Posted by Chuck on August 26, 2015
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Published on August 26th, 2015 | by Chuck


Amex Platinum 100k Signup Bonus Offer

The Offer

Direct Link

  • Get approved for the Amex Platinum card and receive 100,000 Membership Reward points after spending $3000.

amex plantinum screenshot

The standard offer is 40,000. To get this offer, you need to go to the above link incognito. After a number of incognito sessions, you should get it to show. Be sure to verify that the offer is still showing on the main application page as some report that after clicking ‘apply now’ the offer on the screen changes to the standard 40k offer.

The Fine Print

  • Must spend $3,000 within 3 months
  • $450 annual fee, not waived the first year

Our Verdict

This offer has been circulating the blogosphere for a few hours now (I was offline for the past while). I just tried it out now (8 PM EST) and was able to get the offer to show. (Instant approval. Yay!)

If you can get the offer to show, it’s really unbeatable. The standard offer is just 40 and the occassionally higher targeted offers usually have a higher spend threshold.

The card also has an airline reimbursement of $200 which you can easily get twice within the first year (2015 and 2016) and this can help offset the annual fee.

We’ve also written about a similar way to get the Business Gold 75k offer to show by going incognito. People have been having success with that one as well recently.

HT: Rapidtravelchai

147 Responses to Amex Platinum 100k Signup Bonus Offer

  1. toasted says:

    Hey Doc,

    It has the lifetime language on there. You seriously never had a Platinum before?

  2. Will Gu says:

    There’s also a 50k premier gold reward offer, better than the 25k public offer.

    Similar as the plat card. Use incognito tab and refresh for a couple of times.

    Should combine HP if you apply for both…

  3. Kevin Go says:

    Is my wife still able to get the bonus even if she is an authorized card holder of my AMEX Platinum card?

  4. nic says:

    Just got 5 cards ~3 weeks ago in AoR – anyone care to guess chances of an approval?

    • Ouss says:

      Got 2 cards within 3 weeks time and I had to call for reconsideration for both cards. I was asked to verify my home address over the phone and both card was approved.( Delta Gold 60k offer and SPG 30k offer). I applied for the Plat card over the phone today and inquired about the 100K. Card not was instantly approved so I called the recon line few minutes later and it was manually approved.

    • Matt K says:

      I did 4 cards (including an amex biz) on 7/5. 8 days later did another Citi. So 5 cards ~ 45 days ago. Little hesitant on this offer (only because of timing) but figured might as well. Got the auto approval.

  5. Presley says:

    Opened in incognito five times and also refreshes five times and only the 40k offer for the Platinum appears. I already have the Premier Gold

  6. marco says:

    No luck yet. I tried different browsers on both windows and mac… 🙁

    Last time with the gold card it always came up…

  7. RKToledo says:

    No success receiving offer on Chrome incognito but regular Explorer worked first attempt. At $3k spend threshold, load into Serve and 100k AMEX pts. Easy.

  8. ats says:

    I applied for SPG AMEX card on 23rd so if I apply this now, will it be second hard pull or can they use the same?

    Also they say “If we identify you as currently having an American Express® Card account, you may not be eligible for this welcome bonus offer.” does that mean any amex card?

  9. Shirey says:

    No luck yet. Could you please share the 100K applicantion link?

  10. Kurt Steinfeldt says:

    Just tried in Explorer and got it on the first try as well.

  11. smbayguy says:

    Got it on my try in Chrome incognito and approved instantly(for spouse). I already had the card in 2014 and canceled a year later and not eligible to get bonus.

  12. Shirley says:

    I saw it. But applied 3 cards in the past 2 months. 1 at July, 2 at August. My FICO score is 800+. Does Amex limit the application in a certain time? Can I still apply it?

  13. mike says:

    tried about 30 times in different browsers on different machines – no dice. Will probably try some more and update if i find a working combo. goodluck!

  14. Presley says:

    I’ll wait until I get home. Maybe chrome on Linux OS will have better luck.

  15. Jeremy says:

    I spent about two hours trying different browsers and such with no luck. I finally just ended up calling in and was offered the 100k offer.

  16. Al says:

    I had a Platinum card a few years ago. Do they enforce the one time only rule?

    Any way of getting the Biz Platinum for 100k?

  17. Vikas says:

    Finally appeared after 15 tries in IE and Chrome incognito, had to apply next set of cards on 86th day from last round as I didn’t want to wait till 91 days after this showed up. Auto approval for Amex plat along with SPG Personal, Citi AA Exec approved after calling recon line and Alaska is pending approval – will cal tomorrow.

  18. Kris says:

    Tried four times in incognito mode and got instantly approved. Applied for Starwood 30K also approved.

  19. yang says:

    I also got the biz version with 150k offer few weeks ago, am I eligible to have the personal version offer? given I never had the personal version before?

  20. ThunderFat says:

    Tried Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE, Firefox and 4 computers for half an hour, no luck… Then used VPN to change IP address, successfully got 100k… Not sure if this works for everyone

  21. Steve says:

    I want so badly to do this, but since I had the Mercedes Benz card in 2014, I really don’t expect I’d get the bonus.

  22. GAURAV GUPTA says:

    if the card is cancelled with in 1-2 months(after points credit), the annual fee can be refunded ?

    • Steve says:

      It’ll be refunded on a pro-rated basis, meaning you won’t get the full $450 back.

      But do you really want to annoy Amex by cancelling so quickly?

  23. tomes says:

    I get approved this card. and then i add this card to my amex account, does this affect the bonus? thx

  24. Kirk says:

    I just opened my Delta account in June and Hilton account this month. Have I reached max number of cards I can get within a certain period?

  25. Andy says:

    I have a really old Amex Blue Cash that i signed up 12 years ago (and I dont believe there was any free stuff involved) and I just signed up for the SPG Business card last week.

    Is the one personal amex a lifetime for EACH different amex card or if you have one Amex personal card, youre done forever?

  26. New says:

    Wow! Worked for me after 3 attempts! Got approved. Thanks a lot!

  27. Romania says:

    Please change the heading from plantium to platinum

  28. Kenny says:

    Absolutely no luck at all, I get the 40k offer no matter what browser I use after at least 30X on each (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari). I then started using a VPN: nothing. Then I went to another PC with the same result. Some said they just called in and got the offer.

    What is the phone number to call? It’s worth a shot after all this time I spent messing with browsers and incognito tricks…

    • ouss says:

      Call and let the rep know that you saw the 100k online and you would like to get that offer.

    • Elliot says:

      Same story here, and I gave up and called in – they were able to make the same offer, so I applied over the phone. Still pending/in progress, but hopefully will get approved. The number is 877-621-2639.

      • Kenny says:

        Thanks for the number, just tried calling, and the rep was not able to see the offer 🙁

        I guess I’m relegated to trying this browser thing over and over. It must have been 200 times already since last night…

  29. Ryan says:

    Looks like the offer is no longer available …

  30. RL says:

    I personally think the PRG with 50k and no annual fee first year is the better deal. The only value is the lounge access with the Platinum. Look at this this way, 51k MR + $200 airline credit for $1k of spend.

    • Justin says:

      I agree that it’s a better deal, but lot’s of us already have that card.

    • italdesign says:

      Depends on how much you use the lounges (PP, Centurion, DL). DFW Centurion is one of my fav (superb free massage) and I’ve been to some nice intl F ones.

  31. another says:

    I have once had Amex PRG, and upgraded into Platinum; and recently several months ago, I downgraded into PRG again; do you think that I am eligible for this sign up bonus?

  32. Ash says:

    I just got an Ameriprise Platinum this April. Will this be considered a different product?

  33. sunny morris says:

    Wow! Just signed up myself and my husband. Now, where to go with our 200k points? Very exciting!

  34. Ash says:

    I just got an Ameriprise Platinum last April. Will this be considered as a separate product?

  35. DAS says:

    I got the 100k promotion, applied, and was approved immediately, but then when I completed registration it added the Platinum card to my existing AMEX account even though I used a different email and was on a private browser(I have had a Delta AMEX card for about 10 years – no MR rewards points involved in that card). Should I worry that because I have the Delta card they will not honor the 100k? Also none of the confirmation emails mentioned the 100k points. How will I be able to confirm that they are included?

    • Matt says:

      You can ask a chat agent to confirm the spend bonus requirements.

      I currently have the PRG, and I just signed up for the 100k Platinum offer and was approved. I added it to my current account and a chat agent confirmed that the bonus is attached to my account.

    • c2d says:

      This is how it usually works with Amex. They find and link accounts based on your SSN. You can confirm the offer attached to your new Plat with online chat.

  36. Christopher Miller says:

    Can I purchase an airline gift card from an airline’s website to get the $200 airline reimbursement? Also, can this card be used for Serve reload and still earn points?


    • Matt says:

      (1) Yes

      (2) Serve loads will count towards minimum spend but you won’t receive points on the spend itself, if that makes sense.

  37. Christopher Miller says:

    Can I apply now and cancel in January 2016, meet the spending requirement, receive the 100K bonus, $200 in airline credit for both 2015 and 2016 and only pay the prorated annual fee for this card? Other than the ding on your length of credit, are there any other drawbacks to this method?

    • Don’t think American Express would be thrilled with this, you’re already getting excellent value out of the card no need to push it to that level.

      • Christopher Miller says:

        When would you suggest cancelling it then? I don’t have any use for this card other than the sign up and airline fee.


        • Just before the annual fee hits. You don’t have any use for lounge access or any of the other platinum benefits? It’s up to you, just not worth risking my relationship with American Express personally.

  38. Matt says:

    Reports are that the deal is dead — or at the very least on life support.

    If you haven’t jumped on this, do so as soon as possible. Most phone agents don’t appear willing or able to find the offer, but a few people are still reporting success.

    • c2d says:

      Agreed, do it asap. Be polite and be clear about why you want the card (not just the bonus offer). Just got off the phone (877-621-2639). Lines seem to be getting slammed, I was on hold for 15 minutes before I got an agent. I think they are now quite wary of calls about this offer, the agent asked me a lot of questions (which other amex cards I have now, what kind of benefits I liked, which airlines/hotels I use etc) before he offered me the 100k offer. He asked for my existing PRG card# to pull up my info and fill out the application. I was approved and the card will be here tomorrow! Good luck everyone.

  39. HG says:

    Currently on the phone after 30 min hold. Rep is saying she needs POID/RPC code, and is refusing to offer 100k without it. HUCA with these hold times…

    • Matt says:

      try reference POID BUIU:0001

      most recent reports, however, is that phone reps are giving the offer without the need for a POID code, albeit after some questions like “why do you want the card? and “what kind of spending will you put on it?”

      try to have good answers ready — e.g., you want lounge access, the hotel program, etc.

      • Jay says:

        Saw the offer once last night and hesitated to pull the trigger. Went back a few hours later and have not been able to get the offer again. Went to the library this afternoon with no luck. Called AMEX twice and they both asked for the POID and couldn’t do anything without that. After reading Matt’s post I called back and used that number. Rep pulled up the offer no problem. Went through all the questions and right as he said, “Do I have your permission to pull your credit?” my phone disconnected. 39 minutes on the phone and OH SO CLOSE!!! I’m now on a landline waiting again to talk to another rep. If I get the 100k it’s worth the time.

      • Jazz says:

        called 8/27 at 4 PM. AE Asked for POID. And was approved for 100k offer 🙂 Thank you!!!

  40. Kate says:

    Just called and got approved instantly. Thanks for sharing this offer!

  41. Larry says:

    Applied last night…pending…Approved today!

  42. kishore says:

    Just called and provided the POID.from above comment … Approved on phone.

    Thank you Very much.

    • Jack says:

      Same for me. They wanted POID and asked questions about what benefits I was attracted to, what airlines I fly, etc. Was easy enough and I was approved. FWIW, I tried the incognito browser 50+ times and the offer never showed, so phone was the only way.

  43. Steve says:

    I called Amex and spoke with a rep after 5 minutes on hold. Initially she asked about a code, but when I said that I had read that reps could bring up the code themselves, she put me on hold for a few minutes, came back, and indeed had found the needed code. I did first ask if the Mercedes Benz card (which I already had before) was a different product, and she confirmed it was. It took about a half hour to go through the process. First there were questions about my Amex cards, reasons for wanting the card, and planned usage. I actually didn’t experience this as screening me; I thought it was her fulfilling her script for getting info on anyone, maybe for helping them choose a card. I would say, “I like it because it has no foreign transaction fees” or “I want to use the fine hotels and resorts benefit,” and she would, “Yes! It’s great for that reason.” Her questions seemed like attempts at “help.” I say this because even after I said several times I wanted the card, she spent a good ten minutes explaining to me every benefit of the card, as if it were a sell. Even after I said, “Yeah, I’m ready, let’s go,” she kept explaining. I will say she was very pleasant, just loquacious. Then once we got to the application, she had to read everything to me and get my okay before running the credit pull. Fortunately, it was approved. If you do this, be prepared for a long wait before you even know if you’re approved.

  44. Thershope says:

    I am in a fix here and think someone will help me make up my mind. I just applied 2 cards last week (1 AMex and 1 Sallie Mae, never got a card in mail and am yet to activate them) and i see this offer now.

    I am not a frequent traveler internationally nor I do high spend. I might do few domestic flights from TPA to NYC and may be LV and one trip planned in 2016 to India. Am not able to make up mind if I have to pull trigger for this offer with all these info in hand. Is it worth if i am not a frequent traveler ?

    Should I close the account with Sallie Mae just to avoid pulling my AoAA down ?

    • Vic says:

      IMO the 100k MR alone makes this deal worthwhile (fantastic to be honest)
      I don’t travel that much but I applied simply because 100k is almost if not the highest bonus the Platinum can get.
      As long as you have no problem meeting the $3k requirement, I’d recommend you apply now than later.
      As a existing Amex holder, you don’t get hard pull if you’re unluckily denied (read about this on DoC here ) So there’s nothing to lose really.

      For your question about Sallie Mae, definitely NOT.

      Whether your account is open or closed, it has the SAME effect on you AAoA.

      “Also open and closed accounts age the same. Closing a CC has no affect on average age of accounts or credit history length.”

    • Kenny says:

      I was a little concerned, as in the last few weeks I had applied for a few other cards. I was concerned I may have had too many recent inquiries. If this offer came about a few weeks ago, I probably would not have applied for those cards. But I decided that 100K is such an amazing offer that it’s worth the attempt for me. Fortunately, it worked out.

      You may not be a frequent traveler, but could you become one, or just splurge on a premium redemption? I’m sure you can find or others could help you with ways to spend 100K MR pts 🙂

      The blogosphere also has published various ways to meet minimum spend, which should help.

  45. TQ says:

    I wasn’t approved unfortunately. I did call in using the POID provided here. Am I the only one here not getting approved?

  46. Vic says:

    For those of you who was approved for the Platinum today, you can consider adding this Amex Gold Card with 10k bonus (no spending requirement) in there since hard pulls are combined on the same day.

    The Gold Card (as opposed to Premier Rewards Gold) normally has no bonus, and the highest known bonus (targeted from snail mail) seems to be 25k, but I wouldn’t bet on that as I rarely receive targeted offer from Amex.

    I just applied and was approved.

    • Elliot says:

      Thanks Vic! Great idea – just did it too and approved as well. Much appreciated. Hope the pulls will be combined since my application for the Platinum card was like 15 hours ago, but same date.

  47. Kenny says:

    I know this sounds like adding sand to the beach, but I just got off the phone with Amex, and was approved! I basically told them that I saw the offer online earlier, but ran into some computer trouble, so I decided to call in and apply. The CSR did ask for the POID code, so once I was able to give him that, I was in like Flynn (For such a great offer I was thinking the code would be a little more complex, but no complaints here 🙂 ). The longest parts of the call are the hold times and their explanation of all the benefits and terms of the offer. From dialing to hangup, my call was about 45 mins (25 mins of hold time). Definitely worth it IMO for potentially 100,000 pts

    As others have said, definitely, know your reasons for wanting the card (beyond just the bonus). I went with international travel, lounge access and the Global Entry Fee credit. I think it’s good to also have prepared why those things would be important (ie improving the pre-board experience..etc)

    Thanks to those who posted the phone number and the POID code. The CSR I talked to made it sound like the code was mandatory to move forward with the offer, but I see others had different experiences.

    I’m glad now I don’t have to open close and open and close and open incognito/private browsers just to get the offer to show up (at least not for 3 months!)

  48. Binny says:

    For those asking about the Ameriprise Amex Platinum I found this on flyertalk:
    Is this card a different product than the normal personal Amex Platinum?
    Yes, by all indications this card is treated differently. Multiple members have received the bonus after previously having a personal Platinum card. Members have also been able to use the travel credit on this card even after obtaining the travel credit on a personal Platinum in the same year. (Post 363)

    • Jason says:

      However you cannot apply for the normal personal Amex Plat if you are current Ameriprise Amex Plat holder because they are treated as the same “Platinum card” in the new account application system

  49. Ken says:

    Got approved via phone application! Thank you everyone for contributing!

    When the CSR explained the terms, I’m not sure but I think she mentioned that purchase of prepaid card or cash equivalents will not count towards the $3000 minimum spend. My eyes were glazing over from the long explanation that I’m not sure if I heard it right. If that’s the case then is buying visa giftcards from Simon malls out the question to reach the minimum spend?

    Would someone who was actively listening please clarify. LOL thanks!

  50. Andy Vic says:

    Thanks Guys for all the wonderful info. I called Amex and finally was able to get through after 25 minutes of wait. They said “this POID number has been void as it’s leaked on the blogs”. But you never know may be it works for you. I’m gonna try calling them again.

    • Vic says:

      I wasn’t asked for the POID on my 2nd call yesterday, so there’s still a chance.

      Remember to emphasize that you really like the card and will put all your spending on it. And then mention lightly that you saw such 100K offer 2 days ago but couldn’t find it anymore. In my case, she simply said she can see the offer and can honor it for me.

  51. Chris says:

    Called this morning, rep asked for the POID and after going thru all the terms, I was approved. Thanks for posting the info.

  52. Prospect Joe says:

    Just called into the application line, as previously noted above, give them the following code. Totally works and no problems.

    POID BUIU:0001

  53. Awesome Possum says:

    The POID worked! Thank you @ Prospect Joe! I love Amex!

  54. Michael says:

    Same here. I just called in and was approved after providing POID BUIU:0001.

  55. Andre says:

    Just called and said I was interested in the Platinum offer. The lady immediately asked for the POID number and I gave it to her. She then asked for a pin which I don’t have. Said I didn’t have it, then she asked for an email with the offer. She seemed to have caught on.

  56. HapEmile says:

    Just got approved using the POID BUIU:0001 as posted above. CSR reiterated several times 100k offer and said any issues getting that amount, just mention the code above and all should be fine.

    Thanks Doc!

  57. max says:

    Waited over 10 minutes on hold and was told I needed PIN – no success.

  58. samatha says:

    It looks like they got it!

    As soon as I told them the code, said they are invalid

    call 2 times, same response

    POID BUIU:0001

    another code: 2AAR 8BILOU 4UQA NKR


  59. max says:

    Tried again and got a female who only wanted POID and was approved. Definitely try again.

  60. Mike says:

    Just hung up minutes ago after being approved. Called at 9:30 EST. Only took 1 call, never had to HUCA and didn’t get disconnected. I waited about 30 minutes on hold. Used the POID BUIU 0001 (and nothing else, the rep didn’t blink) with no problems, confirmed several times 100K. Approved instantly (or rather, approved after walking through the application and lots of basic information from the rep about the card and reading legal stuff). Whole call was 50 minutes, fantastic and very nice rep.

  61. christina says:

    Just used zombie link for citi offer, was instantly approved. So it does still work!

  62. Henry Chen says:

    Do you have any easy method to achieve the $200 airline reimbursement?

  63. Thershope says:

    I called in again and was told that Amex has pulled that offer down. The CSR told that it was a targeted offer and that person posted the POID online. Seems I missed the offer.

  64. David says:

    I just did it with the above PUID and got it on the 2nd call. Still works!

    • Thershope says:

      What did you tell? Can you please let me know some key things you mentioned?

      • David says:

        The first time, the lady was really nice but asked me not only for PUID but the offer code. She said that they have been getting a lot of calls and the bonus would only be offered if you had the long numeric code. I called back again and got someone else who just asked for the PUID code that is listed above.

        He said that the 100k offer was possible and then we went through the motions and I got approved.

  65. Grace Y says:

    Wow, still works, just called around 9:30, got approved!

  66. Dave D says:

    Is this for the Ameriprise Financial Platinum Card??

  67. Eric says:

    Am I correct that this deal is really only worthwhile if you are going to apply the points to travel? From what I saw cash is only worth half the points.

  68. Peter says:

    I don’t understand…some of you said that the reps did not even ask for the offer codes. Well I just called in and right away they asked me for the code. I was told I need to have an offer code. How can I get a working one? I would get the card right away had I have a code. Thanks for your replies in advance.

    • thershope says:

      Exactly. I have tried more than 3 times now. each of the time, i was asked to provide the offer code. Dont understand the logic at CSR end to ask this question to few of us and not to everybody. Probably HUCA is the answer.

  69. Peter says:

    What is HUCA? Thank you.

  70. thershope says:

    Hang Up, Call Again

  71. thershope says:

    2 calls were required and finally got it approved by a very polite and nice CSR. But I will not get my card before 3rd Aug.

  72. Eli says:

    I called in the 877 number and applied over the phone about 30 min ago. The wait was about 5 min and a super friendly cs picked it up and asked for the POID. She didn’t mention anything about the offer code but start to ask if I travel a lot, do I have an Amex card. Then I gave her the amex card #, so it feels like she is doing a soft pull of my credit maybe? to see if everything is in good order.

    She asked typical questions such as income, employer etc and then submit the application for me. Very smooth and enjoyable experience I would say. The conversation with her actually made my day so I decided to do one step further, see if I can officially thank her for her service. She transferred me to the supervisor so I can deliver my positive feedback directly to the manager. Nothing big but I just feel these awesome reps deserve a sincere thank you.

  73. John says:

    Two calls, both say the offer has ended. Boooooo!

  74. Ferry says:

    Called in 3 times and gave them the POID #.
    No luck, all of the reps keep asking to get the rsvp number along with the POID.

  75. Solomon says:

    They said the offer over the phone was only until yesterday 🙁

  76. Thershope says:

    Definitely call again. I got approved at 4pm EST today

  77. Kavz says:

    The $200 incidental fee/year, how can it be accomplished? Can one buy airline giftcards from the website directly (aka SW GC’s) and be reimbursed for them twice (once this yr and once again next yr)?

    • Eric says:

      If that can be done it would almost wipe out the annual fee which would make this promotion a much better deal. Has anyone bought SW gc and gotten reimbursed? I know it works for my WF.

    • Peter says:

      I just registered the card and see what this below (insert from the Terms) says about the incidental fee:

      Good to Know
      This benefit doesn’t offer credit toward airline tickets, mileage points purchases or mileage points transfer fees, gift cards, upgrades, duty–free purchases, or award tickets.

      Eligible purchases made by both the Basic and any Additional Card Members are covered. However, statement credits for eligible purchases can’t exceed $200 on the Card account per calendar year.

      Also, if you read it carefully its says we need to choose the airline whose cost we try to expense with AMEX…and you can only change that once a year.

  78. Peter says:

    Last week I applied for Citi prestige as well which is a better deal I think …but I could not help grabbing the 100k points from AMEX with 100k points (after 5 HUCA though). Here is the deal with Citi Prestige in case you want to compare:

    By earning 50,000 Bonus ThankYou Points you can redeem for travel or rewards even sooner with:

    $800 toward a flight on American Airlines or US Airways®
    $665 toward flights on any other airline
    $500 in gift cards from a wide range of merchants
    Other great rewards

    Automatically receive an annual $250 Air Travel Credit, to be applied to flight-related expenses charged to your card, including airline tickets, baggage fees, upgrades and more

    Extend your trip with a complimentary 4th night stay at any hotel of your choice

    Enjoy complimentary access to American Airlines Admirals Club® lounges, plus hundreds of VIP lounges through Priority PassTM Select

    Complimentary greens fees at more than 2,400 public and private golf courses around the globe


    So no delta sky club but we can buy gift cards and the credit can be applied to the statement between Dec-Dec meaning if you get the card now, you can get the credit twice before the 2nd annual fee hits your account. Also you can transfer the thank you points without any charge.

    • Kavz says:

      By the way, Both for American Express PRG Card and AMEX Platinum as well as Citi Prestige care, how does one maximize the $100/Yr and $200/Yr Or $250/Yr incidental charges Reimbursement?

      Can i Just Buy Airline GC’s directly from their websites, and will be Reimbursed?

  79. Dave says:

    Tried 3 times today, all “That offer just ended yesterday.”

  80. Eric says:

    Does anyone know how often this 100K offer comes along? Has there ever been a better offer for this card?

  81. PlatAmex says:

    Data point

    I was able to get this offer online today.

    The deal is on again

  82. Bernat says:

    They asked for an RCP. Saying that was an offer code that I would receive on my mail.
    Any idea about this?


  83. John says:

    Got the 100K offer yesterday using cardmatch. Patience paying off.

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