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Published on August 3rd, 2017 | by William Charles


Applied For A Citi American Airlines Select Card? Ask To Be Matched To 75,000 Miles

At the moment there are the following four offers on the Citi American Airlines cards (seems the business offers no longer work):

You can also get 75,000 miles on the Citi Executive card. I’m not sure if this is working for people that applied for the offers with the statement credit attached, but there are multiple reports of people successfully getting matched to a 75,000 mile offer (data points: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). What’s even better is that some people that have already received matches to higher bonuses are receiving a full match (e.g they have gone from 60,000 to 65,000 and receive 5,000 bonus points. Asked to be matched for this offer and receive another 15,000 miles). I’d recommend you do this right now if you’ve applied for the card in the last four months, if you’re not successful I’d just hang up and call again. Note: Secured messaging doesn’t seem to be having much success, so call instead.

Please share your datapoints in the comments below.

Big hat tip to ragingbuffalo

120 Responses to Applied For A Citi American Airlines Select Card? Ask To Be Matched To 75,000 Miles

  1. Max says:

    I was denied by SM. Strange response as if the CSR was unaware of matching even existed.

    “We received your request to apply the new account offer to your existing account. Our solicitations are used as a way to encourage new business or to offer an additional account to our customers. When you opened your account, you would have received any applicable offers specific to your application. Therefore, we are unable to apply the incentives mentioned in your solicitation to your existing account.”

    • Shawn says:

      I got denied as well. Do we have to call in for this?

    • Allie says:

      I have been denied via SM twice (first when matching to 65k, and just this morning when matching to 75k). In both cases I was successful in politely saying that I have a friend who was matched to the offer and I would appreciate consistency in this policy. Both times a different person responded and granted my request!

      Last time I was asked for proof of the offer but gave basically that same response and had no problem the second time.

  2. Max says:

    Stupid question: what number? Just the number on the back of the card?

  3. mishyq says:

    curious to know if there’s any match from 50K directly to 75K? or do you need to do it in lock-step? 50->60->65->75?

    • 50k > 75k should work.

      • Yu says:

        Do I have to meet the requirement first or can I ask them to match now? I just got the card a couple of weeks ago and have yet to hit $3K spending.

        • No idea, try it and let us know.

          • DaWoodMan1 says:

            I’m currently in the process of meeting the spend and have tried HUCA 3X to match to 75k. No luck so far.

            Once I hit the spending threshold at the end of this month, I’ll try again to match to 75k and see if that works.

            I’m rather annoyed right now as HUCA 3x hasn’t worked and as far as I know I didn’t have the $50 statement credit offer so… I just want to match 60k to 75k. Is that too much to ask Citi!

  4. Ry5 says:

    If you ask for the match from 60 to 65, do you have to spend an additional amount in the 3 months?

  5. Jim says:

    I applied and got the Citi advantage MasterCard for 60k bonus but I made a mistake in. It paying attention to the term because I converted one of my other Citi advantage Amex card to Citi Costco card 6 months ago. It has been 10 days since I received the new card and I didn’t even bother to actiicate it. I am sure Citi won’t give me the bonus or remove the hard inquiry. What do you think I should do with this new card? I already have Citi advantage Visa card since 2012. Thanks for your opinion and advice

  6. Pat says:

    Just SM’d for all 4 of my personal AA cards. Fingers crossed.

  7. Phil says:

    I’m pretty sure the link for the 60K business card listed above has gone inactive. Have not been able to get it live. Does anyone know whether there is a different link to the same offer?

    thank you

  8. Avi says:

    I noticed that biz 60k link doesn’t lead to an application. It’s broken. The 50k link opens as a 30k offer.

  9. JP says:

    Whoa. Was gonna apply for citi business tonight any new link?

  10. AKSF says:

    So you’re saying you can apply for AA Plat, but get matched to the 75k offer, which is actually the Executive card?

    • You can get matched to 75k offer on the select card, I assume there is a targeted offer and that’s why they are matching. Separately there is a 75k public bonus on the executive card.

  11. BlueEyes_Austin says:

    My match from 60 was by SM.

  12. BlueEyes_Austin says:

    “We have added 15,000 miles to your account to match the offer that you
    received. The miles will post on your account within 1-2 billing cycles.”

    “Keep in mind that in order to receive the 60,000 bonus miles you need to
    have $3000.00 in purchases by XXXXXXX.”

    I was about a month after my app.

  13. Avi says:

    Dummy booking spit out this new 40k offer for Citi AA Plat:
    Not really useful if they’re gonna match up to 75k.

  14. Daniel says:

    Just called… was told they would need 7-10 business days for the marketing team to investigate.

    • Ping says:

      Just called and got the same thing. I wonder if I should put in a SM to match the 65K right now so I can at least get that if there decision is to deny the match?

      • Daniel says:

        I tried SM after 2 HUCA with no dice. Got rejected too.

        “We received your request to apply the new account offer to your existing
        account. Our solicitations are used as a way to encourage new business
        or to offer an additional account to our customers. Therefore, we are
        unable to apply the incentives mentioned in your solicitation to your
        existing account.”

    • Sam says:

      Calling is not a good idea here. Not sure why thats being recommended.

  15. Alton says:

    Found this on flyertalk, HT to ninim2000, for the 60k business offer and used it last night to snag one:

  16. Daniel says:

    HUCA and got another rep who said we are not able to change any offers on your account

  17. Ani says:

    I recently received my AAdvantage platinum select with 60K miles/3K/3 months offer. Spoke to a CSR just now and asked to price match to 75K. She told me she submitted a request to higher management and someone will get back to me in next 5 days. Should I expect any luck out of it?

  18. 53c3 says:

    these citi offers have 24 month language, rite doc?

  19. Gerhardt says:

    Few DPs here. Opened Business card May 4 originally matched to 65k from 60k a while back. Successfully SM today for another extra 15k. SM on 65k non-24 personal mailer opened July 22 given the extra 10k before meeting MSR. Tried 3 times on SM for personal opened March 22nd. No dice. Going to see if calling helps, but probably too far out. Looks like they may be adhering to original timeline, but SM is working.

  20. Gadsden says:

    Thanks DOC!! They matched my personal and business 60k cards up to 75k via SM requests.

  21. JP says:

    Do you guys just call number on back of card? Which department do you ask for? Tried once and it was no go with rep who I talked to first. Will HUCA but wanna be sure of number and department.

  22. Joe S says:

    Can someone tell me if there’s a good way to get more offers by mail for Citi (w/o Language). I’ve seen stuff about opening new AA account and then linking to AAdvantage dining.

  23. shoop says:

    got 10k over sm on a 65k mailer opened a month ago

  24. Sam says:

    I asked them to match to 75K and they did it on Citi AA Biz card. That was quick.

  25. JP says:

    What kind of CL people are getting on biz version? I got $3k!!

    • jwapa says:

      I got 1.5k CL! I couldn’t believe it as all my other five personal CITI cards have 10k and above. Have not been hitting CITI at all for the last year either. Biz opened 7/13, SM’d yesterday evening and got matched 60k->75k. I’d suggest SM rather than calling IME.

      • jwapa says:

        BTW real business 4k annual revenue (1099-MISC) for the past 10 years. put down personal annual income >100k. First biz card ever. I’ve seen another one with 2k ann revenue got something like 10k CL on reddit so I think it’s quite YMMV.

    • Bill says:

      When I opened my AA biz card a year ago I got a 30k CL. I had several personal citi cards but no other business cards with them. At one point I had a citigold account but I think this app was after I closed that.

    • VL says:

      I got 20K CL just recently … Not sure if they count in the exposure including all cards for that entity. I have 5K on the business Costco card, and that is it for Citi Business… Also have personal, but that should be different.

  26. VJ says:

    The recent citi AA i got was on Feb this year. Will they match that far out?

  27. _here_ says:

    Got a match through SM.

    Applied for 65k through a 9 digit mailer. Sent a SM yesterday asking for match. Got a reply today saying they’ll add 10k

  28. Chris says:

    called to ask for a match, they said they couldn’t match me… even though I applied for the 60K platinum select 3 days ago

  29. JF says:

    I asked for a match via SM and got approved. Applied about a month ago for the 60k offer, I mentioned that I’m seeing a 75k offer now and they gave the additional 15k no problem.

  30. Madison says:

    Applied on 6/25 for personal 65k /4m
    Applied on 7/10 for personal ( via mailer 9digit code ) 65k / 4m

    Sent SM yesterday , got approved for extra 10k for each card !
    Thank you Doc

    • Shan says:

      Interesting to know that you applied for two personal AA card in two weeks and got approved for bonus. Did your mailer have the 24 months restriction language? Did you check? Would you mind sharing the DP? Thanks.

  31. Adam D says:

    Applied for personal Aadvantage 60K offer 3 weeks ago, only approved with 1.5K CL. Was approved for Business Aadavantage 60K 4 1/2 months ago….SM’d for 75K match on personal card, was approved for 15K additional…Will try for business as well but it may be too long ago.

  32. Becky says:

    I cannot for the life of me find the spot to SM on my business account! Please help.

  33. David R says:

    Applied for the Citi Business AA 60K/$3K offer on 7/10. Sent a SM on Friday 8/4 asking to match to 75K and got a message stating they needed to forward it to another department. Sent another SM today (Saturday 8/5) asking when I would hear back and received the following reply:

    Dear XXX,

    We have added 15,000 miles to your account to match the offer that you
    received. The miles will post on your account within 1-2 billing cycles.

    Keep in mind that in order to receive the 60,000 bonus miles you need to
    have $3,000 in purchases by 10/24/2017.

    Cash Advances and Cash Advance Fees, Card Membership Fees, interest
    charges, late fees, payments, returned payments and returned payment
    fees, transferred balances and items returned for credit are exempt from
    earning bonus miles or statement credits. Merchant returns will reduce
    the spend amount.

    Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    We appreciate your business and value you as our customer.

    If there is any way we can be of further assistance, please feel free to
    contact us.

  34. greyhk says:

    I’m confused. The 75k miles offer comes with a $450 fee and a $7500 spending requirement. My original personal and business cards were for 60k miles with a waived annual fee and only $3k spending requirements.

    Are you saying they might grant me the additional 15k miles per card, without the higher annual fees and $7500 spending requirments?

  35. Nick says:

    DP: applied personal AA platinum selected with 60k offer around 1 month ago. SM last night to match 75k, and got approved!

    “We have added 15,000 miles to your account to match the offer that you
    received. This adjustment will be included in the total monthly mileage
    on your statement within 2 billing periods.”

  36. MM Austin says:

    This is an awesome Post Doc. Thanks for sharing. we got a Citi AA Platinum Select Card approved on June 5 in my wife’s name and also got the 60k miles. Will try to SM first (to avoid bothering my wife for this). If that does not work, Will try to talk my wife into calling them. 🙂

    Fingers crossed!

    • MM Austin says:

      Woohoo! Got the confirmation via SM saying “We have added 15,000 miles to your account to match the offer that you received. This adjustment will be included in the total monthly mileage on your statement within 2 billing periods.”

      Believe it or not, but this is my first ever Credit Card Offer Match. 🙂
      Am pleasantly surprised they matched the offer even after 2 months.

      I sent below SM yesterday, steering away from specifics of my card as well as the offer I was talking about. :
      “I have recently opened this Citi AAdvantage Card with 60,000 bonus miles. But now I see that there is a Public offer for 75,000 bonus miles on the Citi Aadvantage Card. May I request you to please grant me an offer match and credit the additional 15,000 miles? I am willing to meet any extra requirement on spending etc., if need be. I have an upcoming trip in which I could use these extra AAdvantage miles. Thanks a lot. “

  37. MM Austin says:

    Sent the SM. Has anybody tried Live chat with customer care for Offer Match?

  38. George says:

    Applied for the card back in July and just received the card today 8/7
    messaged them immediately to match to 65k and see what happens

    once I get approved, I will then send another match to 75k? is that the correct step here?


  39. Mimi c says:

    SM’d for my hubs citi AA biz card offer of 65k. They replied an hour later they added 10k to my hubs account.

    Waiting for a response on mine.

  40. Tony says:

    So I got the Citi AAdvantage Card a couple of weeks ago and I’m half way through to my sign up bonus of 60k for $3,000 spend. Saw this article and yesterday I went on the Citi Online Site and sent them a message and asked kindly if they can match up the 60k to the 75k the article is referring to and to my surprise I received a response today saying they will match up the sign up bonus and add an additional 15k to my account once I reach the $3000 spend. Boy, that was easy. Thanks guys for the tip.

  41. Jason says:

    60K was matched to 75K by SM. Applied card 3 month ago. Thanks DoC

  42. Curtis says:

    Yeah, I was really confused like a lot of you about this. The 75k offer is “supposed” to be on the Exec card which has a $450 annual fee. Got a 60k AA Biz for my wife in June and they just sent a request to marketing for the additional 15k match. Not going to complain :).

  43. James says:

    Originally signed up for the 50k bonus and matched to 60k. SM’d yesterday and was informed that they would not match me to the 75k because they had already given me 10k.

    • George says:

      Same here, got matched to 65k then they will not match again. It seems like they can only match once. I did see multiple DP here that people got matched twice though…

  44. Diamond Vargas says:

    Success 65k -> 75k over SM

  45. Steven says:

    Success – added 10k to bring me from 65k to 75k via SM. Haven’t even met the spend for the first bonus yet. Is my first Citi card.

    Me: Dear Madam or Sir, Good morning! I am still new to Citi. I signed up for the card just last month (July) when I received an offer for 65,000 American Airlines miles. I checked against the publicly available offer and saw that this was even better than what was standard, and so I signed up. I have now seen that there is another offer available for 75,000 American Airlines miles and wonder if I have missed out – did I sign up for the card when I shouldnt have, when a better offer was going to come around? Is it possible to be matched to the larger number of bonus miles, if I meet the spending requirements to receive the bonus?
    Citi: Thank you for your inquiry.
    We have added 10,000 miles to your account to match the offer that you
    received. This adjustment
    will be included in the total monthly mileage on your statement within 2
    billing periods.

  46. castro says:

    seems like the 60k personal offer is no longer working 🙁

  47. Maora says:

    Wife and I both got the personal aa select card with the 60k offer in June. SM’ed and both got approved to match to 75k. Extra 30k in total nice! Thanks for your post Doc.

  48. LeC says:

    Sorry for the ignorance. What’s SM? Thanks.

  49. Joe says:

    Anyone get a bump for 50K to 75K? Asked for that and was denied. Thinking of trying to get up to the 60K public offer.

  50. George J says:

    I signed up with the original 50k link
    then matched to 65k now CANNOT match to 75k..
    should I have just tried to match directly from 50 to 75k??


  51. Jeff says:

    Applied and instantly approved for AA Biz 60K on 8/9/17. Received card and requested match this morning. Received message saying they would credit my account with 15K points this afternoon. Thanks Doc!

  52. Andrey says:

    Requested a 65k->75k match today via SM on a new card I was approved for 10 days ago. 10k added to account. Thank you so much guys.

  53. wiivile says:

    When asking for matches with YMMV match situations like Citi and Chase, I generally find it useful to say something like “Would it be possible to match this higher offer, or should I instead cancel this card I just opened and apply again under the new offer?” Of course I’d never do this, but the “threat” of having to go through that process usually makes them just give you the higher offer as a courtesy.

  54. VL says:

    Called 2 times, talked to 2 different people and even asked them to ask the manager. No luck yet. They do not see 75K offer, and do not know what I am talking about. They are asking me where did I see that 75K bonus offer. I said online, but obviously not pointing them to this or any other blogs..

    Does anybody have a link or a screen shot of that 75K offer? Offer code would work too? They are asking about some specifics and I have nothing to respond with.

    I will call again tomorrow, I guess…


  55. VL says:

    Will, forgot to mention one DP, which could be useful for others.

    In my attempt (unsuccessful) to get a match yet, I was told “that I still have time to get the supporting information for my request, as the offers on the account can be changed within first 90 days”

    Probably that means that they can give you a match within 90 days of opening a new account.

    Good luck.

  56. VL says:

    Update: After 2 unsuccessful calls (as mentioned above) I decided to do a SM… and bingo. It worked like a charm. Received a positive response within minutes.

    As a couple of other readers suggested I did not specify in my request what type of card I am talking about… just said that I saw a better offer, and asked for a match…

    Received a standard response “We have added 15000 miles to your account… within 2 billing periods… ”

    So, I guess – try any option… one may work.

    Good luck.

    • Andrey says:

      Congratulations. Looks like SM is the way to go.

      • VL says:

        Worked for me, but I started with calls as it was suggested in the comments above by Will.. I guess try them both until you get it.

        I was concerned with HUCA, that they will tell me “wait a second, I see notes that you have already asked for that, and you got your answer… “, but in my second call or SM after that they never mentioned my previous attempts treating it as a first time request. If that is always the case, then just keep asking 🙂

        Thank you and good luck.

  57. megastingy says:

    Pardon the ignorance, but what is SM? I’ve just got approved for the business 60k card and want to match as soon I get my card. Thanks.

  58. W says:

    DP: Got matched to 75k through SM. They credited 25k to my account while I still have to meet MSR of $4k for 55k. I applied for Citi AA Personal through targeted mailer.

  59. Megastingy says:

    Got the 75k match today (15k added to my 60k). I have AADvantage CitiBusiness MC

  60. MoreSun says:

    Got 75K match on the AA business today. Applied under the 60K for $3,000 spend offer just under a month ago. Said 15K points will be in my account in 1-2 months and they gave me a reminder I need to meet the 3K minimum spend for the other 60K bonus points. Sweet! Thanks to the DoC team again!!

  61. Chap says:

    Got 75k match (from 65k) on 2 personal AAs through SM today. Still live!

  62. Brian says:

    I was told via SM that I had to prove I was solicited. They asked me to mail proof. LOL, should I try again?

  63. Justin says:

    I tried three times over the phone still no go. anyone have any luck lately?

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