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RB (@guest_376194)
March 24, 2017 13:39

After reading this article, I was able to send a SM and got matched to the 60K miles bonus offer.

I got this card about a month back and I had already spent close to $3600 (thanks to Regions bank, was able to fund 2K with my Citi AA by opening checking & savings account). I just had a statement generated and also got the 50K miles credited. Was not sure how I was going to spend another $1400 to get the 10K bonus. But this article saved me of the hassle.

A big thanks to DOC and everyone here for sharing their experience and thoughts!!!

Jason (@guest_370825)
March 15, 2017 23:10

I was approved for this on December 28th 2016, met spend in February. 50,000 bonus miles posted on March 15th proving that the 24-month restrictive language not being there does allow you to get the bonus again even if it’s been only six months since your last bonus posted, for example..

Thanks, Doc; you rock!

Ken (@guest_370829)
March 15, 2017 23:13

Make sure you send a SM asking for a match to the 60k offer.

Jason (@guest_371107)
March 16, 2017 08:03

Oh yeah; thanks Ken!

Raymond (@guest_367547)
March 9, 2017 18:11

I acted a bit late. Today it shows, “A system error has caused a delay in processing your application.” Any update ? Thanks !

William Charles
March 9, 2017 19:30

Yes, offer is no longer available.

Brian (@guest_366288)
March 8, 2017 01:36

“A system error has caused a delay in processing your application.”

T (@guest_365572)
March 7, 2017 00:08

I got my approval letter today, bonus language *IS* there.

Hopefully it shows up again soon 🙂

CuriousDork (@guest_365485)
March 6, 2017 20:27

applied, was approved. Got approval letter in the mail AFTER activating the card. The approval letter has NO MENTION of the bonus.
Am I not going to get it? (yes, I had this card cxled less than 24 months ago) Can anyone confirm they had the same situation, YET still got the bonus. Afraid to call since the CSR are ridiculous.

Becky (@guest_364948)
March 5, 2017 21:30

“A system error has caused a delay in processing your application.”

Cytraveler (@guest_364506)
March 5, 2017 11:28

Ack! I applied again last night for my husband – it was up and looked active, but when I hit submit, it said “a system error has caused a delay in processing your application.” So maybe it’s because it’s dead… sigh.

anne (@guest_364681)
March 5, 2017 15:20

My application went through on Friday night and I did not get approved instantly, so the system gave me a reference ID. But now I checked my application status and I got the same message when I clicked application link in this post. I called the reconsideration line on Saturday and he could not push the system through for a decision. I did not see a hard pull from Citi yet, so maybe the application did not go through at all. Sigh.

anne (@guest_370374)
March 15, 2017 09:58

Update: Today Citi just called me regarding the application that I applied on the night of March 3 before it went dead. I could not check the status since March 4 because I kept getting the message “There is a system error that delay processing” or something like that and I did not see any credit pull on that day. So I let it go until they called me today and approved it! I hope I will get the bonus.

Pat (@guest_364469)
March 5, 2017 10:33

It expired again!

Abey (@guest_363829)
March 3, 2017 20:42

Here is the money question:

Since the rules are no more then 1 Citi Personal card every 8 days and 2 Citi personal cards every 65 days, does that mean since i applied with this non 24 links, 12/27, 1/6 and 3/2 (and was approved) can i go for round 4 at 3/12??? 🙈🤣🙈