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Published on January 18th, 2019 | by William Charles


Avianca LifeMiles Subscription Club For Miles – Purchases Miles From 1.39¢ Each

Update 1/18/19: Some people have been targeted for an additional 15% miles. That offer runs through 1/22/19, I believe it was sent out via e-mail but unsure on the subject line. Hat tip to TPG.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Avianca’s LifeMiles program has lanched a new program called ‘Club LifeMiles’. This lets you purchase miles on a monthly basis. If you purchase miles for a full 12 months, you’ll also receive a bonus. The plans are as follows (amount of miles and prices are quoted as monthly, with the yearly bonus in brackets):
    • $10.99 plan: 500 miles (2,000 bonus miles):  1.649¢ – 2.198¢ per mile
    • $19.99 plan: 1,000 miles (3,000 bonus miles): 1.599¢ – 1.999¢ per mile
    • $32.99 plan: 2,000 miles (4,000 bonus miles): 1.414¢ –  1.65¢ per mile
    • $49.99 plan: 3,000 miles (6,500 bonus miles). 1.411¢-1.66¢  per mile
    • $92.99 plan: 6,000 miles (8,000 bonus miles): 1.395¢ – 1.55¢  per mile
    • $129.99 plan: 8,000 miles (16,000 bonus miles: 1.392¢ – 1.62¢  per mile

The Fine Print

  • Plans automatically renew after 12 months
  • Miles don’t count towards elite status
  • Bonus miles are paid out after 3, 6, 9 and 12 months
  • Miles do reset LifeMiles expiration dates (12 months after earning. Requires earning points to reset this clock)

Our Verdict

Personally I don’t think purchasing miles makes sense for most people. I guess if you’d usually pay cash for business class tickets and can’t earn enough from credit card bonuses then it can, but it’s something I never do. It’s also worth noting that LifeMiles frequently go on sale, the best sales make them cost 1.32¢ per mile. Given this I guess the only reason to do this is to keep miles active and I’d argue if you’re needing to do that you’d be better off just purchasing a lump sum of miles and using those to actually redeem any orphaned miles you have.

Hat tip to Flyertalk via Point Me To The Plane

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Has anyone else noticed that LM award levels have basically become variable?

LifeMiles has the weirdest pricing for LH F.
It costs more miles to fly JFK-FRA than it costs to fly JFK-FRA-PRG.

For JFK-FRA-VIE is usually less than JFK-FRA but sometimes it’s more.
Total mess. JFK-FRA(MUC)-VIE ranges from 84,820 to 87,550 to to 91,740 to 95,130 to 101,060.

Also JFK-MUC-FRA is fewer miles than JFK-FRA

What a shitshow LifeMiles has become.


Is that because of mixed cabins?

James B.
James B.

In general, one should only purchase Lifemiles for a particular flight that will be booked immediately. Miles tend to inflate in the long term and thus have an uncertain value in the long term.


I try to keep all my airline mile balances as low as possible at all times since like you said they can be devalued. Nothing wrong with having a giant pile of bank points (citi, amex, chase, USB) and transferring as close to the exact amount you need right before booking a flight or hotel.


I do not know what is wrong, but my price for the 8000 plan is always 125.99 which the actual costs of each point is 1.35 cents. Not 1.39

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