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Arl16 (@guest_1723589)
October 26, 2023 09:43

So I noticed for this business card BofA doesn’t apply the relationship (platinum tier 75%) bonus on the ‘category’ bonus. Its only applied on the base bonus. Which is a bummer. means the 3% category ends up being 3.75% total (1% base + 0.75% relationship + 2% category).

Weirdly for the personal customized cash card they DO apply the 75% bonus on the base+category making 3% category earn 5.25%… (1% base + 2% category + 2.25% relationship)

NP - Good DPs
NP - Good DPs (@guest_1616643)
May 11, 2023 17:25

Dead again.

Applied 05/02/2023. Got a letter in the mail 05/04/2023:

“We’re sorry – we can’t complete your small business application because the offer isn’t available anymore, but we have other options that may work.”


Erik (@guest_1600606)
April 18, 2023 16:02

I got my $1,000 statement credit a few days ago 🙂
(and I have my 0% interest rate on purchases until December 2023)

Erik (@guest_1576621)
March 14, 2023 02:52

I was actually able to get this offer!

I didn’t get a reference number after I applied on 2/19/23. I called two days later and was transferred to underwriting who told me that the application was cancelled due to suspected Fraud (because I had put down “other’ for my Sole Prop business type…).

The underwriter cleared it with the fraud department, recommended the application to be approved and sent it for secondary review. My credit was pulled the same day and I was later approved for the card.

I called CS to confirm the $1,000 bonus offer, but they couldn’t find anything about it. I filed an investigation and got a letter today confirming the offer :-)!

p.s. During this process I got a letter, like everyone else, stating that the offer wasn’t available anymore…..

bicyclep (@guest_1579650)
March 18, 2023 10:58

Thanks for the DP, can you post any of the writting documentation you got from them? email, lettes…. ?

Alex (@guest_1569111)
March 4, 2023 23:13

 Chuck  William Charles Please take this down/remove this from the “Top Offers”

This offer is expired/invalid. Applied a week ago. Said went under consideration. Got a letter from BoA today stating the offer is expired and giving me a toll free number to call BofA “because they have other options available”. Seems like a bait and switch to me. Not sure if they pulled my credit.

midas89 (@guest_1569116)
March 4, 2023 23:36

No credit check was done to you, Alex. I and many others got the same letter stating the offer is not available. I have monitoring, so I am immediately notified if anyone pulls my credit. Also, banks don’t run credit checks on expired and/or unavailable credit card offers. Also, it’s not a bait and switch at all. The offer was available at one time, and all offers from banks can be pulled at any time without notice, just like interest rates can be lowered on savings accounts, etc.

Alex (@guest_1569126)
March 5, 2023 00:12

About the “bait & switch” part – why is the offer page still up? Still available at the link, no language indicating it expired. They are running it to collect business owner data and then offering to switch to a worse offer. Yes, any bank can pull any offer at any time. This offer isn’t pulled. It’s still there. If it’s pulled, they should actually pull it – delete the page, disable the link. Very shady of BofA.

robertw (@guest_1569953)
March 6, 2023 10:44

I got an email from BOA telling me that II should apply for the same app on this $1000 offer. I did it anyway firguring I had nothing to lose.

Deborah (@guest_1573092)
March 9, 2023 17:41

It wasn’t bait and switch because the bank never offered this to you. Many of us posted weeks ago that we were told it was a targeted offer and that not one reader had been approved who hadn’t been targeted.
I wish this had been taken down weeks ago; it wasn’t YMMV. The mileage was 100% consistent: zero.

Ed (@guest_1568550)
March 3, 2023 20:59

Application went pending on 2/23, and waited til today to call. The rep said that the application was canceled like others here, specifically saying it was some sort of glitch. He apologized for “the experience” and said I need to apply again.

I applied again today before reading these comments, but I expect to get canceled again.

Taylor (@guest_1565724)
February 28, 2023 14:36

Similar to others, I applied on Sunday 2/26/2023 and it said my application was under review. I called in today, and they said my application had been automatically cancelled (no credit pull), because this was an invalid offer / glitch in their system. This link needs to be taken down

Jeremy (@guest_1568125)
March 3, 2023 11:57

me too

Wajid Patan
Wajid Patan (@guest_1565382)
February 28, 2023 00:33

Same. I got letters saying no way i can get this offer

Evan (@guest_1564873)
February 27, 2023 11:30

Did anyone actually get this? I just got a letter back today saying that “An application that was recently submitted for Business Advantage Unlimited Cash Rewards Mastercard has been cancelled because the offer has expired or changed”. I called them and the rep actually said that they aren’t even going to be offering this card? Bummer.

FRD (@guest_1564645)
February 26, 2023 23:37

1-27-23 Applied – went to white screen
2-26-23 Got a letter saying “We’re sorry, an application that was recently submitted for Business Advantage Unlimited Cash Rewards Mastercard has been canceled because the offer has expired or changed.”

I applied for the 500 with 5k spend card a couple of weeks ago and got instant approval for that one, though.

FRD (@guest_1573094)
March 9, 2023 17:43

Followup: After getting my card for the $500/5k spend deal, I got access to my online account (first time BoA business acct). It shows two account numbers there, complete with credit limits etc… I’ve only gotten the one credit card in the mail though. I’m not banking on getting the first one, and even if I did, the deal is supposedly cancelled so I doubt they’d honor it.

Maybe the second account will fall off of my accounts list in time. If not I guess I’ll give them a call.