Posted by Chuck on November 25, 2016

Published on November 25th, 2016 | by Chuck


How to Cash Out your Swagbucks Balance

We’ve been posting a lot of free money deals from Swagbucks recently, and hopefully you’ve racked up a balance. How do you cash that out?

The basic ways to redeem Swagbucks are:

Each method typically gets you one penny per Swag point. For most people, the Paypal option is best since that’s straight cash. However, as per the terms, this option is only available if you have a verified Paypal account, and it has the same email address as Swagbucks has from you. [You can switch your Swagbucks email to match Paypal or vice-versa.] If Paypal isn’t an option, use instead the Visa gift card option or merchant gift card option.

There are three ways to cash out for gift cards at a rate better than one cent per point.

  • Once a month you can redeem 2200 points for any $25 gift card. This deal resets with each calendar month, and gets you an extra 11% value from Swagbucks. Using this method, you can cash out $264 per year at the this bonus redemption value (2200 x 12).
  • Aside from the once-per-month value redemption, Swagbucks also regularly has some odd brands on a bit of a sale. Check out the dedicated On Sale tab to find out what the current offerings are. Typically, they are small discounts for smaller merchants, and probably not worth it. The most interesting one is the Visa prepaid options which is very often (always?) on sale. The discount is slight though – 1% usually – and most people would probably prefer a straight Paypal payment.
  • Swagbucks occasionally releases top discounted gift cards at great rates. This doesn’t happen often, perhaps a few times per year, but I’ve had success getting Kohl’s gift cards at 15% off or even eBay gift cards at a 20% discount. These redemptions can be worthwhile if you see them when you have a balance to redeem, but they might not be worth holding out for.

Whichever redemption option you choose, it can take up to a week or so until the payment/gift-card comes through. And make sure to follow their prompts and confirm each redemption with the link in the email they send out when you redeem. Also, there is a limit of two prize redemptions per day.

Side note: Not all Swagbucks offers work out 100% of the time. If it doesn’t track, you can usually get the points adjusted after 30-days by reaching out to support. There was one deal when Swagbucks clawed back points in a way that was flat-out against their clearly stated terms. Decide for yourself if these deals are worth it for you, depending on how you value your time and how frazzled you get when things don’t work.

If you are signing up for a new Swagbucks account, I’d appreciate if you use my Swagbucks referral link. You’ll also get a $3 bonus at the end of the month if you earn 300 SB.

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Do you announce on any of your twitter account on when it is 2,200 for paypal? Or is there a certain date of the month?

Now I feel like a fool cashing out all the moneymaker deals for 2500 for $25 for the last couple months 🙁


I’m pretty sure PayPal cash cards are never discounted; only the first store card is 2200 once per calendar month.


It’s the first redemption of the calendar month for 2,200. Paypal and since I believe only a few months ago Visas will never be the full 2,200 for $25.

I personally cash out through visa gift cards and use it to pay any bills

William Charles

Paypal is never discounted AFAIK, the other cards are automatically reduced for your first redemption per month. Don’t feel too bad, it’s $3!


Does anyone use the Virtual Universal Prepaid Mastercard®? I have read bad things about it, but my intention would be to use it to pay a preset amount towards a utility bill. Has anyone had good/bad experiences doing the same?

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