Posted by William Charles on November 13, 2017
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Published on November 13th, 2017 | by William Charles


Capital One Go: Virtual Account Numbers

Capital One has released Capital One Go, this allows cardholders to create virtual card numbers. Virtual account numbers are temporary numbers that are linked to your primary credit card. They are typically useful in the following two scenarios:

  • You want to make a purchase from a merchant and you’re unsure about their payment security
  • You want to enroll in a free trial/paid trial but are worried it will be difficult/impossible to cancel

Everything else is the same, you still earn rewards and pay your monthly bills as normal this just provides some extra security and is useful in case a merchant experiences a data breach (that way you can just terminate that specific virtual account rather than the whole card). Bank of America & Citi also offer virtual account numbers, but it’s great to see another issuer release this feature. It’s also worth adding that this currently only available on personal cards.

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Nice. Too bad Discover discontinued their virtual account number program.

Would these be good for trial offer things where they’re going to give you automatic renewal if you don’t remember to cancel? I am
Mainly thinking magazine and newspaper offers through portals like United miles atuff

Yes – virtual numbers are great for things like this. Also when you are buying from smaller vendors online who don’t have the money for the robust anti-hacking tools that larger providers have.

I wouldn’t bother using one at Amazon, but if I bought something from Joe Bob’s Mustache Wax Emporium I certainly would.

Yeah, makes sense. If it was available in physical stores, too, wouldn’t make sense to use one at Target, but it using my local taco joint… Oh, wait… Was it the one with the money for the robust anti-hacking tools that got breached?!

this. there is no such thing as robust anti-hacking tools. security only keeps honest people honest. bank security is an absolute joke. hackers will always be 1 step ahead.

I can’t find it in my credit card account. Is there a direct link?

Only valid with a Google Chrome extension 🙁

Just called, looks like its targeted. Saying to open link in chrome browser that will install chrome extension. If you have the link to the extension please post. Should look something like this:

Does it require Adobe Flash, like Citi and BOA’s versions?

Where do you go to see this? I logged in and don’t any option for it for my credit card account. Even chatted with a rep to told me Cap1 doesn’t have an option to create virtual numbers.

I only have business Cap One cards, but I found it on my account.

1. Click on the profile button at the top right corner (round button with a head silhouette)
2. Click on “settings”
3. At the very bottom it lists Capital One Go. Click on the blue square on the far right

That should take you to the section that starts the process.

Guessing that’s in the app. Mine just has CreditWise at the bottom. For desktop though a rep told me there’s an extension to add to chrome. If by any chance you get that link, please share.


Thanks that helped!!

I’m at work so will have to try it out later as I got this message: “Capital One Go℠ is currently only available in Google Chrome. Please visit our site from Google Chrome to install Capital One Go℠.”

Unfortunately we don’t have Chrome at work.

It’s a chrome extension, link seems to be sent via email marketing campaign to the chrome web store to add the extension, and then you log in using your account details and it will let you create virtual cards. If anyone has the webstore link please post it. It’s in beta now so not everyone got an email. Link is not account specific though, so no harm in posting it so us normies can try lol

Will – per the FAQ on the Capital One site, virtual numbers are currently only available for personal cards. Might be worth adding to the write up.

did anyone get this message? I’ve never changed my phone number on capital one

For your security, we could only set up Capital One Go℠ if you’ve been using the same phone number for a while. Please try again later.”

I get the same message. I haven’t changed my phone number within my cap1 account ever since I opened the credit card 4 years ago. My phone number itself has never changed.


Previously I was using to sign up for stuff on swagbucks and make sure they didn’t bill me again. At least now I can get 1% back with my capital one card.

Will any of these, capital one or Bank of America in particular allow you to change your zip code (or your entire billing address)?

Like bein g anonymous .

Thank h you

This appears different than other VIrtual Cards (possibly because it’s still in Beta). In this one, A Virtual Card can be used at multiple merchants, which, to me, makes it less secure. If I create one at Best Buy, I don’t want someone using it at I think best practice is still to create a unique card for each merchant so that you can cancel it if they get hacked. And even the biggest sites get hacked.

Here is the paragraph from their Terms and Conditions that relates to this:

c. Repeat Usage/Recurring Transactions: These VC #s can be used multiple times (e.g., for recurring charges). They are currently reusable and not limited by amount or merchant. A few examples:
i. You could create a VC# that you use for one (or multiple) online video streaming service(s). If you then cancelled that VC#, only the merchants you gave that VC# to would be affected.

My Citi virtual account number system has stopped working. I’m looking for suggestions for a good credit card with a virtual account system that works.

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