical membership card?

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