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Published on July 29th, 2018 | by William Charles


Barclays Business Aviator Bonus Now 50,000 Miles After 1 Purchase [Last Day]

Deal expires on July 29th, 2018. Time to get it if you’re interested is now.

July 28th update: Recently there has been issues with this application not submitting properly after clicking apply. It looks like that error has been fixed and it’s working again. Reposting to make people aware of this. Hat tip to reader Tim

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • Barclays is offering a bonus of 50,000 miles after you make your first purchase within the first 90 days

Card Details

  • This is a limited-time offer and will no longer be available after July 29, 2018
  • $95 annual fee is not waived
  • Earn an American Airlines companion certificate. When you spend $30,000 or more in a card member year, you earn an American Airlines companion certificate. You pay $99 + taxes/fees and get a companion ticket to accompany you on any round trip economy fare.
  • 5% annual mile bonus. You’ll receive an additional 5% bonus on all miles earned in the previous card member year (e.g earn 100,000 miles receive a 5,000 mile bonus) – you must pay the annual fee before you receive this bonus.
  • Free checked bag
  • Board with Group 5 on American
  • 25% statement credit for all in flight purchases
  • Reduce mileage rewards
  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 2x American Airline miles on American Airline purchases
    • 2x American Airline miles on office supply merchants, telecommunications merchants, and car rental merchants
    • 1x American Airline miles on all other purchases
  • Read our full review here

Our Verdict

The annoying thing about Barclays business cards is that they sometimes report to your personal credit report and sometimes they don’t (update it seems to be old datapoints that suggest it does report to personal reports. Pretty sure it will no longer report to personal reports). This is significant for people worrying about the Chase 5/24 rule as if the card doesn’t report to your personal report it doesn’t count towards your 5/24 total. The bonus on this card has been 40,000 miles since launch, so this is an additional 10,000 miles. We have seen a bonus as high as 60,000 miles on the personal variation, so it might be worth waiting for that but YMMV if such an offer ever surfaces on the business card. Personally I think 50,000 miles that triggers on a single purchase is a good offer so we will be adding it to the best credit card bonuses.

As always if you have questions about Barclays credit cards, I’d recommend reading this post first. For example, Barclays will usually match a sign up bonus if you request a match within 30 days of signing up.

Hat tip to Chong786Ggeekboy & Upon Arriving

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Are there datapoints on maybe whether they report to personal credit bureaus if you use a social instead or an EIN? That seems to me like it could be a differentiating factor.

Based on DPs from various forums, this card does not enter your personal reports.

I have been tracking the AA Biz card since it’s launch. I can confirm that there have been no DPs of Barclays reporting it to personal credit reports on r/churning .

did not report to my personal credit, im in illinois

Picked up this card 3 months ago. Has not reported to any of my personal.

I applied for Barclay AAdvantage Aviator biz yesterday to get in on the 1 purchase bonus and it definitely hard pulled me on TU. I applied as sole prop and it didn’t give me an option to add EIN.

The subreddit just talked me down so I think even though there was a pull it wont end up showing.

Do they require proof of business like chase does? Really shitty how bloggers dont disclose this when they hoc chase business cards.

Dude. It’s not DoC’s affiliate link, so he doesn’t make anything if you get it. He’s informing you of a new offer, for free, and allows you a forum to post any questions you may have, which he or any reader can answer. Stop being snarky and look elsewhere for your info if you can’t handle that.

The complaint wasnt about DoC specifiically. And if u see from the comments here, people are being asked for biz documents and im sure a lot of people wouldnt want to apply and deal with this. Not sure why its snarky to ask for full disclosure from bloggers. And not a noob. ive been at this game for over 7 years.

no, i applied as sole prop, received a phone call asking questions, no proof needed.

sole prop with EIN or SSN?

I applied yesterday, instantly approved as sole prop with SSN. I would have entered my EIN but the app didn’t ask for it. No questions about my business beyond the questions on the app.

Edit: I’m at 14/24, 0/2. 150k business revenue.

“Not sure why its snarky to ask for full disclosure from bloggers.”

He has no reason not to disclose this if he knew it. He’s not using an affiliated link. hE obviously doesn’t now.

Chase doesn’t require proof for everyone. I got the CIP with a “business,” and many others have, too.

You’re upset, yet you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

Just got Instant approval on very minimal income. 24/24. 2 Barclay cards in last 12 months. One just canceled.

This blog doesn’t hawk (not “hoc”) credit cards, you are thinking of other blogs.

Neither Chase or Barclay required business documents from me and I was approved in the last two months for both.

Chase doesn’t require proof of business unless if you sign up with a business name that isn’t just your First+Last name. And that’s only because certain states require it.

Anyone know if it is about the same chance of approval with them as personal cards?



wife just got approved pretty easily at lol/24 and a legit LLC. they do require biz docs faxed to them though, and they grilled her a little bit, but not bad

What did you send for business docs? Wondering if they’d accept a Schedule C if I get audited, I can produce that.

Yes, I faxed my schedule C (as they sent a letter asking for proof of business). Was approved a few days later.

yes, if you have a real business.

I might go for this as I have very few TU pulls.

To many credit cards within 24 months (18) I called recon line NO DICE

800 FiCo, 6 fig income, 3 years with Barclays history

Rep did say automatically they do not pull your report but to dig deeper they will? She did and almost laughed why I had so many cards, I said for the juicy bonuses…

How many in last 24 months?
I got the Personal version of this card about 6 months ago.
I don’t mind buying 50,000 miles for $95 to add to my collection but they’ll probably won’t approve me since I haven’t used that card after getting the bonus.

“for the juicy bonuses, of course!” LOL

I have more than 18/24 so I guess not worth the effort.


What is the current state of churning this card? I opened one back in December 2017, got the bonus, and closed it about a month ago.

Their terms seem Citi-esque:

The Signing Individual will earn fifty thousand (50,000) AAdvantage® bonus miles after a first purchase is made on the Account within ninety (90) days of Account opening. This one-time AAdvantage® bonus mileage offer is valid for first-time cardmembers with new accounts only. Existing cardmembers, existing accounts, and previous cardmembers with accounts closed in the past 24 months may not be eligible for this offer.

Barclays are churnable!

How do you get approved for a Baclays business card?
I applied for the Hawaiian Airlines in November for too many new accounts.
I only had:
5 inquiries the past 6 and 12 months and 6 the past 24 months in January on Transunion.
4 new accounts the last 6 months
12 the past 12 months
16 the past 24 months.

Then I applied for the Barclays Aviator Red and got approved a month later.

I’m no expert but others have previously reported that Barclays cares the most about your situation over the last two months. You didn’t disclose how many credit pulls you had in that time frame. Most people recommend zero.

I recently applied for both the business and personal of this card. I’ve had 6 pulls and 4 opened cards in the last 2 months.

Personal was insta approved, business card they called me to verify why the hell I wanted both. They requested I mail them a copy of mail proving my address and my drivers license for the business. (Applied for personal first, business second).

An update:
I called recon today. The credit analyst verified some information. They pulled Experian this time, which at the moment has the most inquiries. Then, asked me to explain a few things:
1) Nature of business, business ownership, location (if outside US), what state, and when it started.
2) Actual income and source of primary income.
3) Business income
4) They’re concerned about five inquiries in my credit account during the past six months. I explained that I’ve been looking for a business card that’s either a mastercard or visa since I only have Amex, but none would approve except Amex.
5) She mentioned low credit utilization. She asked what I do with credit card balance, whether it’s paid or do I carry it over.
6) She asked what I typically spend on.
7) She mentioned they look at all accounts in the credit file including the ones I have with them.
8) She mentioned I have not used the Aviator card I have with them, to which I didn’t say anything.
9 She then mentioned that it has a high credit limit, and they can move 2500 to open the account. I was surprised, but told her it was ok.
10. She said I’ll get a letter in the mail.

Thanks for the detailed DP.

Solid DP, thanks!

what number to call for recon after rejected initially? Please share….Thanks

I believe it’s this one 1-888-232-0780. I called several numbers at that time.

I believe this card could be a great way to join the AA gravy train for those staying under 5/24 AND can’t get the Citi AA Biz due to <5 years of credit history.

I’ve 2.5 years and I got a citi AA business card…

Really? No student loans or anything that are over 5 years old?

Wow I am curious. Did you talk to an EO to get it approved?

Mine was auto-approved instantly

I have about 2.5 years of credit history and just got the Citi AA Biz as well

No wonder I keep getting rejected for the Citi AA Biz. So they won’t more than 5 years of credit history huh

I already have the Red Aviator, can I apply to this one? Got it almost a year ago so should be good. Also, what do you normally put as “business” address, name, etc?

yes. I also have the AA Red, and applied for this one. Barclays is tougher than other issuers for biz docs though, so expect them to demand proof of your biz. they made me and wife fax our LLC certificate of organization and EIN letter in

Thank you, I’ll probably have to pass then

I was instantly approved.

Instantly Approved

How hard is it to get LLC certificate and EIN ?

EIN is free and easy, 15 minutes on the IRS website:

LLC cost and requirements vary widely by state. For example in IL, which recently reduced their fees, $150 sign up $75 annual return snail mail, or $250 sign-up and $125 online

Thanks so much John K

Currently we are unable to offer you a credit card issued by Barclays Bank Delaware. Details on why we could not make you a credit offer will be mailed to you.

no dice for me.

Approved. Thanks William! This will help me in taking all of my fam in biz class. so far only I have been travelling in biz so they will appreciate this.

Could you please post your credit card ?/24 status for us to gauge our chances of approval.

did the pull TU, EX, or EQ for you?

Got alert for TU.

Thanks. Any in last 2 months?

Just 1

Same here, instantly approved for $10k. My first Barclay card. I’m at 4/24 so a bit of a gamble, really hoping this stays off my personal report.

what did you put down as your business revenue?

Instant approval with 6 figure business revenue. Somewhere around 12/24 (not counting business cards).

Does anyone know the rules on whether you can apply for Barclays personal and business cards at (or near) the same time? I just applied for (and got) the Hawaiian Airlines card a few days ago, so wondering if I have a chance at this one too…or if I need to wait a while. Thanks.

Do we know the role that getting approved for business cards play in chase shut downs? Is this safe to add any j for those of us fearful of Chase shut downs.

“This is a limited-time offer and will no longer be available after July 29, 2018”

Found this in the FAQ at the bottom of the offer page, under the question “How many bonus miles will I earn for activating and using the card in the first 90 days?”

Does Barclays match bonus? Got 40k a month ago

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