Posted by Chuck on November 20, 2014
AmEx Offers

Published on November 20th, 2014 | by Chuck


Amex Offer: Moneymaker with $25 Off $125 at J Crew, Split-Tender Online

I recently conducted a J Crew experiment, and the results are just in.

J Crew Offer

Direct Link

  • Spend $125 at J Crew of and receive a $25 statement credit.

Signup is available via Twitter by tweeting #AmexJCrew from a connected Twitter account.

Offer valid until 12/24/2014.


A physical J Crew gift card purchased at will trigger the statement credit. (I’m unsure about an e-gift card.)

If you buy $125 J Crew gift card at, you’ll receive a $25 statement credit. If you sell the gift card to a reseller, you’d break-even, or possibly  profit slightly. They’re offering at least 80% of the face-value.

Now let’s get to portal…. Some merchants will payout portal points for gift card purchases and some won’t.

FM Labratory reports that ShopDiscover pays out on J Crew gift card orders. Currently, ShopDiscover is offering 10% cash-back at J Crew.

I can now confirm first-hand that ShopDiscover will payout on gift card purchases. I made a purchase myself last week, and just now I got the confirmation email that I’ll be receiving 10% cash-back.

It still may not be worth the hassle, since portals don’t always track properly.  Additionally, you can’t file a missing-cashback-claim, since you didn’t pay with your Discover card, and since Discover officially says that gift cards won’t earn cash-back.

Double Pay

But wait! It gets better….

When I went to order a gift card on last week, I added $125 gift card to my cart, and went to checkout. At checkout, the system asked me if I want to pay with one credit card, or if I want to split it between two credit cards.

Whoa, what was that? I can split the charge between two credit cards?

This is very rare, but J Crew allows split-tender for online transactions. The split can only be between two credit cards, not more than two.

I immediately emptied my cart, and added a $250 gift card, double the $125 gift card I had added initially. Then I split the charge, and put $125 on one Amex card, and $125 on another Amex card. Immediately after placing the order, I received two “Congrats” emails from Amex, thanking me for using my synced cards.

One of the things I always calculate when doing gift-card-churns, besides for the actual profitability, is the amount of effort involved. In this case, we’re almost halving the effort involved in the churn by using two Amex cards in one shot.

At the end of the day, I’ll earn the 10% cash-back or $25 for this single order, plus 250 credit card points. That definitely adds to the equation to make it worthwhile.

There’s still the chance of the portal not posting properly, but being that there’s no possible loss, and there’s a probable gain of at least $25 per order, I think I’ll be making some more J Crew orders soon….

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Amazing! I’ve been browsing through the Twitter deals earlier today but I’d never have figured this out… Getting too old for this kind of stuff!


I don’t understand, why couldn’t you just buy 2 separate GCs in 2 transactions using your 2 Amex cards? I get that it might be a bit quicker, but I don’t see why the split tender makes a difference otherwise.

Also, how often do you send out your newsletters? I haven’t gotten one in a long time.

Joel Hagerty
Joel Hagerty

Bought a $125 e-giftcard at Jcrew a few days ago and the $25 AMEX credit posted today. Clicked through Discover to try and get the 10% back but have yet to receive the “you’ve earned a cashback bonus” email from Discover so it might be better to buy a physical giftcard.


Happy to announce that the Discover email just came confirming the $25 cashback. This was such a sweet deal! Split tender over 2 Amex cards, resold the card code without any shipping fees, check is on the way. Total of $30 with some typing. That’s the underwear factor in MSing 😉

Thanks again Chuck for posting about this offer and the way to maximize it!


I don’t have discover card, Am I able to sign up for ShopDiscover. I tried doing it but the website is not allowing me to continue. please let me know

William Charles

You need a Discover card. The it card currently comes with a $150 bonus


[…] an order for a gift card and received the “congrats” email as expected. In the past, it was reported that e-gift card purchases triggered the Amex credit as […]


is this dead? I don’t see the offers on my amex account anymore although i did see them the other day

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