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Published on April 4th, 2016 | by William Charles


Blispay – 2% Credit Card With No Annual Fee & Six Months Interest Free Financing On Purchases $199+

Blispay is a mixture between a credit card that earns 2% cash back on all purchases and a store card that offers special financing on all purchases above $199. They have raised $12.75m in seed funding.

Blispay is a physical credit card, the credit card runs on the Visa payment network so you can make purchases with it at any merchant as long a they accept Visa. Blispay issues a digital card for use following being approved for the card that can be used at participating merchants, or online stores. Let’s jump into the two main selling points on this card: the rewards program & the special financing.

Rewards Program

  • 2% cash back on all purchases
  • 2% cash back is applied as statement credit to your statement balance each month
  • There is no cap on the amount of rewards you can earn
  • There is no minimum redemption requirement


I love the fact that the statement credit is automatically applied and there is no minimum redemption requirement. I think it makes this card much better than other cards in this space (e.g Citi Double Cash & Fidelity Visa).

Interest Free Financing

  • All purchases over $199 will qualify for interest free financing for six months
  • If you pay in full before the six months, you pay no interest. If you don’t then you’ll pay 19.99% from the posting date (e.g you don’t get the first six months free)
  • There is a minimum interest charge of $2

financing blispay

Application Information

What Credit Bureau Do They Pull:

  • Experian: 1

Credit Limits

Here are some data points on the credit limits people have been receiving, share yours in the comments with as much detail as possible.

  • $2,000: 1
  • $3,900: 1
  • $5,000: 1
  • $7,500: 1, 2
  • $9,000: 1

Credit Limit Increases

Currently it’s not possible to request or receive a credit limit increase but Blispay plan to add this functionality sometime in the future.

Our Verdict

If you have any questions, they are probably answered in the comprehensive FAQ found here. How useful this card will really depend on what sort of credit limits you receive, imagine being able to purchase a cash equivalent and not pay interest for six months and receive 2% cash back for doing so? That sounds too good to be true, meaning even if it does have high credit limits I doubt it will last long.

Share your experiences/thoughts about Blispay in the comments below.

Hat tip to reader ervinshiznit on Twitter

39 Responses to Blispay – 2% Credit Card With No Annual Fee & Six Months Interest Free Financing On Purchases $199+

  1. Dcatast says:

    Payments get a little tricky when the 6 months is winding down.

    If you have a No Payments No Interest purchase on your Blispay Card (or any other Promotional Purchase that is a deferred interest transaction) that balance will be paid off first during the last two months before the expiration date. For example, if you have a No Payments No Interest purchase on your account that expires in June, when you make your payment in May that payment will be applied to your expiring No Payments No Interest purchase first.

    manageable. To avoid the confusion only make > $200 purchases with the card.

  2. Aaron says:

    Yeah, still confused on the $2 minimum interest charge. It’s no interest, no payments for 6 months, but still a $2 charge per month? So I guess there’s some interest?

    • Jerry says:

      All that means is if there is an interest charge at all it will be rounded up to $2 (if it happens to be less than that amount). Some other credit cards do this type of thing as well.

    • lrdx says:

      That applies for all purchases, not only for $199+ purchases. If you don’t pay your balance in full, you can easily fall to that minimum interest charge.

    • The minimum interest charge is just a rounding up rule and all cards come with it. For example, if you owe $0.50 in interest then you’ll be charged the $2 minimum.

      • CurbAppeal says:

        Incorrect. Only SOME card issuers/products round up that high–one of the more nickel and diming, petty but profitable tactics used to increase revenue. However, those who pay attention to terms or PIF can easily avoid it.

        • Anthony says:

          The guy was only pointing out that all companies round up not that all round up to $2, that was just an example.

  3. lrdx says:

    That 6 month deferred interest from posting date is worth and extra 4-5 months ‘interest free’ loan (because: if you buy right after statement’s date, you can have up to ~2 month free loan on a normal CC; this gives 6). So if instead of paying full, you put the money to an 1.25% savings/MM account for 4-5 months, and you pay full on the last period before the interest posts, you get 0.4% – 0.5% extra cash. (Omitting effects from minimum payments and daily compounding.) If you have 5% APY (e.g from a prepaid credit card saving), that’s 1.66%-2.08% extra!

    So for $199+ purchases this is worth as a ~2.4%-3.6% (!!) cashback card. That’s pretty awesome. Deferred interest is great, if you can use it properly.

  4. Dirk says:

    hmm if im understanding it correctly, ONLY stores that accept blispay is where you can use this card. NOT really everywhere Visa is accepted?!?

    and the special financing only applies if you use blispay at a PHYSICAL store? Not ONLINE???

  5. Zach says:

    Approved with limit of $7500. Trivial application process.

  6. JB says:

    Instantly approved for $9k. Experian is the only CRA that I don’t have frozen right now, so I am assuming they pulled Experian. It states clearly in their FAQ that they pull your report when you apply.

  7. Steve says:

    Card Agreement makes it seem like the 6 months of No Payments No Interest is a special promo that could disappear\be replaced at any time.

    “Promotional Purchases – these are purchases that are subject to some type of financing offer. You can find information about promotions we are currently offering at

    Do you think it’s worth it to apply for this card if the special financing is uncertain in the long term? (Given that otherwise it’s hardly better than a Citi DC, and you can PC to a DC from a card with a bonus.)

    • I think it’s one of their main selling points, so I doubt they’ll remove it anytime soon. But I might be proven wrong. It’s a risk for sure, probably depends on how much you value the special financing in the short term.

  8. J says:

    For those few of us who don’t text, note that Blispay will send a verification code to the phone number you use when you sign up (there is no option to receive it by email). If you can’t receive SMS then you can’t apply. This isn’t made clear unless you read the fine print in the communications agreement, which also says that although you can opt out of receiving text messages, they have the right to close your account if you do! So using one of the many free web-based SMS gateways to sign up is probably not going to cut it. Too bad, I would have liked to apply.

    • AZ says:

      you can use textme, an app on iphone/android

    • Harv says:

      I am considering getting this card for the 2% cash on everything credited monthly, and to occasionally take advantage of the 0% for 6 months on purchases over $199. Since I drive for a living, I need to minimize incoming phone calls and text messages. This bank will NOT be provided with my smart phone number. The language in their Communications Policy (last updated 12/8/15) is “we MAY close your account if you opt out of text messages…” A reader above suggests using TextMe app, which I am not yet familiar with. The Blispay Visa card is offered by First Electronic Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fry’s Electronics. The current bank president was one of the founders of CIT Bank.

  9. CGID says:

    There’s been some conversation elsewhere on the web about how this card might appear on your three credit reports. One of the Blispay CSR’s apparently told a new applicant that it would report as an installment account, and not as a revolving account.

    If anyone knows the answer to this, please pass it on to me here on this thread. Likewise, if any of the people who have recently gotten a BP account would be willing to pull your credit reports and tell us exactly how it appears (especially the account type) that would also be helpful. (You can get free reports as often as once a week through Credit Karma.)

    Finally, BP seems to be promoting itself as a card that provides “special financing” for large purchases, much like a finance company might do at Best Buy or Rooms To Go (etc.). It would therefore also be interesting to know whether the BP account is being tagged by the three credit bureaus as a “finance company” account. FC accounts are mildly harmful to your FICO score, even if you make perfect payments on them.

  10. TJ says:

    Anyone know if this type of card counts for the purposes of 5/24 ?

  11. Christine says:

    Does anyone know which scoring model they use?

  12. null says:

    Any cash advance DPs? Lowering limits or successful bank funding.

  13. Nellie says:

    What is the required credit score to obtain the card?

  14. Stephen says:

    I thought this card looked interesting, but never signed up because they did not have an Auto-Pay option at the time. But I just got an e-mail from their customer support team saying that Auto-Pay is now available. Anyone had a chance to try this out? And can you confirm whether Auto-Pay automatically maximizes the benefit on promotional offers?

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