Capital One & Walmart End Partnership

Capital One & Walmart have announced that their cobranded credit card partnership is ending. Capital One & Walmart launched two cards in 2019 and then Walmart sued Capital One in 2023 to exit the partnership, a judge ruled that Walmart could end the partnership early due to repeated customer service failures by Capital One.

Based on the statement released by both companies existing Capital One Walmart cardholders will be able to continue to use their cards and will eventually be product changed to another Capital One product. This means that whoever is going to be the new issuer of Walmart credit cards has not purchased the back book from Capital One (or Capital One didn’t want to sell it). So far no word on who will issue a new Walmart credit card.

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Eternal Blue
Eternal Blue (@guest_1853946)
June 2, 2024 12:55

Users at MyFICO have reported receiving replacement Walmart CCs with expiration dates of September 2024, implying that a forced conversion might happen October 1st.

Tomtoo (@guest_1850569)
May 26, 2024 19:38

Huntington Voice MC has Groceries as one of the 3% category choices that you can use all year ($2000 spend/quarter), and it works for Walmart in-store but not online (last try was a few years ago for online though), and you don’t have to re-activate it each quarter.

Sam (@guest_1850319)
May 26, 2024 00:37

Looks like capital one got smart about its deal negotiations

er (@guest_1850148)
May 25, 2024 14:31

Cap1 CLI is a joke.

21 (@guest_1850147)
May 25, 2024 14:28

I just got this card like 6 months ago too. 💀

Mandy J.
Mandy J. (@guest_1850065)
May 25, 2024 11:44

Most likely there isn’t going to be a new issuer for a WalMart card. The back book of balances is the most valuable part of the portfolio, what this is signaling is WalMart wants out of the business of licensing their name to a credit card issuer, likely because the cost sharing of the portion of the rewards they are paying isn’t worth it to them.
If it does come back, it’ll be a completely nerfed card with no incentive to use it at WalMart.

ian (@guest_1850061)
May 25, 2024 11:35

why should i have to open a new line of credit and have another hard inquiry in order to maintain my walmart benefits? can’t existing accounts be migrated to the new issuer like with amtrak/fnbo?

Deva (@guest_1850030)
May 25, 2024 10:25

So no more 5% Cashback when shopping with the Walmart Capital One cc online at Walmart…

Finbarr (@guest_1850273)
May 25, 2024 22:22

Us bank shopper plus for 6%

Tomtoo (@guest_1850555)
May 26, 2024 18:41

$95 annual fee after first year

Chris (@guest_1850009)
May 25, 2024 08:57

Just got the WM card myself thru Capital One. Not thrilled that they were still taking applications when they knew this was coming down the pipeline. I wasted a 5/24 slot for Chase cards for no reason it seems…

Jjohn8219 (@guest_1849972)
May 25, 2024 05:11

Hopefully, the next issuer will do one HP instead of three and I will also apply… 😉

Justin Kase 🔗
Justin Kase 🔗 (@guest_1850268)
May 25, 2024 21:49

Three hard pulls for a wallymart card, what did they think would happen? Agreed.

Adam (@guest_1850347)
May 26, 2024 03:57

So what you think, out of 20 applicants of the walmart credit card, how many even know what is a hard pull or credit bureau?