Barclays Business Aviator Bonus Now 50,000 Miles After $1,000

Update 1/28/19: Deal is now 50,000 miles after $1,000 in purchases within three months.

Deal expires on July 29th, 2018. Time to get it if you’re interested is now.

July 28th update: Recently there has been issues with this application not submitting properly after clicking apply. It looks like that error has been fixed and it’s working again. Reposting to make people aware of this. Hat tip to reader Tim

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Barclays is offering a bonus of 50,000 miles after you make $1,000 in purchases first 90 days

Card Details

  • This is a limited-time offer and will no longer be available after July 29, 2018
  • $95 annual fee is not waived
  • Earn an American Airlines companion certificate. When you spend $30,000 or more in a card member year, you earn an American Airlines companion certificate. You pay $99 + taxes/fees and get a companion ticket to accompany you on any round trip economy fare.
  • 5% annual mile bonus. You’ll receive an additional 5% bonus on all miles earned in the previous card member year (e.g earn 100,000 miles receive a 5,000 mile bonus) – you must pay the annual fee before you receive this bonus.
  • Free checked bag
  • Board with Group 5 on American
  • 25% statement credit for all in flight purchases
  • Reduce mileage rewards
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 2x American Airline miles on American Airline purchases
    • 2x American Airline miles on office supply merchants, telecommunications merchants, and car rental merchants
    • 1x American Airline miles on all other purchases
  • Read our full review here

Our Verdict

The annoying thing about Barclays business cards is that they sometimes report to your personal credit report and sometimes they don’t (update it seems to be old datapoints that suggest it does report to personal reports. Pretty sure it will no longer report to personal reports). This is significant for people worrying about the Chase 5/24 rule as if the card doesn’t report to your personal report it doesn’t count towards your 5/24 total. The bonus on this card has been 40,000 miles since launch, so this is an additional 10,000 miles. We have seen a bonus as high as 60,000 miles on the personal variation, so it might be worth waiting for that but YMMV if such an offer ever surfaces on the business card. Personally I think 50,000 miles that triggers on a single purchase is a good offer so we will be adding it to the best credit card bonuses.

As always if you have questions about Barclays credit cards, I’d recommend reading this post first. For example, Barclays will usually match a sign up bonus if you request a match within 30 days of signing up.

Hat tip to Chong786Ggeekboy & Upon Arriving

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Victoria (@guest_788290)
July 25, 2019 09:42

is the card no longer available

Adi (@guest_692300)
December 17, 2018 17:12

I recently (last month) applied for the Aviator Red personal card to get the 50k bonus offer. Does anyone know if I am still eligible to get the 50k sign-up bonus on this Aviator Business Card or if I need to wait for a certain amount of time? Any DPs will be appreciated.

MJ (@guest_631891)
August 21, 2018 14:13

Applied today for 60K offer & got message-need additional information. Haven’t called

Rachel (@guest_631880)
August 21, 2018 13:30

Haven’t really seen any updates on this unless I missed something..but I just applied/auto approved for this card with 60k bonus with 1st purchase

Dougie (@guest_631855)
August 21, 2018 12:36

Offer is now for 60k after single purchase

Josh (@guest_630498)
August 17, 2018 10:24

I just applied for this card. I opened the same one up back in February (6 months ago) and still have it opened.

Received notice that the Application is being reviewed and they need more information from me. Will see what they want when it arrives.

Chris (@guest_628723)
August 12, 2018 14:00

Instant approval for 14k. Pulled only TU (in Texas). 15k biz income stated.

SkydiverMedic (@guest_626327)
August 3, 2018 00:49

Offer is still showing up as valid, and no mention of expiry date on the Barclays site.

Sparky (@guest_631281)
August 20, 2018 10:08

Off topic- Going to the Orange Boogie this week in VA?
On topic- To setup autopay- send secure message under services and topic other. Given the type of account, routing and account number in the message. I also could not get this account working in personal capital.
Slightly on-topic: I tried to use your American Express Business SPG referral link, but it seems none of the referrals are working.

SkydiverMedic (@guest_631303)
August 20, 2018 11:16

I would, but I’m getting my SCUBA cert this weekend 😑. I did just buy a main from the rigger up there though, good guy.

Thanks for trying! I did get the link working. If it’s not too late, send me your Reddit username, and I’ll PM it to you. If not, no worries.

Sparky (@guest_631317)
August 20, 2018 11:58

Already applied and approved. reddit id- Sparkysfly I still tried and Amex gives me errors.

JuicyJosh (@guest_652838)
October 5, 2018 00:06

Just used your link on the Hyatt thread. Look out for the 10k.
FL Jumper, C38883

John (@guest_624841)
August 1, 2018 01:35

Applied on 29th and went pending. Got notification they pulled TU. Is there a way to check status? They have not contacted me yet so should I be proactive or wait and call recon if denied? I still have arrival and closed personal Aviator 2 months ago

Sean (@guest_628881)
August 13, 2018 09:56

Have you heard back from them yet?

Raymes (@guest_624707)
July 31, 2018 20:50

The link still goes to the offer and application, I tried looking for the expiration date for this offer on the actual website/app but I don’t see it anywhere. Perhaps offer is extended?