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Can You Get The Same Business Credit Card Multiple Times With Different Businesses?

One question that has been asked from a lot of readers is that if they have separate businesses, can they get a business card (and sign up bonus) for each business. Obviously people want to keep these expenses separated, so it’s a legitimate question and one that I didn’t have a good answer for (nor could I find a good answer anywhere). I thought I’d do a bit of researching and find out the answer.

Below is a list of data points for each card issuer, I’ve also included if the businesses had EINs or used a SSN to apply. As with all posts of this nature, the more people that share their experiences the more useful they are. This list is also just data points, so don’t get angry if you have a difference experience – instead just share it in the comments.

American Express

It will work with American Express as long as different tax ID are used. If you sign up for multiple cards using a SSN or the same EIN, you won’t be eligible for the bonus. YMMV, usually won’t work.

  • American Express generally: 1
  • Business Gold: 1
    • Didnt work: 1, 2
  • Delta Platinum: 1, 2
  • SPG: 1 (different EINs) 2 (didn’t work), 3 (didn’t work)

A reader also let us know they were able to get multiples of the same card with the same EIN, they only got one sign up bonus but having multiple cards is still useful for cards with spending caps in certain categories.


No hard limit on getting the sign up bonus multiple times, so this doesn’t really apply. You do need to wait 30 days in between applications: 1.

Bank of America

Bank of America doesn’t have any restricts on getting the sign up bonus on their cards multiple times, so this doesn’t really apply to them but it’s still possible.

  • Alaska: 1 (same business & card)

Capital One

Doesn’t really restrict getting the sign up bonus multiple times, so using the same tax ID should work as well as using different tax ID. Confirmation: 1


Similar to American Express. With Chase it seems as long as you’re using a different tax ID then you will get the sign up bonus.

  • Same EIN can get bonus multiple times: 1
  • Chase generally: 1
  • Ink: 1
  • Ink Preferred: 1, 2, 3
  • Marriott
    • Didn’t work as they said the Marriott # matched: 1
  • Southwest: 1 (different EINs)

One report of it not working with two different EINs on the Chase United card: 1

Marriott also didn’t work: 1


  • American Airlines: 1 (different EINs)

U.S. Bank

  • Will consider them as seperate entities: 1

Final Thoughts

I’m not even sure how card issuers would track it if you’re applying for multiple cards for legitimate businesses with an EIN, I’m not sure they would want to stop it either. Obviously setting up a business purely for signing up for credit cards is ridiculous, especially when you’ve need some business credit history to get approved in most cases. As I asked earlier, please share any data points you have in the comments below.



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So I believe it’s free to get an EIN:

Not sure what the public records will return when a CC company goes to search for history of an EIN but I suppose people could just get one now in anticipation of applying for cards down the line

If you get one you should file taxes for that EIN

I have applied for the Chase United Millage Plus card under two different EINs. I only received one bonus 🙁

They said I have received this bonus already within the last 24 months.

I have two Chase ink cards for two different businesses both under my own SS#. Got them two years apart (one 5 months ago) and got bonuses on both.

These were legit businesses and I use the cards for the businesses.

Does 5/24 apply based on your personal SSN if you use an EIN to apply for say an Ink card.

Any Chase cards that are PG’d by your SSN will show and be considered in regards to 5/24.
Chase does segregate the cards in your online profile by EIN used, but can see any cards that your SSN is associated with.

Hi Doc,
I was wondering if you have two different EIN and you close one Chase business checking account a month ago and you open another Chase business account with $500 bonus with a different EIN can you still qualify for the bonus?

One reader said that a banker claimed this is not possible. I don’t have any real data points on this question. If you try it out, let us know!

Can you get two Amex Business SPG cards if you have one EIN and one SSN?

You might get the card as long as you only have four credit cards associated with your SSN. (regardless of how many EINs you have)
As for the bonus, most Amex bonus offers are once per lifetime, and if you have the card already, you don’t get the sign-up bonus, even if the second card is for a different EIN.

I opened a Citi AA Biz credit card under one tax ID last year, and then opened another one in July, under totally different tax ID and business name. The address and owner on the business was the same.

Citi denied the 50K bonus, saying once per 24 mos, per entity type, even if different business name and FEIN.

Anybody have suggestions to fight this ruling?

It sounds like Citi mixed up the denial reason. Amex refers to the SSN used to determine whether to grant a bonus or not, regardless of the EIN. A separate EIN is supposed to be a different entity.

US Bank Business Sales says if you have separate EINs, they will accept applications based on each separate EIN numbered business.
source: a dedicated business CC application line most likely handled by a third party call center.
US BANK themselves has a dedicated phone line for business products CS, etc 855-340-2681

CapitalOne Spark Biz card says: Earn a one-time $500 cash bonus once you spend $4,500 on purchases within the first 3 months 1

1.Existing or previous Spark cardholders may not be eligible for this one-time bonus.

Anyone use the same SSN# get the $500 bonus again?


I have gotten it again.

“Obviously setting up a business purely for signing up for credit cards is ridiculous”
Don’t you love irony?

I got Amex Gold card for two businesses w/ separate EINs but only got the bonus on 1. They told me the bonus goes to the individual, not the business.

I had applied for Business Gold card and closed it in 2013 (had used my employers SS number for business/EIN Number) and then had entered my Personal SS No under personal information and was approved.

Now can i apply on my own (have my own business a Sole propreitor) and put my SS No as both sections for the 50/75k bonus version of this card, and be eligible for the Bonus again?

Thanks, and any advice will be helpful.

Applied Barclaycard JetBlue business today, 2 apps, 2 different businesses, first went to pending, second said already applied for the card in 30 days, don’t submit duplicate. So there is a rule to wait 30 days. After that I don’t yet know, never previously approved when there was a US Airways business.

I’m trying to apply for us bank , citi, Amex and Bank of America business credit cards with a different business and EIN. I already have one of each for my first business. Amex and B.O.A was in 2014 and the other two cards were less than 30 days ago. My question is will they approve all cards for my new second business and will it be on my credit report again as an inquiry?

Mixed results with Amex:
– got bonus a second time on Delta business gold by opening with a different EIN
– was told I wasn’t receiving the bonus again on Business Gold Rewards card despite opening with a different EIN because I’ve had it before. This was via chat and the first statement was just issued, so it’s possible the info isn’t reliable.

What kind of business was it? Sole prop or corp?

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