Can You Get The Same Business Credit Card Multiple Times With Different Businesses?

Update 12/22/18: Reposting this as there was some recent confusion regarding getting multiple bonuses with Chase. Most of our datapoints are relatively old (e.g one year or older) so it would be great to get some more current data points.

One question that has been asked from a lot of readers is that if they have separate businesses, can they get a business card (and sign up bonus) for each business. Obviously people want to keep these expenses separated, so it’s a legitimate question and one that I didn’t have a good answer for (nor could I find a good answer anywhere). I thought I’d do a bit of researching and find out the answer.

Below is a list of data points for each card issuer, I’ve also included if the businesses had EINs or used a SSN to apply. As with all posts of this nature, the more people that share their experiences the more useful they are. This list is also just data points, so don’t get angry if you have a difference experience – instead just share it in the comments.

American Express

It will work with American Express as long as different tax ID are used. If you sign up for multiple cards using a SSN or the same EIN, you won’t be eligible for the bonus. YMMV, usually won’t work.

  • American Express generally: 1, 2 (didn’t work)
  • Business Gold: 1
    • Didnt work: 1, 2
  • Delta Platinum: 1, 2
  • SPG: 1 (different EINs) 2 (didn’t work), 3 (didn’t work)

A reader also let us know they were able to get multiples of the same card with the same EIN, they only got one sign up bonus but having multiple cards is still useful for cards with spending caps in certain categories.


No hard limit on getting the sign up bonus multiple times, so this doesn’t really apply. You do need to wait 30 days in between applications: 1.

Bank of America

Bank of America doesn’t have any restricts on getting the sign up bonus on their cards multiple times, so this doesn’t really apply to them but it’s still possible.

  • Generally: 1
  • Alaska: 1 (same business & card)

Capital One

Doesn’t really restrict getting the sign up bonus multiple times, so using the same tax ID should work as well as using different tax ID. Confirmation: 1, 2 (had to call in manually)


Similar to American Express. With Chase it seems as long as you’re using a different tax ID then you will get the sign up bonus.

  • Same EIN can get bonus multiple times: 1
  • Chase generally: 1
  • Ink: 1
  • Ink Preferred: 1, 2, 3, 4 (not different EINs, just different middle names), 5 (one SSN and one EIN)
  • Marriott
    • Didn’t work as they said the Marriott # matched: 1
  • Southwest: 1 (different EINs)

One report of it not working with two different EINs on the Chase United card: 1

Marriott also didn’t work: 1


  • American Airlines: 1 (different EINs)

U.S. Bank

  • Will consider them as seperate entities: 1

Wells Fargo:

  • Worked: 1,

Final Thoughts

I’m not even sure how card issuers would track it if you’re applying for multiple cards for legitimate businesses with an EIN, I’m not sure they would want to stop it either. Obviously setting up a business purely for signing up for credit cards is ridiculous, especially when you’ve need some business credit history to get approved in most cases. As I asked earlier, please share any data points you have in the comments below.



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Where do you sign up for a EIN. Government wants to charge me 237


is the info on bank of America up to date especially the Alaska cards


Another DP for the Chase Ink Business Preferred.
Profile: Below 5/24, sole proprietorship, EIN registered under business name, which is my own

Applied for first CIP in October 2019 with SSN (got approved after verifying my address, the address of authorizing officer).
Applied for EIN in December after reading an article of getting multiple CIP with the same business, but with different EINs.
Applied for CIP #2 in Feb 2020 (4 months apart), got “we will let you know as soon as possible” email.

Called status line same day for CIP #2, got told decision coming via mail in 7-10 days. Called business reconsideration line right after to see if they needed to verify address again. Agent put me on hold, reviewed application, and congratulated me on being approved. Have another business (incorporated) that I’m going to use when I reach the spending bonus on the second CIR 😀

Justin Manduke
Justin Manduke

I got the Chase Ink Preferred 2 years ago with my personal SSN. If I close the card and reapply, can I use my personal SSN again to get the bonus again? Thanks!!


I accidentally applied for two CIC cards, as I was trying to check the status of my application. I did not use an EIN and SSN for one and the other–only the SSN. Now I have two CIC cards.

John LaBonte
John LaBonte

CIP DP – 1st was using personal SSN as sole proprietor, 2nd was EIN, just received bonus on 2nd


How apart were the CIP apps?


How did you apply for EIN? Did you use your name as business name?


If you create a solo 401k you have an EIN. I just realized that – I am ready for another CIP (should I choose to join the sheep at churning).


Good blog and participation on business credit and banking. I have seen mentiones that Bank of America does not report business credit accounts (deposit and credit card accouts) to the personal credit side of the three credit reporting bureaus. Are there other banks that do not report cbusiness credit lines to ones personal credit record/file? If so, could you please list which banks they are. Thanking you in advance.


All banks except Capital One.


Cap1, TD Bank and Discover all are widely cited as reporting to your personal credit history.

Toys Samurai
Toys Samurai

I am not even looking for getting the bonus twice, but getting the Amex Blue Plus for its 2X everything is so attractive. And it would be more than necessary to get one for each of my business (or else my accountant would kill me).


Got the US Bank cash rewards card plus one authorized user for two businesses with 2 ein numbers. Approvals/applications were a couple months apart