List of Banks Offering Virtual Account Numbers

Some banks offer a Virtual Account Number feature which allows us to generate an unlimited amount of credit card numbers tied to a single card account. The idea is to use a temporary virtual number for any online or phone transactions where you want create limits or protect yourself from fraud.

Below is a list of all known banks and cards that offer such a feature.

Prefatory Notes

Just a few things to keep in mind before using the virtual number option:

  • Returns: Any returns should be able to go back on the virtual card (and then back to the main account), but beware that this will only work while the card number if valid. If you gave the card a 2 month limit, and you initiate a return after that time, the card number probably won’t work for the return and you’ll have to ask the retailer to put it back on a different card. Hopefully they’ll be willing to do so. Also, if you do an in-store return they might occasionally ask to see the card, and a virtual card could complicate things.
  • Store Pickup: Beware of using them for store pickup purchases since occasionally the retailer asks to see the card for verification.
  • Car rental, Hotels, Tickets:  You might need to show a physical card at the car rental, hotel, and similar purchases.
  • Reconciliation: If you use virtual card numbers often, it can become difficult to track your purchases since you won’t recognize the card number as your own.

One final note, some people mention that the virtual account numbers sometimes work past when they are supposed to (we’ve heard this only regarding Bank of America). They do this for your benefit (e.g. to allow a recurring charge to continue), but it’s actually to your detriment in a scenario that you got the virtual number specifically to ensure those future charges don’t hit the account.

American Express

  • Amex used to offer virtual account numbers, but stopped in 2004

They do seem to have some sort of virtual account program for corporations, and possibly other businesses.

Bank of America

Bank of America used to offer virtual card numbers with their ShopSafe program, but they ended the program effective September 20, 2019.

Capital One

Capital One also offers a virtual account number called Capital One Go. As I understand, it works for recurring charges as well, not limited to 12 months.


Citi offers virtual account numbers (Link). You can find it under the Card Benefits tab in your login.

Use the Advanced Options to specify a dollar limit and a time limit to the virtual account number. Max 12 months.


Netspend is a known issuer of prepaid cards. They offer virtual account numbers on the associated debit card.

Google Chrome

Google offers a virtual account number option in their Chrome browser for some cards.

Smaller Companies

There are a number of smaller companies who built businesses around the virtual account number idea. I haven’t researched these companies to know if they are safe and worth using, but here are the one’s I’ve found:

Issuers who Don’t Offer VAN

  • Discover discontinued their program in 2014
  • Chase and Wells Fargo don’t offer a VAN feature
  • US Bank doesn’t offer it with their traditional credit cards, though they do have some sort of business program which runs on virtual account/card numbers

Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser allows creating virtual account numbers. You can link an American Express or Capital One card as the payment source and they’ll create a one-time use virtual card.

Instant Number with Credit Approval

The primary focus of this post is on card issuers who offer a special feature to be able to continuously generate temporary card numbers upon request. Somewhat related: there are some card issuers who offer an instant card number upon card approval. These are also a virtual card number meant for online use until the physical card comes in the mail. See List of Credit Cards that Issue an Instant Card Number Upon Approval for a complete rundown on this option.

Wrap Up

Virtual account numbers can be useful in various circumstances, whether for security reasons or when you want to control a specific charge. Let us know if you’ve seen the feature elsewhere and we’ll add it to the post.

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Dave (@guest_1362558)
April 12, 2022 10:25

You should update your infr and clearly add Bank of America to the list of providers who DO NOT offer Virtual card numbers. Thank you.

Joe (@guest_1099874)
November 29, 2020 13:06

Is there a way to put a $ limit on the Paypal Key virtual number?

Dheeraj (@guest_1071135)
October 10, 2020 15:38


Revolut offers a virtual card for online shopping. Every time you make a purchase, the card number is disposed and a new one is is generated for your next transaction!

Therefore this is not good for free but good for everything else!

Nate (@guest_1069934)
October 8, 2020 04:55

Apple Card

Greyson Jubilee
Greyson Jubilee (@guest_1027475)
August 1, 2020 00:57

oxygen bank gives you the option to create virtual cards. You can create some for single use or multiple use by a single merchant. you are allowed to have up to 10 active cards at a time. I have been using for about 4 months now with no real issues. it has actually become my primary bank.

Dheeraj (@guest_978580)
May 13, 2020 01:33

Capital one now has “Eno” which is a browser extension to generate virtual credit card numbers.

Alex Shaminov
Alex Shaminov (@guest_849597)
November 26, 2019 16:08

The Citi Link no longer works and not showing in the Benefits page (Idiots) – to access it, select your CC in the Accounts, you will find Virtual Account Numbers between Rates and FICO Score.

Julio (@guest_907801)
February 13, 2020 13:10

I still have access to the virtual account. I believe that is the only feature remaining that I use. If they remove that I will close this account. A lot of other provide 2% in all purchases with more benefits

DD (@guest_976539)
May 9, 2020 20:47

I just received a new card and can no longer access virtual cards. The agent said they are no longer offering that benefit. Guess I’ll be getting rid of our account!

jay (@guest_1029620)
August 4, 2020 13:41

I just had my citi 2% card replaced with a new account number and the new card has the VAN option.

DD (@guest_976537)
May 9, 2020 20:45

Received a new card and they no longer offer virtual numbers.

TomJ (@guest_810482)
September 15, 2019 17:43

Can someone advise whether Citi Double Cash or Citi Costco Visa offer virtual card numbers ?

TomJ (@guest_810487)
September 15, 2019 17:58

Answering self for the benefit of others. Chat with citi here it is (I was intrested in No AF long term keeper cards only)

Citi : VAN service is not available to CitiBusiness Cards, Citi American Express, and Private Label accounts (such as Costco Anywhere Visa, BestBuy, Home Depot, etc.), as the VAN software is not accessible from these products’ websites.

Me : How about Citi Rewards+ or Citi Double Cash ? Do they both offer VAN ?

Citi : Yes, these would have eligibility for a virtual account number.

quasimodo (@guest_978578)
May 13, 2020 01:23

Use Citi DC VAN all the time…

Alvin (@guest_1270838)
October 21, 2021 21:07

No. Citi Costco does not have that feature. Just queried Citi this evening about that. I don’t like their new virtual credit card system. The old one was better. Probably will drop my Citi card.

donationhumanity (@guest_808961)
September 11, 2019 16:57

USA has put some restrictions on opening accounts by individuals who are not residents or don’t have an SSN. A virtual account is the best solution for you to receive payments at the global level, without incurring additional expensive international transactions charges or fees.

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Mark (@guest_807972)
September 9, 2019 15:32

I have used BOA SS for 10 years, never a hiccup, until about a month ago, then it “broke”. I was always able to set a limit and it worked perfectly fine, caught several fraudulent charges to my CC without having to get a completely new number, but no more. Recently, the charges went through anyway. The system probably broke and was too expensive to fix.