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[Targeted] 10,000 Membership Rewards Points For Enrolling In Pay Over Time

Update 12/5/18: Another new link. This time courtesy of veeRob.

Update 11/27/18: Looks like another round went out. This time the link is: Hat tip to zackiv31

Update 11/21/18: MtM is reporting another round of targeted people. I don’t see any new links, but if anybody finds one please share it in the comments.

Update 11/07/2018: Another round of people targeted. New links to try:

Update 10/27/18: Three new links available to try:

Hat tip to The_Fartful_Codger

Snail mailers have also been sent out, so keep an eye out for those as well. Hat tip to nickohrn

The Offer

Links seem to be unique this time, check your regular mail & e-mail to see if you’ve been targeted (share any subject lines of e-mails in the comments below). One subjectline is ‘

  • American Express are currently offering selected charge cardholders 10,000 points when they enroll Extended Payment Option

The Fine Print

  • Email subject line is ‘You Qualify for a Flexible Payment Option’. People also being targeted via snail mail.
  • Another: Congratulations, <name>! You’ve Been Selected to Enroll in a Flexible Payment Option

Our Verdict

Fingers crossed we get a generic link to see if you are targeted or not. This is a fairly common offer, it’s not worth enrolling without this 10,000 bonus (sometimes they offer an interest free period but I’d wait for this offer). You should (hopefully) be paying off your credit card balance in full every month anyway.   If you have any questions about Pay Over Time (e.g hard/soft pull) I’d recommend reading through our F.A.Q on the topic found here. You don’t actually need to use the pay over time feature to get the 10,000 bonus points, you must simply enroll in it. The short of it is that it’s definitely worth doing if you’re targeted, just don’t actually use the feature and pay all of your credit card bills in full and on time.

Thanks to reader @MrBillington for providing the picture

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I think the “And, if you are approved” language is new. Wasn’t there in my offer from June. I wonder if it means anything…

Was there in my offer from 2016, just came up when I searched my email.

Do they have these pay over time offers for business charge cards? Or is it only available for personal…

They are available for business cards. My SO and I got targeted on BGRs.

yes. wife got targeted on her biz plat

Got this two or three weeks ago. It took a few days to credit. My PRG which was a one year old green before upgrade was targeted.

You may also call and ask. Was offered that when was inquiring about the AF on BGR card for my SO. They offered 10K (which were supposed to post in 8-12 weeks), agreed just in case without much hope as we were going to close the card anyway soon… but 10K points posted within few days.

Since this is not a retention offer I am still planning to close the account a day or two before the last day to get the AF back. I would not do that if I would have accepted a retention offer (with current RAT team around).
Any issues with that?

I just called in about the AF on my PRG (now Gold) and didn’t have any offers (not surprising since I’ve put an effton of spending on it since the bonus cats changed) but the rep did offer me POT which I gladly accepted. I remember distinctly the terms she read included not closing the card for some period of time. I can’t remember exactly how long, but I think that it was something along the lines of: “the bonus will be awarded in 6-8 weeks if you have not closed the card…” I didn’t really pay attention because I was never really going to close the card Maybe someone else can chime in.

*edit. just re-read your comment and mine — if what I said was accurate, you’re probably good to close the card since you already got the POT bonus.

Can someone post the link, or at least the link format, even if you change the numbers around?

Subject line on my offer was “Congratulations, Pamela! You’ve Been Selected to Enroll in a Flexible Payment Option”

Points posted within a week.

Thanks for a great blog DoC!

I got the email but with no points attached to it.

I did as well.

I got this offer but did not take it, thinking I would hold out for some reason. Your verdict makes it pretty clear that this is legit- thanks as always, DoC.

It is worth calling and even asking if you can get it with the 10K bonus. We were offered it on my SO card when was calling for a retention offer. there was no retention offer, but they offered this. I went for it thinking that it will not post in time anyway as I was going to close the card on the last day of AF refundability… (i know it is not a word.. but works here :))… and it actually posted within few days.. Since it was not a retention offer (and was offered for us a side kick) I closed the card after that.

So, call and ask if you have it offered on your account. Free 10K MRs. No need to use it, and definitely do not enroll in it if you have no bonus – wait for the offer.

Got the snail mail offer today, and received the same email offer last week. Signed up via that link and points posted with a few days.
Email subject line was ” congratulations! You’re invited to enroll to pay off eligible purchases over time”

I love this bonus. I get it pretty much on all my charge cards eventually.

My spouse got this offer on her PRG however it does not mention any points or rewards etc. Just fyi

I’ve gotten this on two of my cards over the past few months, once with a mailer, and another time when I called into customer service about something unrelated. The rep said “have you seen the offer we’ve sent out for pay over time,” I said “no what’s the carrot?” 10K MR points easy.

Though I didn’t receive the email offer, today I found the offer in my “Amex Offers & Benefits” for my BRG. That’s awesome. I’ve already enrolled the offer for my PRG 5 months ago.

Had this last year on my Biz Plat (I think) and just like then, my BRG received 10K point in like 3 days. Same card also got the 20,000 for spending $10K offer…So I might have to keep this card for another year now.

I enrolled and got the $10k, and I’m still getting mailers. Assuming I can’t unenroll, then get it again lol.

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