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ZO (@guest_1859668)
June 14, 2024 10:24

Finally posted! Not sure which deposit triggered but including for DP purposes:

Early April opened with referral code
4/15 RobbinHood $1K deposit
4/29 Schwab $1K deposit
5/10 Capital One $1K deposit
6/12 Bonus posted
6/14 Requests downgrade to fee free account

Jimmy Johns 🔗
Jimmy Johns 🔗 (@guest_1859567)
June 14, 2024 00:00

Opened in branch 5/13 with code TE, visiting for work and used out of state address. Fidelity DD few days afterwards.

Due to opening in branch, no Docusign to fill out. Bonus received 6/12, technically less than a month after opening

Serene (@guest_1859555)
June 13, 2024 22:07

5/4/24 opened with referral code
5/7/24 received DocuSign email
5/11/24 EDI payment 1k+
6/3/24 received a $50 referral card via USPS
6/4/24 One-month fee waiver
6/11/24 EDI payment 1k+ (to fulfill possible recurring DD requirements)
6/12/24 $400 bonus posted

Lim Jahey
Lim Jahey (@guest_1859503)
June 13, 2024 18:52

This account was a total PIA to open and fund. Had to call the fraud department just to get the account unlocked for bank to bank transfers. I was worried that with the Docusign and account opening delays, I would not even be able to get my opening deposit in before 30 days so they wouldn’t close account. Anyways see DP below since they did payout.:

4/5 account opened with referral code TE
4/18 $25 bank transfer from SoFi for initial funding
4/26 1k real DD
4/30 1k transfer out
5/3 fee charged and waived
5/21 $50 reward card for referral. I was able to transfer the balance to my PayPal account and then to my SoFi bank account
6/5 $24.95 service fee
6/13 $400 bonus

Frazz (@guest_1859431)
June 13, 2024 16:38

DP from Pennsylvania:

2024/04/02: “MyChoice Premium Checking” account opened.
2024/04/17: Opening deposit from Ally (finally) posts ($50).
2024/04/26: Transfer from USAA Checking to M&T posts ($510).
2024/04/26: Another transfer from USAA Checking to M&T posts ($500).
2024/05/02: Service charge (-$24.95).
2024/05/02: “One month waive” (+$24.95).
2024/05/31: Real DD posts ($515).
2024/06/02: Service charge (-$24.95).
2024/06/12: “CASH BONUS” posts ($400).

I’ve also received three $50 gift cards in the mail from the referral part, bringing this to a net $525 bonus. Thank you to those who used my link in the separate page.

It was annoying to deal with the DocuSign stuff in the beginning, and connecting other bank accounts was a pain, but this is a nice bonus. Notably, I was never able to open an M&T account online before (being in the Pittsburgh, PA, area), but I was able to do open one this time for some reason.

As other comments have said, I’ll probably downgrade before the next service fee hits, then ride out the remainder of the 180 days hopefully fee-free before closing out.

Thanks as always, Doc.

H XU (@guest_1859377)
June 13, 2024 14:33

got bonus yesterday

Novacat05 (@guest_1859241)
June 13, 2024 08:43

Nice surprise this morning as I got an alert the bonus posted!

4/2 – Opened account with TE promo code
4/26 – $1732 real DD
6/2 – $25 monthly fee at end of 2nd statement. Sent SM nicely asking for a one time waiver, they did refund the fee for me
6/12 – $400 bonus posted as “CASH BONUS”

Appears they really tightened things up. Sofi, Alliant, Star One, CO360 did not code as a DD. The whole docusign thing is a mystery and not documented anywhere except the comments of this thread.

The next play is to wait a week or two(if you have that long before your next monthly fee) and request to be downgraded to EZChoice checking. Send an SM saything this account will work better for your current needs, blah blah. In the past they have switched me over to it without issue. Ride that out till 6 month timer is up.

ntn (@guest_1859242)
June 13, 2024 08:54

I don’t think they tightened DD requirements. I think they just delayed the payout date. I hadn’t completed my employer DDs, and got paid out anyway. Either Affinity or Novo or both worked for me.

3/31 – opened account
4/12 – 1k push from Affinity
5/12 – 1k push from Novo
5/29 – 760 employer DD
6/12 – 400 bonus

Novacat05 (@guest_1859252)
June 13, 2024 09:28

Nice, glad to see a positive DP for a non-real DD.

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1859441)
June 13, 2024 16:51

What do you mean by they “did not code as a DD”? L reported that SoFi worked for them.

Novacat05 (@guest_1859742)
June 14, 2024 13:24

My real DD from work posted as: “*EMPLOYER* DIRECT DEPOSIT”
Sofi posted as “SOFI BANK TRANSFER”

I guess I should say Sofi might work, but no way to know until bonuses paid out. And with all the of the issues I read about with these guys, I wasn’t going to only have a push from Sofi on my account after 90 days and not get paid out and have no grounds to stand on for an inquiry. M&T used to pay out super fast, so when that’s the case, you can do some trial and error. Something changed recently for them.

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1859884)
June 14, 2024 18:00

If you have a “real” DD available, it’s always smart to use that especially in cases like this where the bonus doesn’t post for a while. I like how Chase posts their bonuses very quickly.

Amy (@guest_1859238)
June 13, 2024 08:09

4/1 opened with promo code TE
4/12 transfer $1000 from Ally coded as P2P
4/16 transfer $1000 from Chase personal coded as ext transfer
4/18 real DD $1000
5/1 pulled all out but $10 (from Ally)
5/1 $24.95 monthly fee charged and waived
6/1 $24.95 monthly fee charged which left me in the negative. I transferred $50 from Ally
6/6 monthly fee waived
6/12 $400 “CASH BONUS” posted

This was a hard bank to work with. The only bank I could connect without issue was Ally. I never received any Docusign emails other people talked about. Also had to wait until I got the debit card before I could connect Ally. Glad this worked out. Thought I’d lose this bonus. Will probably downgrade now and then close at the 6 month mark.

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1859436)
June 13, 2024 16:48

It’s interesting that they waived your fee twice. Did they not tell you that it was “one-time” like they told L?

L (@guest_1859463)
June 13, 2024 17:29

The system gives 1 fee waiver on the 1st statement. Amy probably requested the 2nd statement fee waiver that was granted on 6/6.

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1859469)
June 13, 2024 17:40

Thank you for the clarification.

Amy (@guest_1859478)
June 13, 2024 18:13

I did not request the 2nd waived fee.

Amy (@guest_1859480)
June 13, 2024 18:14

I didn’t request either waived fee. Both times were automatic.

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1859488)
June 13, 2024 18:22

Thank you for the further clarification. I thought that I had read somewhere that the 1st 2 or 3 statement fees were waived so it’s good to know that it is the case.

Amy (@guest_1859537)
June 13, 2024 20:26

I was surprised I got the 2nd waived fee especially that it put my account into the negative.

L (@guest_1859505)
June 13, 2024 18:53

Got it. They automatically waived the fee on my first statement but not the fee on my second statement.

L (@guest_1859200)
June 13, 2024 05:39

4/9 opened w/ TE code, also used referral
4/11 completed DocuSign, sent $1000 from SoFi
5/3 received $50 referral card in mail
6/5 charged $25 monthly fee
6/7 requested and received “one-time” $25 fee refund
6/12 $400 bonus posted

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1859221)
June 13, 2024 07:17

So you only did 1 DD? If so, it’s interesting that they didn’t enforce the “recurring” part of the terms. I am doing 2 DDs to be safe.

L (@guest_1859224)
June 13, 2024 07:22

I did another DD on 6/6. I didn’t do one in May.

Eric 🔗
Eric 🔗 (@guest_1859222)
June 13, 2024 07:18

That’s good to know that they waive 1 fee like BMO does.

Stan F
Stan F (@guest_1858376)
June 11, 2024 09:09

Link is live but timeframe on the link page is expired 5/31. Dont want people to get confused without reading carefully.
Update the link if you have a new one.