Posted by William Charles on April 6, 2018

Published on April 6th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] AmEx Express Checkout: Earn An Additional 2x Membership Rewards Points At Select Merchants (Staples, Walmart & More)

This deal has expired and is no longer valid, view more Amex Express deals here.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Get two additional Membership Rewards points per dollar spent when you use your eligible American Express® Card with Amex Express Checkout at these select merchants until 05/17/2018. Maximum of 5,000 bonus points. Eligible merchants are:
    • All 1-800-Flowers brands
    • Avis, Budget
    • B&H
    • Boxed
    • Cole Haan
    • Crate & Barrel
    • Gilt
    • GrubHub
    • Seamless
    • Neiman Marcus
    • Newegg
    • Staples
    • Ticketmaster
    • Walmart

The Fine Print

  • Get 2 additional Membership Reward points (for a total of 3 points) for each dollar spent on purchases made online only using Amex Express Checkout with an eligible American Express Card enrolled in the Membership Rewards program at the following participating merchants: all 1-800-Flowers brands, Avis, Budget, B&H, Boxed, Cole Haan, Crate & Barrel, Gilt, GrubHub/Seamless, Neiman Marcus, Newegg, Staples, Ticketmaster and Walmart.
  • Not valid on alcohol purchases on Boxed.
  • You must (i) have an online account with American Express, (ii) provide your username and password to make a purchase using Amex Express Checkout and (iii) select an American Express Card enrolled in the Membership Rewards Program as the method of payment.
  • Offer ends 5/17/2018.
  • Limit of 5,000 additional Membership Rewards points per eligible Card.
  • These additional points are in addition to any points you would normally receive for purchases on your Card under the terms of the Membership Rewards program.
  • For Amex Everyday Card products, when we calculate the additional points benefit, points awarded under this offer will not be included. Additional points will be credited to your Membership rewards program account within 90 days after qualifying purchases appear on your billing statement.

Our Verdict

3x Membership Rewards points on these purchases is good. How good the deal overall will be will depend on what you think of the merchant list.

Hat tip to Miles to Memories

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Notify of does have a bonus 1 MR point Amex Offer. Should be able to stack that.

Neiman Marcus also has bonus 1 MR AO, too.

Comfirmed. You’ll get 4x using Amex checkout at neimanmarcus

So if you have the extra 1 points/$ at neiman and blue business plus, does that mean with this deal you’d get 5x? (2x from BBP+ 2x from Amex Checkout + 1x from Amex offer)

And a 25 off 75

My offer is 20 off of 75

Sa James any way you can send me a screenshot of the offer?

Did. Was like James says 20/75.

Yes you are right.

I see as an eligible merchant. That could be excellent news for anyone who has a tax payment due soon.

As best I can tell they accept Amex Express but are not participating in the bonus. Would love to be proved wrong.

Will this work with Blue business plus for 4x?

How about Business Blue Card? Do we get total 4X MR?

That’s what I’m wondering too? 2x + 2x = 4x right Amex? Maybe use this method to buy some sort of usable elsewhere gift card i.e. Visa/MC/Amex gift cards from Staples/Walmart and max out each Amex card in my wallet, for a total of 5k x 5 = 25k MR points. Oh well something to investigate before 5/17

At first I was upset when I read this because I just bought a bunch of stuff off of Walmart the other day. But then I remembered that I used Chase Pay and Paypal on my Freedom card so I earned 5x UR instead of 2x MR. But still, I don’t shop often so it would be nice to maximize both deals since Freedom goes till the end of Q2 instead of 5/17

Question is if we buy GC from any of these merchants, will they send L3 data because of using Amex checkout and then deny points?. I don’t want to fall prey to RAT’s fishing expedition.

NBG I got 60K MR bonus for Schwab Plat last week and i had made few GC purchase also . Most amex offers are triggered for GC purchase and i expect no issue for amex checkout offers too.

Actually is included in this deal…

Sorry..wrong info… supports amex checkout but no extra MR points

I also got a boxed 5X MR offer as a targeted email from Boxed couple of days ago (has some brand restrictions)

Sorry, I was mistaken about Looks like they accept AmEx Checkout but they aren’t participating in the promotion.

Information Booth
Information Booth

Ebags is listed… that will stack well with the current AMEX offer… thanks as always, Doc… God bless all of you!!

ebags offers amex checkout, but it doesn’t qualify for this bonus under the terms and conditions that I’m reading

I was excited as you as well at first but looking into the terms they didn’t list Ebags there so I’m guessing no?

William Charles
Please fix the title to “American Express Checkout………” from “AmEx Express Checkout Checkout….”

The service is “Amex Express Checkout”

Is this at all targeted? I did not get an email/see the offer. The above link does work though.

All of my offers are for 1x …pass


Those are separate offers, and should stack with the ones posted above.

So is this something we should be seeing in our regular Amex offers that we have to add or is this a public offer to anyone who has a Amex card. (excluding the ones you already mentioned.)

Seems like this Amex Checkout offer does not need to be added – simply use any Membership Rewards earning card with Amex Checkout and get the bonus.

Got this later in the day for a stacked Boxed purchase: “Hello, thank you for using Amex Express Checkout! You earned two additional Membership Rewards® points per dollar spent at a participating brand when you used Amex Express Checkout.” I sure like it when they let you know that you have used a promotion correctly.

I can confirm this. I used Amex Checkout to pay on a card I hadn’t the offer to and I got a confirmation email. In fact, I didn’t have the offer on any of my cards to add.

How do you change cards on express checkout. I wanted to use my BBP or BGR but it made me checkout with my Personal Plat.

There’s an arrow or something to change the card. Poke around a bit.

I’m also seeing 1 extra MR point offer for in addition to 20 off 75.
IIUC this means I’ll get 4X MR points in total?

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