Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards Expands the 3% Categories

The Bank of America Customized Cash Rewards card offers 3% cash back on your choice of one category, up to $2,500 in spending each quarter. (That’s worth up to 5.25% if you are a relationship customer.) They’ve now expanded two of the categories:

  1. Gas category now includes EV charging stations
  2. Online shopping category now includes cable, streaming, internet, and phone plan
  3. Dining
  4. Travel
  5. Drug store/pharmacy
  6. Home improvement/furnishings
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Matt (@guest_1793007)
February 5, 2024 05:37

I like the online shopping category. As a relationship customer, 5.25% CB beats some rotating category cashback cards (e.g. when Discover It has 5% for Amazon) and many premium travel cards (most big travel purchases are online nowadays). The main limitation is the $2500 quarter limit.

whirlaway (@guest_1739301)
November 18, 2023 08:14

I get the 3% on my Xfinity bill now.  I will be adding Netflix as well. However, does Spotify get a similar cash back too?  Thanks!

Davis (@guest_1733555)
November 9, 2023 09:52

I have a payment for ATT that did not qualify. I have the visa version. someone elses in my household made some bill payments for comcast and tmobile and got the bonus but it was using the mastercard. so it might be worth asking for a merchant change from visa to mastercard.

midas89 (@guest_1733617)
November 9, 2023 10:55

@Davis There are 2 ways to pay ATT, of course, with the B of A Customized Cash Back Visa: Either a manual payment initiated by the customer at any time, or with ATT doing the automated charge via Auto Pay sign up. If it’s via Auto Pay, I got the extra bonus percentage. If I manually initiated the payment, I didn’t get it. B of A reps blame ATT, saying it’s the way ATT is processing the payments if it’s not done via Auto Pay.

By the way, I have paid T-Mobile via manual payment, and it is successfully going through where it earns the bonus cash back percentage. So it should be the same with ATT, but it’s not.

Asterix (@guest_1730760)
November 5, 2023 14:09

Does anyone know if Doordash and Grubhub qualify under the Dining category or Online Shopping or both?

Davis (@guest_1733559)
November 9, 2023 09:54


midas89 (@guest_1729801)
November 3, 2023 20:11

We know that Bank of America offers the bigger bonus percentage on up to $2,500 spend per calendar quarter. But what I did not know is that if you were to get a refund on any of that $2,500 spend, BofA does not add back that amount to your quarterly spend total. And not only do they not deduct the transaction credits from your $2,500 quarterly spend total, they take back the bonus money they paid you on the charge.

One random example: Say on October 1, which is the start of the 4th quarter, you charge $2,500 for a fully-refundable trip scheduled for Thanksgiving. That $2,500 is applied to your quarterly spend limit, of course. But let’s say a few days before T-Day you are forced to cancel the trip and that all refunds are made. B of A ain’t gonna add that $2,500 back to your quarterly spend total so you can get your bonus cash back percentage on your new charges through the end of the quarter. And, B of A is gonna take back the bonus cash back you already earned on the $2,500 charges.

By the way, if you ever have a disputed charge that you win, B of A will apply the credit for this to your quarterly spend total. But with refunds, no. If you buy a new iPhone, and then send in your old iPhone to Apple for trade-in money, and then Apple credits your Visa the value of your old phone, this is considered a partial refund, so no deduction from your quarterly spend total.

Dave (@guest_1711405)
October 8, 2023 18:55

My mortgage payment and HOA payment via Plastiq were not coded as Online Shopping in October. They were in September. Oh well, good things always end.

RiskandReward (@guest_1703749)
September 27, 2023 15:52

I paid for a hotel booking with and expected to get the 5.25% cb, but I see that I only got 1.75%, the minimum. On my statement, the name of the hotel shows up as the charge, not It is possible that only “reserved” the room, but I did not make a payment at the hotel, it was prepaid/already paid for.

Not sure what’s going on, but something worth keeping an eye on. I always check to see if the 5.25% cb comes through on qualifying transactions, can see this detail online under Transactions and Rewards.

midas89 (@guest_1702703)
September 26, 2023 12:36

AT&T Internet Bill Month 2 since Bank of America added cell phone and Internet companies to the Customized Cash Rewards Online Shopping category: I can confirm AT&T is still being improperly coded, which means no cash back bonus. I called and complained after the first month. After 10 business days I received a letter saying they would give me a bonus credit because AT&T should qualify, but that it would be one time only. They said AT&T is erroneously coding the transactions, and that AT&T has to change the coding to match what T-Mobile and Verizon are doing.

There’s no way to get anyone on the phone at AT&T to get them to change the way they’re coding the transactions, so as of this writing, do not expect your Customized B of A Visa to pay you the extra cash bank bonus if you pay your AT&T cellular or Internet bills with this card.

Davis (@guest_1733548)
November 9, 2023 09:44

I believe this might be a visa issue but not sure. you can request a merchant change from visa to MasterCard.

whirlaway (@guest_1739302)
November 18, 2023 08:17

The one problem with that, of course, is that we can’t use the card at Costco store.

JD (@guest_1739306)
November 18, 2023 08:39

You shouldn’t be doing that anyways, buy shop cards online and get 5.25% back (even with a MC)

SU (@guest_1690604)
September 11, 2023 04:12

Online shopping category doesn’t includes AT&T internet and phone plans

midas89 (@guest_1690768)
September 11, 2023 11:33

SU You are correct that BofA did not classify my AT&T Internet charge from late August as Online Shopping, however, when I called BofA, the rep said it should have been. The rep could only file a report. I never heard back, nor has the charge been changed. Did someone at BofA tell you that AT&T Internet or cell plans do not count? Thanks.

Yawgoog (@guest_1682607)
August 29, 2023 21:34

Made separate test payments to Verizon wireless and Verizon landline/DSL; both received the online shopping bonus.

Bill (@guest_1686267)
September 5, 2023 12:44

Good to hear! I have been using my US Bank Cash+ card for Verizon, but now will use BofA instead.