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Published on June 10th, 2019 | by William Charles


[Expired] Cashstar: Get Free $10 Best Buy eGiftcard Card with $100 E-Gift Purchase [Limit 3]

Deal has expired, view more Cashstar deals by clicking here.

The Offer

Direct Link to offer

  • Cashstar is offering a free $10 Best Buy savings code with purchase of a $100 Best Buy e-gift card. Limit 3.

The Fine Print

  • 6/10-6/11/19, online only
  • Promotional e-gift card(s) will be sent via e-mail by 6/30/19 
  • Maximum of 3 $100 e-gift card purchases during promotion time period per customer and savings codes will be sent via e-mail in $10 increments.
  • Valid e-mail address required to receive savings code.
  • Savings code may be redeemed online and in store.
  • The value of the savings code will not be refunded if merchandise is returned or an order is cancelled. (This has not been enforced in the past, from what I’ve heard.)

Our Verdict

Best Buy is always popular, just remember the savings codes are expiring codes (although this time it looks like you get a bonus gift card rather than a bonus code, so might not expire?). Also, keep in mind that Best Buy gift cards can no longer be used to buy third-party gift cards at many Best Buy locations which kills the deal for a lot of people.

If you want to max this out, either buy three $100 e-gift cards or you can buy a single $300 e-gift card if you prefer and get all three $10 savings codes (it should show clearly at checkout as being eligible for three $10 codes).

You’ll earn Best Buy Rewards with the purchase if you input your Rewards number at checkout on Cashstar. No credit card bonus categories work that I’m aware of, use your regular everyday card. No portal either.

Hat tip to MtM

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with all the emphasis of late on what you can’t do with the coupons (last round expires today), I gather we CAN still use “bonus expiring cards” to purchase Best Buy (not 3rd Party) gift cards in-store. Any data points to the contrary?


to be my own data point, as of tonight, the ole’ “bonus expiring best buy cards” can indeed still be used, in store, to purchase conventional best buy gift cards.

Begs the question though re. the nature of the $10 e-gift card…. in the new promotion.


Are you sure? Did you try this in the store?


Hmm this time they don’t call it savings code but e-gift card, and no expiration date announced. Does it mean the codes won’t expire this time?


To duplicate the offer, I used to buy one with my credit card and buy another using my paypal account. They worked well in the past. But just recently maybe from April this year, this method stops working. For example, today, I placed my first order normally with $300+$30. The offer submission was normal and the result clearly showed I will get the extra $30 bonus. However, when I switched to my paypal account as the payment method, it stopped working: after I logged in my paypal and went back to the order submission page, everything was still normal. You can still see the $300+$30. On submission of the order, however, instead of directing you to an order result webpage, it directed you back to the initial ordering page but the 2nd item, namely the extra $30 bonus, was automatically REMOVED from the cart. I tried to order on my phone data (in case they monitor the MAC) and used an different order email. Both still used my paypal account. Neither of them worked. So my paypal might have been recorded and banned? Frustrated.

P.S. Just noticed paypal sent me multiple payment authorization notices. So my paypal was not the problem and it did approve the transaction. I think the problem is with Cashstar.


OK, maybe I got blacklist. After typing the above post, I notice my first order that I paid with credit card and ended normally was declined. Received an email from Bestbuy titled, “Unable to Process Your Best Buy® Purchase”. It said, “Hello Frugalman,
We’re sorry. We were unable to process your E-Gift Card order from Best Buy®.
Your credit card will not be charged.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at or call 855-820-0485 8 a.m.–11 p.m. ET 7 days a week. Please refer to order number #XXXXXXXX.

Thank you,
Best Buy® E-Gift Card Team.”

I see a pending transaction on my credit card. So once again, it was declined by Cashstar rather than my credit card company. Anyway, move on. Not a big deal.


Can all three $10 coupons be redeemed towards a single purchase?


Valid 6/10-6/13/19, not till 6/11

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