American Express Opens Largest Centurion Lounge at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta (ATL)

Today American Express has opened the largest centurion lounge at Centurion Lounge at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). The lounge is over 26,000 square feet (previously biggest is 15,000 square feet) and is located near gate E11 in concourse E.

  • Modern, Global Soul Food: Chef Deborah VanTrece, James Beard Award semifinalist and owner of local Atlanta restaurants Twisted Soul Cookhouse & Pours, Oreatha’s At The Point and La Panarda, brings her culinary expertise and flair to the lounge’s menu offerings.
  • The Centurion Network’s First Whiskey Bar: Celebrating the rich history of American whiskey, The Reserve by American Express is the first dedicated whiskey bar in a Centurion Lounge with a cocktail menu curated by award-winning mixologist, Jim Meehan.
  • Nature-Inspired Interiors: Embracing Atlanta’s reputation as “the city in the forest”, the lounge’s art and design feature commissioned artwork from local artists and a relaxing ambiance accentuated by a 50-year-old olive tree and a 3,850 square foot custom light sculpture.
  • Outdoor Terraces: Offering views of the airfield, visitors can enjoy multiple landscaped outdoor seating areas (a first for the Centurion Network!) which are equipped to enjoy year-round.

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Brutus (@guest_1799625)
February 18, 2024 16:52

Does “largest” refer to the square footage or the volume of people in line?

Sam Lee
Sam Lee (@guest_1798928)
February 16, 2024 20:59

Been waiting for this lounge for years!

What a let down.

Just stopped by at 6:30pm on Friday night and practically every seat was taken. Also so much of the food and drinks were empty and not being refilled in time. And as soon as some protein returned to the buffet line, a crowd forms. It was like the Golden Corral when they bring out the fresh meats.

What little food they had was pretty tasty and good representation of soul food.

I just can’t imagine how crowded this place is going to be on busy times.

After 15 min we left and went to the small AA lounge which was practically empty.

I think in the future I’d rather spend money out of pocket eating somewhere else than be at the crowded Cent lounge.

Josh (@guest_1798068)
February 15, 2024 11:23

ATL, outside of the Minute Suites, might have the worst Priority Pass Lounge in the U.S., so I expect this to be crushed.

Rob (@guest_1798143)
February 15, 2024 13:29

When flying through ATL I’m usually on Delta so there would also be Sky Club access.

churn_and_burn (@guest_1798245)
February 15, 2024 16:15

absolutely agree. worst lounger ever. I hardly get to use it since there’s always a line and a 2-hour wait.

Grant (@guest_1797811)
February 14, 2024 19:45

Dang, just flew through ATL last week. Here is some info about the lounge and nearby Delta Sky Club:

The Centurion Lounge – Next to Gate E11
Exclusively for American Express Delta SkyMiles® Reserve Card and American Express Platinum Card Members. Delta Reserve Card Members must be flying on a same – day Delta – marketed or Delta – operated flight. Terms Apply.*
Open Daily: 6am to 11pm

Delta Sky Club – Next to Gate E15
Open Daily: 6:30am to 10:30pm

Baron (@guest_1797700)
February 14, 2024 15:08

With all these new lounges, hopefully this will reduce crowding overall. I continue to be shocked at how packed lounges are today versus pre-pandemic. When lounges are crowded, it’s uncomfortable and not relaxing. I say open as many as possible until we’re back at pre-pandemic occupancy rates!!!

Denver Dave
Denver Dave (@guest_1797701)
February 14, 2024 15:14

Especially in ATL

John (@guest_1797608)
February 14, 2024 12:25

If I’m flying through ATL, I’m probably flying Delta already. Might as well go to a Sky Club

Esaphire3 (@guest_1797607)
February 14, 2024 12:25

The guest fee….

Karim (@guest_1797549)
February 14, 2024 10:55

Sorry Amex but that doesn’t justify me holding a coupon book, even with a Schwab appreciation credit.

Joanne (@guest_1798151)
February 15, 2024 13:48

What is Schwab appreciation credit?

Ctguy102 (@guest_1798480)
February 15, 2024 23:35

You can receive: (1) a $100 Card statement credit if your qualifying Schwab holdings are equal to or greater than $250,000 and less than $1,000,000; (2) a $200 Card statement credit if your qualifying Schwab holdings are equal to or greater than $1,000,000 and less than $10,000,000; or (3) a $1,000 Schwab Appreciation Bonus if your qualifying Schwab holdings are equal to or greater than $10,000,000, in each case when measured following Card account approval and annually thereafter. Terms and Limitations Apply

TG93 (@guest_1797530)
February 14, 2024 10:14

Cant wait to see what kind of wait times this one attracts!