Posted by William Charles on June 18, 2017
AmEx Offers

Published on June 18th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Expired] #AmexHotelsdotcom: Purchase $50 Giftcard, Get $10 Back

This deal has now expired, follow us on Twitter so you don’t miss any deals.

Today is the last day for this offer. Remember to make your purchases if you haven’t already.

Update #2: The twitter hashtag #AmexHotelsdotcom started working now (Tuesday morning, 4/25). If you didn’t save it in the login already, you can click here for quick retweet.

The Offer

Direct link to offer (click here for quick retweet)

  • Get a one-time $10 statement credit by using your connected Card to spend a minimum of $50+ in one or more transactions online at by 6/18/2017


The Fine Print

  • Offer valid only on gift cards purchased through Excludes Gift Registry and all other services & purchases. Purchase must be through US site and charged in USD.

Our Verdict

Keep in mind that you can combine gift card balances online (thanks to Payments Workshop for making this information easy to find). Topcashback also specifically offers 2% cash back for gift card purchases as well. I love love love this offer because you can stack with further, I explain this in more detail here.

44 Responses to [Expired] #AmexHotelsdotcom: Purchase $50 Giftcard, Get $10 Back

  1. Daniel says:

    Hmm; Definitely tweeted this and didn’t get a response yet. Anyone else? Usually isn’t virtually instantly.

  2. Dustin says:

    I did not get a response either. It is always instantaneous.

  3. AP says:

    same boat, no response

  4. Dustin says:

    I see that it is now added on most of my card accounts. Check your account again. They weren’t loaded this morning.

  5. kevin says:

    no respond, add several times. it’s weired. why cannot add to my accounts?

  6. TG says:

    Same here. No response to my tweet

  7. Kris says:

    No response for me either :/

  8. Narayana S says:

    Same response yet from Amex offers on twitter.

  9. Miz says:

    Hours after I tweeted, and no response from Amex Offers …

  10. joe says:

    no response for me either

  11. Dima says:

    Any idea on how to scale this? Few months ago I wasn’t able to buy more than five or so cards before hotels.con started cancelling all my orders. I know others were hitting the limit pretty quickly as well

  12. deerseason says:

    As far as discounts go, I’d rather just buy discounted cards from Cardcash (5x on Ink), around 7.5% off, then combine balances into one account. If you want to protect your cards from fraud, get one fresh card and combine your balances into that, and then just keep like 1 dollar on it indefinitely to keep it active.

    • Why would you rather getting the cards for 7.5% off when this deal is 20% off?

      • deerseason says:

        I wasn’t clear; the more important thing for me to have said was that I’m never at a loss for gift cards anyway, so I didn’t need to get this one. Buying them at a discount with the 5x INK yields me about 13% off each time, so I’m not feeling too pinched to miss this deal (especially since people seem to be having trouble getting the credit).

        But yes, 20% is still a great deal, and I love

  13. RUNTHEROAD says:

    Samething here, not getting any response from any of my Twitter synced accounts on the offer. The Boxed one works fine. Did everyone who isn’t getting a response also sign up for the last Amex offer in January? It looks like the hashtags are the same, maybe that’s creating some system issue?

    • Ray says:

      Never even had an Amex until this month, and I’m having the same problem of no reply. Boxed and Uniqlo offers work fine.

  14. Kevin says:

    It’s working again now.. My previously troubled accounts are getting the response once re-tweeted the has..

  15. Bob says:

    Tweetdeck keeps telling me that I cannot tweet #amexhotelsdotcom again because I already tweeted it. How do you bypass this?

  16. Stvr says:

    You have to file a claim to get the Topcashback

    • I haven’t had that issue before. Remember it doesn’t go through until the stay is completed.

      • TG says:

        The GCs always seem to require a claim to get credit.

        Also I didn’t get confirmation from Amex when I bought it this time, and the GC didn’t get sent instantly as usual. Odd since I only ordered 1.

  17. M says:

    Thanks so much for the update! I have now added this offer to all my cards. 😊

  18. DW says:

    I didn’t get the “instant” confirmation email from Amex after the purchase.

  19. ted says:

    it may be stating the obvious, but if you’re like me and don’t do twitter and just live your own life, you can activate the offer from the app

  20. Don says:

    Anyone know if you can use your “free night” + a gift card to pay for the same reservation?

  21. DW says:

    I used the offer for all five of my cards. Only one received the credit. Chat agent quoted some made up terms that only one credit is allowed. I remember calling a support number a couple of years ago to resolve a similar issue with Airbnb. Does anyone still have that number?

    • GV says:

      @ DW: I’m missing the credit as well and have been battling using the chat feature 2x now. The tone of the last chat was highly unpleasant and the many questions asked read like an interrogation. In the end the agent “Had to forward my case to a different department for further investigation”. The excuse used was that Amex issued only a limited number of enrollment availability and it had to be verified if I had qualified within the limited enrollment period and within the number allotted. Unfortunately the chat feature will not let you print the conversation that occurred. This all for a $10 credit statement – which makes me want to cut ties with Amex sooner than later.

      • EW says:

        I followed up again a week later and came across a helpful agent. He admitted there were issues with the system. A couple of days later the credits showed up on my other cards.

  22. iahphx says:

    It sounds ridiculous, but it seems like removed the link to buy gift cards from their site. Does anyone know how to actually make this purchase?

  23. Angie says:

    anyone having an issue combining gc? i keep getting an error. do the cards need time to “activate”? or is the function broken? thanks.

  24. Audrey says:

    Do portals actually work for this with Amex since the web address is not what’s specified in the offer? Reading mixed results.

  25. ABC says:

    How do you figure out which Amex card is connected to a twitter account?

    • Chuck says:

      You need to keep records. You can also figure it out by tweeting an offer and seeing which account it’s showing as saved under in your online logins. Or try DMing @askamex twitter support.

      • ABC says:

        I called 1800-297-7500. They were unable to mention the associated twitter account. Instead they unsynced the card. I synced it with a twitter account.

  26. Saf says:


    I enrolled using the Amex offers on my BCE card. Assuming I’m ineligible for this. I setup a twitter and did all this and get this reply:

    “You’ve already enrolled in the #AmexHotelsdotcom offer. If this is an error, please contact @AskAmex”

    Maybe others who aren’t getting a reply tweet are in the same boat as me.

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