Bluebird is Now Eligible for All Amex Sync Offers!

In the past, Serve has been eligible for Amex Offers via Twitter and Facebook, but not Bluebird, nor REDbird. Then the news came that Bluebird would take part in Small Business Saturday 2014.

As of Novermber 13,2014, Bluebird is eligible for all Amex Offers via Twitter! However, REDbird is still not eligible.

Here’s a tweet I received from @AskAmex:

bluebird amex offers

The Story

I recently got the new REDbird, and I knew from FrequentMiler that it’s not eligible for Amex Offers. Like a good blogger, I decided to try and see for myself. I created a new Twitter account for REDbird, like I do for every new Amex card, and I tried syncing it with Twitter. But there was no great end to this story; turns out he’s right – REDbird is not eligible for Amex Offers.

Once I was on this new Twitter account, I decided to @AskAmex if/when REDbird would become eligible for Amex Offers.

Here’s my tweet: 

bluebird amex2

To which they responded (mistakenly):

bluebird amex offers

A minute later they realized that they misunderstood my question; I hadn’t asked about Bluebird, rather about REDbird.

So they tweeted:

bluebird amex3

I smelled a development here, so I tweeted back:

bluebird 4

They replied:

bluebird 5

So there you have it: As of today, November 13, 2014, Bluebird is eligible for Amex Offers.

Interestingly, in the Bluebird FAQ, it still says that they are not eligible. Apparently, it hasn’t been updated yet. [UPDATE: Amex Offers is now mentioned explicitly on the Bluebird website.]

Does It Actually  Work?

Yes it does!

I don’t have a Bluebird card myself, but a friend gave me his card and we were able to connect it to Twitter.

bluebird success

I then tweeted #AmexBestBuy to see if we could get the Best Buy offer on the Bluebird card. The response came, “Sorry, max number of Card Members have enrolled”. Drat. But at least the sync is working as usual.


As an aside, @AskAmex is awesome! During daytime hours you’ll get an answer from them within a few minutes. It’s literally not worth doing a Google search about any Amex Offer questions (and probably other Amex questions, but I don’t have experience with that); you can just tweet them and they’ll respond right away.


As noted, REDbird is still not eligible for Amex Offers. But now, I’m increasingly confident that this will change and REDbird will also become eligible eventually. It may take a while, since REDbird is still in its birth-pang stage (sweet birth-pangs), but it seems unlikely that Bluebird would be eligible and REDbird not. In fact, REDbird is more “Serve-like” in that the website is a sub-domain of (

This is important to me in the long run, since most likely REDbird credit card loads won’t last, nor will Serve online credit card loads last. At that point, it’s basically a question of Walmart versus Target; I’d take Target any day. (More on the advantage of Target over Walmart here.) The one big advantage of Serve, would still be the Amex Offers. But now that Bluebird has Amex Offers, I’m fairly confident that sometime along the road REDbird will follow.

The Future of Bluebird/Serve/Redbird

I actually had a post in the pipeline entitled, “My Predictions for the Future of Bluebird/Serve”. Just as I was working on it, the new REDbird came out and shook up all equations. I could still write a post, “My Predictions for the Future of Bluebird/Serve/REDbird”, but REDbird in just starting; we need time to evaluate it.

Anyway, in this post-that-never-happened, I was writing my prediction that Bluebird will ultimately close down and merge under the flagship “Serve” name.

I still believe it’s possible, but I’m getting more-and-more convinced that Bluebird is around for good. First, they released double Savings Catcher with Bluebird. Now, they’re adding Amex Offers to Bluebird.

What it now appears to me, is that there’ll permanently be three separate cards: 1) The flagship Serve, which will be loadable at anyone Amex decides to partner with, such as 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, Walmart, and hopefully they’ll add Target. 2) Bluebird, which will only be loadable in Walmart, and will have special Walmart deals, such as double Savings Catcher. 3) REDbird, which will only be loadable in Target, and will have special Target deals, such as 5% off in Target and free shipping.

I’m still slightly bothered as to why REDbird is a sub-domain of Serve, and not a separate “” website.

Let us know your own Bluebird/Serve/REDbird thoughts in the comments!

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Any idea how long it takes the credit to come through on Bluebird? I registered successfully for the Lowe’s offer, and bought a $50 gift card. The completed transaction is showing on my Bluebird but not the $10 credit. With my regular AMEX credit card, I got an email straight away to say it had detected my qualifying transaction. Not so with Bluebird? Thanks!

William Charles

Not sure as I don’t have bluebird anymore, should take a similar amount of time to post as regular AmEx though but maybe you just don’t receive the confirmation e-mail.


It posted. It took a couple of days, and no email confirmation. Great that it posted!

tom c
tom c

I have a friend who worked on the serve launch for amex. I asked him if it was going to be replacing bluebird and he said no, amex has a long term contract with Walmart.


Which prepaid cards are good for the $30 mall biz promo?

nice to know that the bluebird and serve is eligible for the $30 amex biz promo this time.

What about these 2 cards? These are eligible for the $30 small biz promo?

American Express® Prepaid Card?

American Express for Target card? I have both of these but never used it for a year