Save On Giftcards For Airbnb, Uber, Apple, Adidas, Google Play, H&M, Aeropostale,

The Offer

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Our Verdict

Some nice discounts here. Stack with the Chase Offer for 10%-20% back. 

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Stacy (@guest_1565822)
February 28, 2023 16:56

Airbnb offer seems to be pulled

Ella (@guest_1565090)
February 27, 2023 15:48

Thanks! Booking a lot of airbnb and I have 15% back Chase offer at Best Buy (max $24)

jim (@guest_1565040)
February 27, 2023 15:00

is CHICKFILA so popular and famous that nobody except the chain restaurant store sell their gift card? I can never find this anywhere. I do like chil fil a food!I wanted to buy some GC to meet spend req

Celia (@guest_1565082)
February 27, 2023 15:38

I’ve seen them at Meijer.

Jake (@guest_1565324)
February 27, 2023 22:18

I see them at grocery stores, gas stations, home depot, and a lot of stores with gift card racks.

jim (@guest_1565350)
February 27, 2023 23:12

but not on amazon and office supplies stores

Frey (@guest_1565380)
February 28, 2023 00:30

So you say that they can’t be found anywhere but the restaurant and several people list out several types of places they can be found and you’re now basically saying that they can’t be found anyplace that is convenient to you.

satellite (@guest_1565035)
February 27, 2023 14:54

There’s a limit of 3 gift cards per 24hrs.

Dbzdeals (@guest_1565493)
February 28, 2023 07:46

do you mean adding 3 GCs to airbnb? BestBuy has limit 1 GC purchase per customer / account

Tom (@guest_1565778)
February 28, 2023 15:49

I bought 3x digital and 3x physical Airbnb, so there is definitely not a 1/customer limit on those.

satellite (@guest_1565810)
February 28, 2023 16:34

You can buy 3 digital and 3 physical per 24hrs. You need to buy them separately, one gift card per transaction in order to get the BB gift card for each.

FN (@guest_1566479)
March 1, 2023 14:38

Interesting cause I bought 3 in all from Feb 27-28, but it doesn’t allow me to checkout with another one. May be it is 3/account as opposed to 24 hrs for it has been more than 24 hours since I bought the first one.

Original Jack
Original Jack (@guest_1565019)
February 27, 2023 14:36

I have a 20% Chase offer but I have no use for Best Buy gift cards. I still have a $50 one from the Citi Deals months ago. Bring back the added value to the gift card. 🙂

VP (@guest_1565188)
February 27, 2023 18:31

Original Jack Can we use Best buy Gift Cards to buy other gift cards? I know this works on Amazon.

ChickenLittle (@guest_1565190)
February 27, 2023 18:34

No you can’t use BB gift cards for other gift cards

Original Jack
Original Jack (@guest_1565256)
February 27, 2023 20:33

No, that loophole closed some time ago.

ChickenLittle (@guest_1565192)
February 27, 2023 18:38

You can always just purchase the adidas $50 for 40 and adidas $100 for 80, to maximize the 20% offer. Then instantly cash out your gift cards for

Easy $25 profit.

vc (@guest_1565332)
February 27, 2023 22:32

These are $39 and $78 now. You’d lose a $1/$2, but you’d earn cc rewards and have cash. But, they don’t accept all orders, so you might get stuck w them.

If you still need to use the Citi 5% offer, pay w PayPal.

BG (@guest_1565329)
February 27, 2023 22:31

CardCash offers OK value for BB cards. Payable by PayPal in about 3 days. Right now for example, $30BB gets you $24.90 PayPal.