Android Pay Won’t Charge Fees, Changes To Kimpton Rewards?, Chase Slate Undervalued, Best Citi AA Offer & More

  • Google Misses Out on Apple’s Slice of Mobile Transactions by Wall Street Journal. Basically Android Pay won’t charge any fees (whereas Apple Pay takes a 0.15% slice for credit and 0.5¢ for each debit card transaction). The reason why Apple is getting a better deal than Google is because in the past Visa & Mastercard were charging for their tokenization service and now they don’t – as part of this payment services can no longer charge fees to credit card issuers. Android Pay are still hoping to make about $300 per year per user, which means there will be no doubt plenty of free money opportunities for us.
  • Possible Changes Coming For Kimpton? I Hope It’s Not This! by Just Another Points Traveller. In my mind, there is no doubt that this program will be gutted after the IHG purchase.
  • He Fought The Law. You’ll Never Guess Who Won by Pizza In Motion. Filing a complaint with the CFPB can be a useful tool, just make sure you make to effort to get a reasonable outcome before filing a complaint. Financial institutions have an interest in getting these complaints resolved (and not getting them in the first place) so usually you’ll get a satisfactory outcome if your complaint has some basis in fact.
  • Maximizing the Discover Double Cash promo: Which card is best? How many can I get? by Frequent Miler. It’s a shame that the limits on the Discover it Chrome suck so bad otherwise it might actually make sense.
  • PSA: The Best Offer for the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select Card is Not Online by PointsCentric. Pretty sure I also saw somebody say they saw a 70,000 offer during a flight.
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred is terrible, get Slate instead by Freequent Flyer. I disagree that the CSP is terrible, but I do think the Slate card can be useful for balance transfers if you have enough existing credit with Chase (they usually give low limits on the Slate). If you’re going to play the balance transfer game, just make sure you understand it properly and don’t take undue risks. If you suddenly have to pay the full interest rate on $30,000 for the 15 months (because you missed a payment), then you’re going to suddenly be in a lot of financial stress.

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